FDA Ignores Both Science and Law

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

So the FDA has “fully approved” the Pfizer jab for Covid.

In doing so standing alone they have broken the law and thus have irrevocably destroyed their authority and any reason for anyone to ever do anything based on them ever again.

Let me explain.

Under black letter law an EUA is illegal if there is an alternative that is considered safe, effective and available.  This was the reason the FDA did not (for 18 months!) run the studies and evaluate them on other early-intervention drugs for Covid-19.  We all know what they are.  I’m living proof they work too, as are millions of others worldwide.

But, more-importantly, this “full approval” voids all other vaccine EUAs for Covid-19.  That is, under the law the Moderna and J&J instantly became illegal to offer or use within the United States.

The makers can apply for full authorization, of course, but the EUAs are void as of this morning and under black letter law cannot be administered to anyone in the United States as they are now unlicensed and unlawful products in human beings until and unless they are given full approval themselves.  No medical provider can offer or administer any other than the Pfizer Covid-19 shot in the United States as of the moment of that approval.

You can bet the law will be ignored; note MRNAs stock price this morning.  It should have instantly been cut in half.

In addition the FDA broke the law itself when it issued the “approval.”  The law requires a full hearing and the data from the full set of trials; the trials are not capable of being completed until early 2022 by the original submissions and they deliberately did not hold the hearing.  This is a black letter violation of the law as well, but nobody cares.

As for me, I don’t give a crap.

I’ve been infected, 98% certain it was Delta (because that’s all that’s circulating right now in the US where the index case I got infected by came from, and I know who it was) and am recovered.  I hit it with meds immediately and I’m fine.  I know, scientifically, it was Covid-19 and not some other virus as I now have IgG antibodies and did not for the previous 18 months which I know factually as I repeatedly tested myself.

There is thus exactly zero medical benefit I can derive from the jabs.

I will walk without fear into a Covid-19 ICU unit right now without any PPE on whatsoever.  I have no fear of this virus because as with every other viral infection of note including those that are much more-dangerous than Covid, such as measles, prior infection and recovery produces durable and stable immunity in essentially everyone who has a competent immune system, and I do.  Those of you who trust the jabs to be equally effective to an active infection and recovery are free to come with me.  I will bet my life that I’m sterile immune to the virus as a result of said infection and recovery.  Are you willing to place the same bet, given the many known failures to protect by the shot, including Jesse Jackson and his wife, both of whom are in the hospital with Covid-19 despite being vaccinated in a very public spectacle in January of this year?

There you have it.

Karl Denninger