Discover the power of Kangen – the world’s healthiest water!

Did you know the #1 most important thing you can do for your health is to change your drinking water?

I didn’t. Even back when I knew that hydration was important, and that there were problems with tap and bottled water, I still drank it all up as if it was no big deal. Then one day I heard of Kangen…

I first heard of Kangen water in 2012 from a client who was looking into alternative health treatments for his mother. Curious, I began looking into it further and discovered that a local demonstration was happening in West Palm Beach. Hosting the meeting was Joy Dupont, one of the top trainers in South Florida, and who became an important mentor and teacher of mine. She introduced me to the Kangen community and helped me discover that not all water is equal.

Kangen water training event with Olympic champion figure skater Elvis Stojko and mentor Joy Dupont, 6A3.

The problem with tap & bottled water

Bottled water is the highest selling bottled beverage by far.