Economic Policy

Officially BANNED Off YouTube For Exposing The Scamdemic

As lockdown measures start getting pushed again for a second year, a new wave of censorship is needed to maintain control of the narrative. My YouTube channel was permanently banned for exposing the Scamdemic, which the censorship regime calls “medical misinformation”.

The bottom line is that rebranding a flu season and reclassifying respiratory deaths does not make for a real pandemic, but the corporate media’s fear-induced hypnosis is more powerful than the facts it conceals from the public.

Of course every unnecessary death is a tragedy, but forcing people to take a non-FDA approved double mRNA injection to feel safe is complete insanity.

Government mandates for forced medical procedures are completely un-American and are part of the final assault against our Constitutional rights.

Allowing the government and private employers to force in these vaccine mandates and then banning everyone else from society would be greatly unfair to the next generation and we will regret it.

Countries in Europe are already standing up, and now they’re just waiting on U.S.

Bruce Stanley