Until Now, Of Course

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

“The Most Dangerous Vaccine”

Well, it was the most-dangerous vaccine.

It was for Smallpox.

That vaccine is very effective (unlike the Covid jabs which, on the data, are an abject failure as the virus is evolving around them and their protection wanes in months) and Smallpox kills about 30% of the people who get it with very little variation based on age (that is, 300,000 per million persons) while Covid-19 kills anywhere from 20-90,000 per million depending on your age.

Now think about this:

“We know if we immunize a million people, that there will be 15 people that will suffer severe, permanent adverse outcomes and one person who may die from the vaccine,” says Dr. Paul Offit, one of the country’s top infectious disease specialists, and he knows all about vaccines that prevent those diseases. In his lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he studies and creates new vaccines. There’s nothing new about the smallpox vaccine.

This risk is much lower than the Covid shots which have associated more than 10,000 deaths so far out of ~170 million Americans immunized, or approximately fifty times the smallpox vaccine mortality rate.

Was the smallpox vaccine worth it?

Absolutely.  Should it be mandated?  No, but it should be made widely available.  Yes, it might screw you.  But if you get the disease, and it could happen in a biological attack, there is a one in three risk of death.

Covid, among young and healthy people, has managed to kill under a hundred across the entire population; perhaps 50% of whom have already had it with many not knowing they had it.

In most people Covid-19 produces only a mild or moderate flu-like illness.  Yeah, it makes you feel like crap for a couple of days.

And just like smallpox, if you get it and survive you get broad immunity that, on the science, continues to improve for a few months afterward and which remains effective even if the virus mutates, which it will and does.

If you’re old and especially if you’re fat and diabetic then Covid can be much more-serious.  But even then it’s a tiny fraction of the impact of smallpox.  I remind you that being fat and Type II diabetic is a choice, and one that you had the last 18 months to do something about.  Literally anyone could have dropped 50+ lbs over the last year and a half and the data out of NYC shows that even if you’re old — 80+ — if you do not have those conditions Covid-19 is no significant threat.

But the jabs are.

Not only do they not work very well, as seen with all these “breakthrough” infections (which is a lie, by the way: Those are vaccine failures) but in addition the data is that over six months time or so the protection wanes and there is some data that OAS may be showing up. 

OAS, or original antigenic sin, occurs when your immune system has been “primed” to respond to something (e.g. Covid-19) via either infection or a vaccine but when challenged with the actual infection it produces an incorrect and thus ineffective response.  That is what we’re seeing in Israel, Iceland and elsewhere.

But what’s much worse is that we do not know if the risk from the jabs is individual and “one and done”; that is, if you take the jab and get no nasty side effects you won’t if you need boosters every six months, whether the risk is disconnected from the number of jabs, or much worse, the risk is multiplicative or even exponential with additional inoculations.  We don’t know because we didn’t look.

For some people who are at the upper end of that risk range — the old and medically frail — the jabs might be worth it even with all these unknowns.  But for younger, healthy people?  No.

We are told that “breakthroughs” are rare.  Really?  Do you call 11 out of 14 vaccinated people who got Covid despite being vaccinated “rare”?  An 80% failure rate when we were told that the jabs were 95%+ effective in preventing infection?  I call that ****ing worthless and the claims of effectiveness are now known to be LIES.

And worse, we know that if you got Covid-19 you obtain durable and broad protection that remains even against mutational pressure, as the virus itself, when it infects you, produces an immune response against the “N” portion of the virus that remains conserved even across mutations and as such your protection is still good.  This is not true for the vaccines, all of which are narrow and spike-focused only.

Perspective is important.  A disease that kills 1 in 3 who get it is wildly different than a disease that kills 2 in 100,000.  While you could make an argument for vaccination on a broad basis if the vaccine killed 2 in ten million, which incidentally is roughly what the flu shot kills (actually somewhat less) in this case with the vaccine protection being both narrow and, we are now learning evaded by the virus itself there’s simply no justification at all for mandates or screaming.

Simply put natural infection is superior, on the data, and that’s because the vaccine makers deliberately targeted a narrow portion of the virus instead of attempting to mimic the natural process.

In short they made a pig in a poke, and now you’re the one they are demanding to get poked, even if you had Covid and thus can’t benefit from it.

I choose infection (which as I’ve said all the way back to March of 2020 was inevitable for all of us) and immediate treatment; it is vastly superior, on the data, in protecting me and the odds of that approach failing — and my being dead as a result — are less than if I take the jab.

Karl Denninger