Welcome To The New Normal

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Again, this is a guest posting from Ishmael….

Welcome to the new normal.  A more detestable phrase has never been uttered.  “New” has no business describing “normal”.  Normal is normal.  There’s nothing new about it.  

Tickerguy’s recent ticker was a smoking gun. Killing Grandma was deliberate, not incompetence:  The PREP Act provides immunity for hospitals but only if they use approved COVID treatments.  Until it’s repealed we’re stuck with it.  The killings will continue until morale improves. 

Another phrase in the PREP Act explains much of clown world we’ve been living in and why the coof is not going away:

(quote) …from COVID–19, or the transmission of SARS–CoV–2 or a virus mutating therefrom. (quote)

With that provision, the PREP act ushered in a new normal.  Thanks, *******s.

How many variants and mutations of the coof do we have to look forward to?  As many as “the experts” discover.  Anything to keep malpractice immunity and money flowing into hospitals. When SCIENCE fails, bull**** flows: Tard rags prevent the spread.  The vaccines are highly effective and safe.  There are no treatments for COVID.  Ivermectin is dangerous.

The coof is with us until the money spigot is dry.  By then, we’ll have bigger problems.

So here we are, clown world.  Population: Yes.

How do we fight for normal, the 2019 version? 

Accept the fact that COVID is never going away.  Stop hounding people back to sanity.  The fear porn machine keeps them stuck.  They will either stop hiding under the bed on their own or not. Maybe this will never be their fight.

We are on our own.  

It’s worth repeating:  We are on our own.  

This is not defeatism.  Acknowledging it conserves mental energy and time for what comes next.

Take a deep breath. 

Nothing has changed, only the shock of proof is new.  Old information, new confirmation.  We were on our own nineteen months ago, a year ago, last month, and still today.

Read the first word again:  “we”. No one is alone in this, even those surrounded by clowns.

Clown world is inherently abusive.  The first step in coping or leaving an abusive relationship is realizing things will never change.  Abusers instill guilt and a sense of helplessness in their victims. “If only everyone got the clot shot!” and “Stay home for Thanksgiving so we can save Christmas,” were two prime examples of this.  See, it’s those people’s fault for the plague, don’t be like them. 

Abuse is not the victim’s fault and there is plenty adults can do about it, because they are not powerless.

Another fact:  No one can change their abuser.  No amount of placating or surrendering will sway them. Concessions accelerate abuse.  Avoiding punishment today means a double helping tomorrow.  Look at all those who got the clot shot in exchange for a free face and “normal” life.  Now they need three shots.  Or maybe a new shot every six months, the abusers haven’t decreed which yet.

There is no way to leave society, so coping is people’s option.

The gaslighting and demoralization cycle of rewards (Early Summer 2021) followed by punishments (end of July 2021) will continue.  Dreading it is normal, living your life around that dread is not.  Laugh, ignore mandates, create a bubble for your family.  Do whatever it takes to remember normal.

What should we do?  What can we do?  

The fight back to normal is not everyone’s. Some fight other battles, some want to lose what’s left of their sanity in relative peace.  That is okay.  No one can make another’s decision.

For those who choose to fight, take another deep breath and internalize this next sentence:

Pushback is coming, and it’s coming from me. 

How do you push back?  Everyone will answer this differently. There are so many good ideas that readers can share in the comments.  Remember, “We are on our own”.  

Pushback is the fun part.  It’s socially uncomfortable, but it’s the only way to fight and win against clown world.

A person who has already decided to quit/get fired over a jab mandate is in an excellent position to push back.  Masks?  Forget it.  Thrice daily testing?  No way.  Wear pants in the office?  Please.  What, they gonna get fired?

The hospitals will keep killing us, but with enough pushback the other bull**** vanishes.  No more mask stupidity or social distancing.

Once those in charge realize people are serious, they ask themselves fearfully what comes after pushback if we don’t cut the ****, including paying hospitals to kill patients?

Karl Denninger