Damnit, Not Again

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

There are times that the “F” word is absolutely appropriate.  For example on August 6th, 1945, by the Mayor of Hiroshima in the instant of time just before he was BBQ’d: What the **** was that?

This is one of those and so I’ll use it without reservation: ****.

A drive-by parade outside of Methodist Mansfield Medical Center last April was supposed to be Corey Ripe’s happy ending. The 47-year-old was headed home after a week on a ventilator battling COVID-19.

Ok, he got Covid, he got it bad in March/April 2020 before we knew what we were doing — but he lived.

Then, January.

Three days later, they got confirmation that, in addition to pneumonia, Ripe had once again contracted the virus that had already nearly claimed his life.

Really?  What was the Ct on that test?  You see, I read that linked article and it describes symptoms that don’t make a lot of sense for Covid-19.  Certainly anything’s possible but the article does make sense for a whole bunch of other infections particularly if he had secondary bacterial pneumonia.  What did the hospital give him?  Nobody has said.  There wasn’t an antibiotic in there by chance, was there?

He then gets vaccinated post-recovery.  Remember, the vaccine prevents severe disease and death, we’re currently told.  We were previously told it prevented getting the virus (that was a lie), that it prevented symptoms (that was a lie), that it prevented giving the virus to others (that was a wild-eyed, entirely-unscientific claim with zero evidence and proved to be a crazy-faced lie as is now showing up everywhere including at all-vaccinated colleges) and now it’s “you won’t go to the hospital or die.”


Still, Saturday night, though he’d shown no prior symptoms, Parris knew it had to be COVID-19 again when she heard the fluid in his lungs.

She rushed him to the ER. And an hour later, Parris got a familiar call.

Ripe was intubated and waiting for an available ICU bed.

I see.

So here are my questions, since this is so wildly improbable that I find it impossible to believe unless something really, really ugly is going on with these jabs.

  • At his second alleged infection did the hospital check for both “S” and “N” antibodies at admission?  They should have been present.  You know they didn’t look.  But let’s assume, for the sake of argument, the first infection really was Covid (it’s entirely plausible) and not the flu with a secondary bacterial infection that got him.  I’m not sold on this because H1N1 was going around at that time, I got what I presume was that in January 2020, it did get into my lungs and it flattened me for a week with serious hanging-on symptoms, notably a nasty non-productive cough, that kept hanging on for a month and material cardio impairment for several more (it was worse than Covid-19 which I got first days of August of this year.)  It was bad and I thought, after Covid-19 became known to be a “thing”, I might have had it.  But it was not Covid-19; I know scientifically it was not because a few months later I sourced IgG antibody tests and I was negative.
  • After the second alleged infection but before he got vaccinated did anyone check for both “S” and “N” antibodies?  You know the answer to that one too.  Of course not.  “If you’re recovered you should still get vaccinated” is what every ******* in the medical and political field has said even though there is zero evidence you get any benefit from doing so and, post-infection, the data is that your protection is many times (13x or more, to be exact) better than getting jabbed.
  • In any event being an alleged “two-time winner” of the Covid-19 sweepstakes, a statistically unlikely thing to the extreme unless one of the two wasn’t actually Covid, he takes the (bad) advice and gets vaccinated.  Ok, so now he should have both “N” antibodies (from previous infection) and a bunch of “S” ones.
  • Now a few months later he gets hammered.  Again they say “Covid-19.”  Did they look at admission time for those antibodies this time?  You know damn well they did not and, much worse, this time was extremely rapid onset which strongly implies that VEI may be in the game here.  Yet I’ll bet $1,000 they did not pull antibody titers for both “S” and “N” proteins on admission and given the history I’ll argue that’s not only personal malpractice it’s public-health malpractice and gross negligence.

Here’s why those antibody titers are important especially this time around.

Natural infection provides a higher (by quite a lot) “N” protein titer than “S”.  Why is that?  Because coronaviruses have evolved so their “S” proteins can evade the immune system.  If this was not the case they couldn’t infect you, but obviously they do.  Thus natural infection will produce both but the “N” titer will be higher.

Vaccination produces NO “N” antibodies at all because they’re not encoded in the vaccine.  That’s intentional; the hypothesis that all the vaccine makers in the US used (and in Europe and many other places) operated under was informed by work that was done when SARS was going around.  Vaccines were attempted and they all failed due to ADE-style problems during animal trials.  The belief was that they failed because of the “N” protein in the vaccine.  This was supported by mechanistic (not in-body) work and sounds plausible (I’ve read the work) but the problem is that many times what appears to be “correct” on a mechanistic or test-tube basis doesn’t work that way in the human body.  Since SARS disappeared we never tested this theory on people before Covid-19 showed up because we couldn’t; there was no virus against which to risk natural infections and challenge trials with something like SARS are flat-out nutso given its fatality rate.  The short trials we did do this time around before EUAs issued accounted only for the wild strain that was in circulation at the time; all these other “letters and numbers” mutations were not known as they didn’t exist and thus couldn’t be tested against.  All looked ok, and away we went without any long-term data to back up the claims.  Then we licensed one of them with less than a year’s worth of data to back up the belief that enhancement was off the table.

If this guy has a significant “S” titer, particularly if he has one that is higher than his “N” titer then when he was injected he did produce the expected antibody response.  In other words the expectation is that he had “protection.”  If he has no titer then he is the one dude out of millions that both got nothing in the way of immunity from either infection or vaccination.

But assuming he does have antibodies given his extremely-rapid deterioration this time — from no symptoms to insane deterioration to the point of requiring intubation within a day this time around that implicates VEI in an extremely serious way and in fact until disproved that has to be the presumed reason he got hit that hard, that fast.

This is exactly what VEI (ADE is a subset of VEI, “Vaccine Enhanced Infection”) looks like when it happens folks.  People go from being asymptomatic or only mildly ill to crashing within hours.  The presumption when someone who is vaccinated and has an antibody titer has this sort of thing happen is that is, until conclusively excluded, what you’re dealing with is VEI and it’s a pull the damned alarm right now because the risk of people being imminently ****ed en-masse is on the table sort of event.

If that is what happened then the odds are extremely high that a mutational strain that can tear through the vaccinated population like a wrecking ball is here in the United States — right here, right now.

No bull**** folks.

The only “out” from this scenario if that’s what happened to this individual is that whatever strain he has is disadvantaged on an evolutionary basis and thus will not widely spread and become a material part of the mix.  That is not and cannot be brought under our control.

Karl Denninger