Yes, They Are Insane

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

So CamelToe is nuts too.

“By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end the pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.” – Kamala Harris

Never before in history has there been a need to “protect the vaccinated.”

There isn’t one now unless the jabs not only don’t work, in some percentage of people who took them they make infection worse — and they know it.

What do they know and aren’t telling you?

The point of a vaccine is to gain personal protection.  I have written about this many time; the premise of “herd immunity” is in fact why epidemic spread of any pathogen stops being a material concern but the decision to take a vaccine is a personal one, despite all the screaming over the decades by various idiots.

Yes, I’ve had most of the “ordinary” vaccines.  So has my daughter; the risk:benefit analysis was clear and there was plenty of longitudinal, long-term data to back that analysis up.  With these jabs for Covid-19 there is zero long-term data and there won’t be for a couple more years, but the short and intermediate term data we do have says that in many people the jabs are more-dangerous than the disease, and this is particularly true now that we know they do not provide lasting protection and fade off or even make you more likely to get infected after six or so months have passed.

I got into this with back when the HPV vaccine was attempted to be “mandated” for teens.  HPV is a viral disease that in men is usually “silent” but in women it can cause cervical cancer.  It is spread by sexual contact.  Schools were talking about mandating it.

Now think about this for a minute: Is not a school that mandates such a shot saying that sexual contact is perfectly ok on their campus?  Yes indeed they are, since what happens off campus is none of their ******ned business.  I reminded them that promoting underage persons having sex is, in many cases, a felony.

That argument shut them up fast.

So why not take it anyway, you might ask?

Because occasionally it causes Guillain-Barre syndrome, and in some percentage of people who have that happen the damage is permanent or even lethal.

There is no way to predict in advance who will have that happen to them and as such this is a personal, adult choice.  It comes with extreme (even if uncommon) risks and therefore is only reasonable if the actual recipient gives informed consent and at the same time has full, personal responsibility for the consequencesif said “adverse events” occur.

And here’s the other part of it: Since HPV is a sexually-transmitted disease, other than by rape there are in fact people who are at zero risk.  A celibate person is the obvious example.  So is a monogamous, virginal couple right up until one of them violates monogamy.  While virginal couples are basically unheard of as you get older among teens they’re not uncommon at all and some percentage of them go on to be monogamous for life.

Yes, I know, that’s a quaint and “old fashioned” notion.  It is nonetheless true and exposure to risk for no benefit is stupid.

Further, beyond the burden of permanent lifetime support for a son or daughter who I had injected with something that caused a lifetime disability there is also the mental burden that would come with it when I knew the balance of harms was stupid and did it anyway.  That would be suicide-inducing for me and should be for any other parent who actually gives a crap about their kids.

Of course many so-called parents don’t give a crap that their kids are whoring (or “studding”) around — or worse.

Even more-damning is that (at the time) it only covered one strain of HPV; all the others could still screw you, and there was more than one circulating strain.  This is an extraordinarily dangerous situation because believing you’re safe when you’re not alters behavior in negative ways, even if only at the margin.  If you must contemplate the fact that ****ing that cute boy might lead to permanent sterility in the best case, and could kill you (cervical cancer, if you get it, means no more kids from that point forward, obviously since they have to remove it and if it spreads before being caught you’re ****ed) then maybe your “willing to screw” rate goes down just a bit, especially if the guy in question has a reputation of poking anything that walks on two legs.  Since sex comes with a myriad of potential adult consequences promoting wise choices, as I see it, outweighed the nebulous benefits and potential serious harms.

Therefore it was my decision that when my daughter reached the age of 18 years she was free to make that decision on her own.  While there was certainly the risk of infection prior to that point it was outweighed by the fact that this is an adult decision with adult consequences and, other than by******there is nothing to fear beyond the consequences of personal, voluntary choice.

