Book Review

Blood Money: The Civil War And The Federal Reserve Book Review

If you want to understand what’s happening right now you have to go back at least 250 years, because many of the fortunes that rule over us today weren’t accumulated in our time.

When you understand how the public mind was prepared in the 1850’s for the events that exploded the following decade, you can see the same deceptions playing out today. The notion that Union troops invaded the South in order to free the slaves is one of the biggest historic illusions we’re still living under.

It doesn’t help that The Department of Education has been dumbing down the school curriculum since its founding in 1979.

The book Blood Money: The Civil War and The Federal Reserve by John Remington Graham puts together a timeline of critical but less known aspects of events of the time from the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott decision, and the 1860 Democratic National Convention in Charleston, South Carolina.

The big secret is that the seat of Federal power in the District of Columbia is not legitimate. Before the Federal Reserve Act could be passed, it was first necessary to designate D.C. as the sole and ultimate nationwide authority.

Think about it. If you’re a serious reformer and your intent is to abolish slavery, is your solution really going to be to send Federal troops down to kill everyone who resists, including the slaves, and then dispossess them of their property?

Does any of that make sense at all or could other motives have been afoot?

Go looking and you’ll discover that the South had been making concerted efforts to abolish slavery on its own since at least the 1832 Virginia House of Delegates.

Also easily missed is that the majority of slaves had arrived from the Northern port of Newport, Rhode Island in the first place. The North at the time couldn’t even manage to handle the brutal and inhumane conditions in its own factories yet somehow it was going to raise an army and fashion itself as liberator of the South?

The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin had major financial backing, and became the most widely published and promoted book at that time after the Bible. It wasn’t an accident, it was to inflame tensions in preparation for what had been planned.

The key point is that these events eventually allowed the private banking houses of the day to take over the power to issue the nation’s currency with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the Revenue Act of 1913. And if you want to find the architect of the sale of America’s monetary independence, look no further than the portrait on the $10,000 note, Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase.

This is what happens when you allow the victors to write history. But just like in the present day, once you remember inconvenient facts like that it was the Obama administration that brought slavery back to Libya, the heroistic fronts start falling apart.

The principle due on the public debt owed by the United States prior to 1860 was roughly equivalent to what it was in 1791 following the American revolution. After the Civil War, the debt multiplied by 53 times(!) We have been in bondage to it in various forms ever since, obligated to make the interest payments through taxation for the use of our own currency.

13 states ratified the original Articles of Confederation, and pursued secession using the clause they contained. After the war, Congress purported to “speak for the entire Union” with the passage of the 14th Amendment, which constrains us to the national debt, even though it lacked the support of 5 states. A Constitutional Amendment was passed Un-Constitutionally.

Since then, the Federal government has used the doctrines of national security and the national supremacy clause to justify any of its activities without legal constraint. The ‘Constitution OF The United States’ is NOT the same thing as the ‘Constitution FOR The United States’!

The National Debt is not only unsustainable but Un-Constitutional because Congress had no power to abdicate its authority to the Fed in the first place. Regulation of the currency is clearly the sole responsibility of Congress according to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5.

Now, that privately issued currency buys Congress each election in order to keep the perpetual cycle going. The bought Congress then signs off on laws it has no involvement in writing. The mockingbird media ensures the bought candidates are the only ones we ever hear about. The corporate parties launder the money. The person who gets stuck with the bill is you.

The Presidential appointment of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is a largely symbolic act, since money governs the entire political process including the presidency. The biggest banks on Wall Street provide the rest of the members.

Every institution in the economy, every piece of property, and every person is dependent on the availability of currency, and the source regulating both the national currency and the national debt is the Federal Reserve.

The dollar supply has been expanded and inflated beyond all reasonable limit, like when ancient Greece debased its silver coins with copper. The financiers who corrupted the currency now want to legitimize the introduction of new crypto-currencies that can similarly be privately issued and manipulated.

This series of events is how power was concentrated in the New York / Washington D.C. corridor, with Boston Dynamics and Silicon Valley providing all the tools necessary to maintain a qualitative military edge and the illusion of empire.

But that was the Old World Order. Now it’s all been stripped down, sold off, and outsourced by the same centers of power. And the next generation gets to inherit the economic reality of 30 years of exporting manufacturing jobs, and an out of control authoritarian surveillance state.

The bottom line is that Wall Street would rather cover up its involvement in centuries of criminal activities by luring us into fantasizing about the possibilities of crypto-currencies so we don’t wake up one day and realize that the U.S. dollar has lost over 96% of its value since the founding of the Federal Reserve.

It’s completely irresponsible for the propaganda machine to continue whipping up tensions and run cover for Soros-sponsored internal revolutions. The version of reality it presents across 90% of the media spectrum that it owns and that gets amplified by the algorithms, is a PSYOP. The powers-that-be know that if they can confuse our understanding of the past, they can control our behavior in the present, and close us off from our full potential.

The road to restoring the American Republic lies down the path of returning to Constitutional norms, and a reduction to a formless hemispheric common market is the likely consequence of inaction. Unless or until the national bank is sovereign, I wouldn’t recommend setting up torches and pitchforks outside of any subsidiary institution.

Just keep your eyes focused like laser sights on the real seat of power.

Bruce Stanley