Statistical Abuse And Flat-out Lying

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

This is the sort of statistical abuse that ought to get any entity that pulls it burnt to the ground, especially during a pandemic when it is used as an advocacy tool for a dangerous intervention that produces little better than “flip-a-coin” outcomes.

The dramatic change in vaccine effectiveness from June to July is likely to be due to both the emergence of the delta variant and waning immunity over time, compounded by the end of masking requirements in California and the resulting greater risk of exposure in the community. 

The second part of that sentence is absolute BS.

You either ARE or you ARE NOT immune to a given virus.  There is no middle ground; the question is binary.

If you are immune then no amount of PPE is required.  I will, right now, sporting natural immunity, walk into a Covid-19 ICU without any PPE on and sit there and observe for 30 minutes.  I will do without fear because I am presumptively immune from the virus as a result of previous exposure, infection and recovery.

Anyone who believes the vaccines work is welcome to come with me on the same terms: 30 minutes in the ICU, no PPE.

If you believe you are immune due to vaccination then you should be perfectly willing to do this without a shred of fear that you will, in fact, get Covid-19.  You’re immune, or so you were told.  That’s the point of vaccination; you make you impervious to a given disease.  Yes, in some very tiny percentage of persons, nearly every time as a result of being immune-compromised, the vaccination fails to elicit an immune response.  But — assuming you are not immune compromised then there is absolutely no reason on God’s Green Earth for you to fear the virus if you have taken the jabs and the appropriate 2 weeks has passed since the second one.

If you do not believe this to be true then you wasted your time and worse, took the risk of severe adverse effects from the jab for no purpose.  You gained nothing either physically or mentally from said jabs.  You have no faith in your course of action.

As it turns out there’s damn good reason to not have faith since the table in that article discloses that in July 75.2% of cases, all symptomatic, were in fully-vaccinated workers.  The workforce was 83.1% fully-vaccinatedat that time.  There was only one death and thus statistically the power to prevent death was undetermined.

It is reasonable to believe that zero of said workers are in fact seriously immune-compromised since being so would make working in a health-care setting, with sick people all around you on a daily basis, a literal suicidal act.

Now if the vaccine was completely worthless then 83.1% of cases would be in vaccinated persons and 16.9% in unvaccinated personssince that would be the ratable portion.  If the vaccine was 100% effective then 100% of the cases would be in unvaccinated persons and, of course, zero in vaccinated individuals.

Would I, given this data, go into a Covid-19 ICU while vaccinated?  Absolutely not; statistically speaking there is utterly no reason to believe I am protected.  I expect to see 16.9% of cases in the unvaccinated but in fact see 24.8%; while that does indeed imply some protection it’s not much better than flipping a coin.

Is that what you signed up for when you took the jabs America?  Will you abide a mandate when it is now proved you don’t actually get the protection you were promised?

I would hope not.

These results are definitely not what you were sold by the CDC, Fauci, Trump, Biden, your State Health Department and all the advertising on the TeeVee and social media.  You were sold nearly 100% effectiveness sufficient to remove your fear of getting Covid-19.  What you actually got is more akin to what you get out of the flu shot if you take it each year: Some attenuation of risk but, in many cases, absolutely nothing of value.

The difference is that unlike the flu shot that rarely harms anyone beyond a sore arm for a day or two (last year’s flu shot campaign, which delivered about 170 million doses, recorded 26 associated deaths) VAERS says that 13,627 deaths and nearly 56,000 hospitalizations have been associated with these jabs — thus far.

In other words on a reasonable “back of the envelope” analysis the Covid-19 jabs are close to 500 times more-likely to kill you than the flu shot is and have no better record in preventing you from getting Covid-19 than the flu shot does in preventing you from getting the flu.

My personal decision, seeing the adverse event risk, was to rely on natural immunity and risk infection.  I got infected.  I hit said infection immediately with meds despite the “official position” that there are no meds that work, my approach was successful and I now believe, with no evidence to the contrary in the data we have developed over the last 18 months, have durable, stable and sterile immunityand thus am willing to enter, without fear, into a Covid-19 ICU without any PPE whatsoever.

My approach, for myself, turned out to be right and since I have acquired said immunity (“the hard way”) I will not permit coercion to receive that which, on the scientific data, cannot materially improve said immunity (it’s binary, as I pointed out originally) and will consider any attempt to coerce or mandate same as a felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm and will respond as is appropriate to any *******, no matter their affiliation, who tries it.

Karl Denninger