The Sad Reality: Civil War, Or A Divorce, Is Coming

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

It’s sad, really.

Yesterday should have been the end of it.  Perhaps it will be, but I sort of doubt it, although it likely is the beginning of the end.

The FDA committee rejected “booster” Covid shots for anyone not over 65 or at severe, high risk.  Listening to just part of the people who presented their cases on the negative side was ridiculously chilling; the data made clear that in young, non-morbid people the jabs are more-dangerous than the disease, which means the EUA in non-morbid young people was never appropriate in the first place and should have been withdrawn as soon as that was detected.  But the real stunner came when the FDA admitted it was originally going to use only the US “breakthrough” case rate as given by the CDC.  In May of this year the CDC deliberately stopped tracking infections that did not lead to hospitalization among the vaccinated, thus making the jabs look far more effective than they are, an intentional act that was intended to and did destroy data integrity.  The FDA changed their instructions to the panel and allowed consideration of the UK and Israeli data, and that was the end of that since both showed that the jabs were and are increasingly worthless with time and, much worse, that boosters didn’t work in Israel; what looked like improvement when they initiated the program quickly reversed with a few short weeks.

There have been plenty of attempted hit pieces in the media too.  WXYZ in Detroit, which went fishing for stories of people unvaccinated dying, clearly intending to present a piece of yellow journalism, got more than they bargained for.  182,000+ responses of people who were injured or killed by the vaccines, to be precise, instead of what they asked about.  The funny thing is that the station is one that, in the past I’ve known to produce good journalism; they made somewhat of a name for themselves by busting auto workers who were taking their lunch break to down a six-pack while smoking what appeared to be a joint — and then, of course, going back to the plant to clock in for the afternoon.

182,000 dead or seriously injured is a hell of a lot of people folks.

There are a very large number of people out there who think the answer is to “stab everyone.”  Some of them are health-care workers who get their news from CNN or Fauci and can’t be bothered to read source material.  Few of those health care workers are old enough to remember what Fauci did with AIDS, Bactrim and the 30,000 dead gay men that directly resulted from his “advocacy” against the use of same. History is written so you don’t have to live through stupidity to learn from it, but apparently reading is no longer part of the list of expectations of citizens in the general public, say much less professionals.  One of the T-shirts running around is making the argument for “stab everyone” and which marks the wearer as fundamentally ignorant of both history and fact, which I saw last night locally, is available from multiple sources.

The irony of it is that of course it places Covid at the top, but conflates two things — sterilizing vaccines which are not a bad thing at all and while they have both risks and benefits and intentionally non-sterilizing ones that are profoundly unsafe when a disease is endemic or, much worse, epidemic.

Specifically that shirt has both diphtheria and pertussis on it, which I noted the other day we intentionally changed the vaccine formula on and as a result screwed lots of young kids.  By the 1970s the United States was all but free of pertussis.  In young children it’s an especially-nasty disease because along with the classic “whoop” that comes with the cough it often produces vomiting, and aspirated pneumonia is nasty. Think about inhaling hydrochloric acid, which is basically what happens (along with whatever else was in your stomach) if you aspirate vomit.  Even worse in infants for reasons not-well understood it sometimes produces respiratory arrest instead of coughing which, unless immediately detected kills the baby outright.

But as I noted Friday we deliberately ignored what we learned with pertussis.  Specifically, the disease was basically eradicated in the United States, even though to actually do so is impossible, as is the case with tetanus, since the disease-causing organisms can survive beyond humans.  Any disease that can do that, either because its a bacterium or a virus with animal reservoirs, cannot be eradicated short of destroying all life on the planet.  That obviously includes you, for those who are intellectually-challenged.

We had, with sterilizing vaccination (DTP) gotten the case rate down to about 1,000 cases a year in the entire United States.  Then we changed to DTaP in the 1990s, a non-sterilizing vaccine that, as we also found out a couple of decades later, wears off because its immunity is narrowly-focused exactly as is the case for the Covid-19 jabs that also generate a narrow and partial antibody response.  What happened?  The case rate went up by more than twenty times.

You’d think we would have learned from that particularly given that pertussis (whooping cough), while endemic in the United States, isn’t all that huge of a thing.  Oh don’t get me wrong — if you roll the “1” it’s a pretty nasty disease and when it happens to an infant it kills them about 4% of the time and about 1% of the time in kids from 1-5.  That’s ugly, particularly considering that Covid-19 has managed to kill only about 400 kids under the age of 18 since the start of the pandemic.

If pertussis was anywhere near as virulent as Covid-19 the local coffin company would be making caskets for those under 3′ tall at a rate wildly exceeding that of Covid-19 among all ages.  Thank God it isn’t but that lesson should have ended the damned debate on non-sterilizing vaccines in any disease that is circulating in the population before it started.

Instead we have nurses running around off-duty with that shirt on, which serves to advocate for not only the stupidity we undertook with pertussis which was driven by the refusal of manufacturers to make a stand-alone tetanus shot — the original DTP vaccine had a much higher adverse event risk and in adults only the tetanus part required re-application.  Since you can’t get just a tetanus booster the public health argument gets complex since beyond childhood basically everyone needed nothing other than the tetanus component.  Thus the number harmed from the shot can exceed the benefit and that is why we changed it rather than the government producing under contract that which private industry refused to do.