Incidentally this situation has in many ways gotten worse.  The serious adverse event rate has risen dramatically as they’ve included more strains in the jab and is now estimated at about 1 in 140.  May I remind you that the cervical cancer rate on a US national basis, which is the bad outcome this shot allegedly mitigates, is about 6/100,000 women per year?  That means the NNT/NNH ratio (number necessary to treat to prevent one bad outcome .vs. number necessary to treat that causes harm) is upside down (more-likely to harm you than help you) for a huge percentage of the population.  While this jab is arguably worth it for a sex worker it is not for virtually everyone else as even over a lifetime your risk of serious harm from the jab exceeds the probability of benefit.  Yet this particular vaccine is still pushed — hard — by all manner of medical jackasses who can’t be bothered to do basic four-function arithmetic!

[Sidebar: Back when I was of that age the fact that you could not get birth control beyond condoms until you were 18 — no physician would write a script for chemical birth control for an adolescent.  Since rubbers are both nowhere near effective enough to be reasonable “proof” against pregnancy and at the same time provide some value against STDs that was quite the deterrent to wildly screw around while at the same time providing some protection against STD spread if you did it anyway.  If you knocked up your girlfriend her father might well shove a shotgun in your face and demand you marry her, but even if it didn’t go that far it was going to be a very bad time for both of you, and you both knew it.  Yeah, I had fun — but that possibility was always in the back of both my mind and hers.  While at the time I certainly didn’t like it in retrospect that was a good thing, not a bad one.]

How does this all apply to what’s going on now?

Actually, quite a lot of it applies.

Let’s start with this: The data on the Covid jabs say they offer more harm than benefit in young healthy boys.  Heh — that sounds like the HPV shot, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  Mandating them is thus not just malpractice and negligence it’s manslaughter.

It doesn’t end there.

While you can excuse Biden for being a demented old coot and unable to think before his mouth opens you can’t make that argument for Kamala.  Her statement above is proof that what Biden said the other day was not an accident.  Indeed, he was likely reading off a teleprompter and it is an official position of the US Federal Government at all levels.

This in turn implies they know the vaccines not only have failed they are potentiating infections instead of protecting against them.  Why else would you “protect the vaccinated”?  But wait: Who caused all these people to be put in the position where they are more likely to get ****ed?  That would be the CDC, NIH, Fauci personally and both the Trump and Biden Administrations.

What might be scaring the crap out of them?  Perhaps data like this:

Add to that anecdotal reports in the US so far about people who were fully vaccinated not only winding up in the hospital and dying but crashing very rapidly — somethin that hasn’t happened throughout the time we’ve had Covid-19 here in the United States and which isn’t happening in unvaccinated persons.

Gee, isn’t that something — especially when on the data we also know, and even Fauci has admitted it, that being previously infected and recovered is extraordinarily good protection — far better than that afforded by these vaccines.  He refused to answer said question in a presser the other day.

In other words for the previously-infected the jabs only offer risk, no benefit, exactly as does a HPV shot for a nun, who is in fact celibate and virginal, in a convent.

Now that “potential risk” from not collecting the data before jabbing a huge number of Americans appears to be on the verge of turning into very real and lethal risk!  There is no way to know whether those currently-anecdotal reports will turn into an unavoidable cascade of cases that absolutely nobody will be able to ignore.

Don’t you think we should have figured all of this out before we went on a stabby spree with lightly tested technology that you cannot turn around and undo if it goes badly?  We would have found out and halted what may well be an incipient disaster if we didn’t proceed with “Warp Speed” and instead went through the regular process of gathering that long-term data while allowing the use of these jabs only by those at the highest degree of individual “bad outcome” infection risk (such as residents of nursing homes who have, on average, six months of remaining life and thus long-term risks are, for most of them, irrelevant.)

They tried to kill you and got jabs into 200 million American arms — although whether it was intentional or simply stupidity and greed that drove what happened is up for debate — and now they’re trying to cover it up.

Karl Denninger