The Lie Of ‘All Unvaccinated’

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Here’s truth folks….

Remember, you get monoclonal antibodies if infected, symptomatic and at risk of severe outcomes.  When I got Covid-19 last month I did not qualify since I was not any of >65 (58 isn’t good enough), fat, diabetic, hypertensive or one of the few other listed “things” that quality you irrespective of age.  I did not get vaccinated, I got Covid-19 and recovered, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this, and now have very strong natural immunity.  At this point I thus have neither any fear of Covid-19 or any reason to be vaccinated.

Got that folks?

The 23 people were all promised they would not get sick as the inducement to get vaccinated.  All 23 of them were symptomatic and at high risk.  Every single one of those people was also exactly as contagious to others as were the 27.

48% of Texas is vaccinated.

46% of these recipients were vaccinated.

There is no statistical difference between the percentage of vaccinated people in the State of Texas and the percentage of people receiving monoclonal antibodies for symptomatic and at-risk-of-severe Covid-19 patients among this group of 50 who are vaccinated.  It is statistically identical.

The debate is over folks.

You were conned America.  You were told to roll up your sleeve and take the risk of clotting disorders, heart damage, heart attacks, strokes and other serious, even life-threatening adverse reactions based on the lie that doing so would (1) prevent you from getting Covid, (2) prevent you from infecting others with Covid, and (3) keep you from having a symptomatic and potentially-serious outcome if exposed to Covid.

All three were LIES and are being repeated to this day by Biden, Fauci, the CDC and your local and State Health Departments.  Any “mandate” predicated on these lies was and is in fact a felony assault with a reasonable expectation of serious bodily harm or death to your person and should have been, and should be today, met with whatever level of force is necessary to cause the person issuing said mandate to STOP on an immediate basis.



PS: Before you do something stupid like get a “booster” answer this — why would you believe the third jab will work when you were told the other two would — and the people doing so lied?  When, in addition, there is evidence that the manufacturers knew this would happen and rigged the trials to conceal it?  What data do you have (none!) on whether the risk of serious adverse events rises with each successive injection, if it does by how much (what if it’s exponentially worse?) and why would you be so stupid as to believe a single thing these people say after being screwed by the very same people? I remind you: Never in the past has there been a successful vaccine for coronaviruses.  All previous attempts have failed during trials, which took years to discover, either by mutational escape or worse, enhancement in those who got the injection(s).  Don’t throw your life away.

PPS: Note that there is now emerging evidence of ADE, VEI and/or OAS from the vaccines exactly as has occurred with all other attempts to vaccinate against coronaviruses.  And no, it doesn’t have to be Covid-19 that triggers it either; any other beta coronavirus can plausibly do so.  One of them, OC43, circulates in the population and usually causes mild colds.  Not this time — it sent the person who got it to the hospital and nearly killed them.  Was the vaccine responsible for that?  It might have been and if it got this person it could also get YOU.  There are already cases being reported in the US where the person is vaccinated, presents to the ER with what looks like severe Covid-19 (including the specific markers for Covid such as ground-glass infiltrates in the lungs on X-ray or CT) but repeatedly tests negative.  Here it comes folks….

* VEI – Vaccine-enhanced infection.  Encompasses ADE from vaccines and OAS, along with other related mechanisms such as destruction of existing B-cell recognition.  ADE is a very-specific term and may not be the mechanism by which this is occurring; that has not been determined.

Karl Denninger