Why Public Health Credibility Is Gone

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Here it is folks.

A joint state investigation found that a former top Tennessee vaccine official might have mailed herself the same muzzle she claimed last month to have received as a threat to keep quiet, arguing that Republicans had pushed for her firing because she shared factual information with doctors about the legalities of vaccinating un-emancipated minors against COVID-19 without parental consent. 

The record shows that the most-egregious violation of proper government ethics, and which played into her termination, was that she funneled state money to a non-profit she controlled and which, it appears, had no employees, no grants and no published operating budget.  Exactly what was going on there with what at first blush looks like a shell operation rather than a legitimate non-profit?  Indeed one can question whether that might have been outright fraud.  Oh, and the alleged “non profit” it was a vaccine advocacy organization too.

When fired she claimed “someone” had tried to intimidate her by sending her a dog muzzle and ran around all the major media outlets claiming, of course, to be a victim.

TBI got involved as she had alleged intimidation (serious if true) and she claimed she had nothing to do with the muzzle’s delivery.

They didn’t believe her and subpoenaed Amazon for the credit card records — and found that while indeed the account used wasn’t her “normal one” surprise-surprise……. the payment card was hers.

The obvious question that this raises ought to be clear: If an organization’s head does something like this why would you believe that anything else that comes out of that organization is honest, trustworthy or should be paid attention to?

This is a monstrous problem when the organization in question is exhorting you to do something allegedly important for your health!

I have a further question: If reporting is accurate she lied to the TBI when she told them she did not order the muzzle.  Well, the last time I checked you have no obligation to cooperate with the cops; you have every right to keep your mouth shut.

But, if you do talk to them and lie that’s a crime.

So where are the handcuffs?

PS: Her husband is a Tennessee School Board member, he backed up her lie at the time and she sits on the Board of The American Academy of Pediatrics.  Has anyone asked them whether her actions are in keeping with the values of the academy and good childhood health now that we know she was bull****ting up and down?  Perhaps you should send them an email!

Karl Denninger