What’s worse is that there is now evidence that the pertussis protection from the jab we switched to also wears off!  It takes longer and, in adults pertussis is very rarely fatal but you can both get it and kill an infant since that vaccine is non-sterilizing.  The original DTP vaccine (which I got as a kid) produced durable, sterilizing and broad immunity to pertussis.  Not-so with DTaP which is what we jab all kids with today and what they’re stuck with as DTP is no longer produced or used in the US.

Never mind that a huge percentage of said nurses are obese themselves and we’ve all known for a year and a half that this virus whacks fat people much more often than those who aren’t.  Anyone could have lost close to 100lbs over the last 18 months without any extraordinary effort at all.  A 500 calorie deficit down the pie hole daily, a 500 calorie increase in expenditure or some combination that adds to it would have done it.  While 500 calories of increase in expenditure is quite a bit (about 4 miles of running per day) half that isn’t hard at all; a mile or two of walking coupled with less than two fewer cans of soda down the pie hole would have done it.  It was a personal decision to not do so but that refusal is not my problem — its theirs.

So what are we doing now?

Killing people and we have medical workers who refuse, deliberately to engage in any sort of retrospection and a look at the historical evidence including the CDC’s own admission as to the risks from whooping cough — which deliberately ignoring that they were part of driving that which led to a twenty times increase in case rate — on purpose!  Nearly half of infants who get it wind up in the hospital.

In fact in 2012 it was nearly fifty times the former rate!

Oh, and what do doctors do when someone gets it in a household?  Why, they send antibiotics home for everyone else in the house to try to prevent it from spreading.

What don’t we do with Covid?

The same damn thing, even though we know how to cut it off, I recommended it in December and now, with India, we know it works because they did it and shut Covid down across a population of more than 200 million people.

To quote from Desert Review, as what I (and a few others) proposed is now conclusively proved; read this however many times you must until it sinks into your thick skull:

A 97% decline in Delhi cases with Ivermectin is decisive – period. It represents the last word in an epic struggle to save lives and preserve human rights. This graph symbolizes the victory of reason over corruption, good over evil, and right over wrong. It is as significant as Davids victory over Goliath. It is an absolute vindication of Ivermectin and early outpatient treatment. It is a clear refutation of the WHO, FDA, NIH, and CDC’s policies of “wait at home until you turn blue” before you get treatment.

Yet we still have so-called “health care workers”, including some right here in my immediate area, who claim the answer to Covid is to do the very same thing that caused cases of whooping cough to go up by a factor of FIFTY over its previous rate instead of that which crashed Covid infections by 97%.

Never mind that the NEJM article proves that the vaccines are doing this just by simple mathematics.  The NEJM article, I remind you, showed that 83% of the American population had immunity in their blood to Covid-19 in May; 20% from infection and the balance from vaccination.  That level of immunity makes a widespread epidemic impossible yet it happened and is happening.  This is only possible if the vaccines at best don’t work to cut off infection and transmission and they might be enhancing disease.

This is a matter of mathematical fact; a virus must find a new host or it dies out and the basic formula for that has been known for decades; 1 – 1/R0 = Herd Immunity Threshold

So if Delta has an R0 of 6 (which I doubt by the way; the CDC claims it but the UK data says no, it’s materially less but somewhat higher than the original R0 of 3.0 for Covid’s wild strain) then we get 1 – 1/x = 83% or, from basic algebra which any nurse or doctor damn well ought to be able to do you get  -1/x = 0.83 – 1.

You can solve that equation from here for the suppressed level of R0, right?

This means that in May there was no national epidemic possible for an R0 of 5.88 or less unless the jabs don’t work or enhance disease.  Mathematics was not wrong in the time of Galileo — he was right and the priests were full of crap — and it isn’t wrong now.

Civil war or a partition and divorce between the people of this nation?

When those who are alleged “health” care workers and politicians are acting identically to those who persecuted Galileo because he scientifically proved the Earth was not the center of the universe, and who have as their high priests the very organization that multiplied the rate of a serious infectious disease by a factor of FIFTY by putting politics and pharma ahead of health resulting in the death of many people who are right now having tubes shoved down their throat and their veins filled with a damned dangerous drug, specifically remdesivir, and that results in a huge wave of DEATH then yeah, that’s where we’re headed unless they cut that crap out.

There’s NO indication they will.

I want nothing to do with these people and do not willingly engage with them.  If they want to sit in a bar and drink beer where people who see it the other way and can be bothered to do basic algebra happen to be, that’s fine.  You have a right to be intentionally ignorant.  I’m perfectly happy to consider such people nothing more or less than a large rock consuming an equal amount of space; that’s the peaceful option.  You do you, I do me; leave me the Hell alone and I will do likewise.  At worst you’ll get a smirk when you display said insanity in public on your clothing.

But they’re not content to do that and leave me alone as I experienced once again last night.  Not at all, and that’s the problem.  If one group refuses to leave the other alone and repeatedly continues to accost the other on an escalating basis eventually those demanding you perform a dangerous act that, on the evidence and the fundamental laws of mathematics is making Covid worse are going to turn to violence and, when they do, that’s a one-way door as once THEY start that crap (and from the pattern of escalation it appears they will do exactly that) they will not be able to turn it back off.

Karl Denninger