New Mandate That MUST Be Enforced NOW

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Work in health care?  I don’t care if you are in direct patient-care or not; if you work in a medical facility of any sort this applies to you if you took the jab.

We now know if you become infected with Covid, and you had the jab, you will have a higher viral titer before becoming symptomatic, if you become symptomatic at all.

That is, you, compared against someone who did not take the jabwhere you are both infected, are much more likely to transmit the virus to someone else before knowing if you get infected. Since viral replication occurs in hours per cycle, not days, testing, unless on an every day basis, is not sufficient to detect the risk.

Nearly everyone coming into a medical facility is at heightened risk of one sort or another; people do not, generally-speaking, go into medical facilities if all is well.  This is certainly true for hospitals and “urgent care” facilities.

Masks cannot mitigate this risk as the virus is in aerosols and when you exhale you will thus project it into the environment if it is present.  It does not matter if you use an N95 or surgical mask; an N95 will still break the seal around your face when you exhale to some extent and thus you will exhale virus if you are infected.

Therefore if you work in such a facility and you took the jab, given what we now know, you are hereby obligated from now until forever into the future, until Covid and any future mutation of it is no longer of material concern, obligated to use both Ivermectin on an every 3-day basis, and Budesonide on an every day basis, both as prophylaxis.

This obligation is now attached and permanent so long as you remain employed.

Since people believe that there is nothing wrong with mandating people take non-sterilizing shots to work in health care then, given that you ****ed up and are now putting people at grossly-enhanced risk there is also nothing wrong with this mandate either.  Said prophylaxis is to take place on video and be recorded each day for the Budesonide and every three days for Ivermectin.

If you refuse you are fired and your medical credentials are stripped.

If you infect someone without documented proof that you have taken this prophylaxis as a medical worker and have been jabbed you are charged with felony assault and if they die you are charged with depraved indifference homicide, which in most jurisdictions is Murder 2.  If law enforcement will not bring these charges then the relatives of said person who is impacted has every moral and ethical right to personally enforce the appropriate penalties.

This was entirely foreseeable as we knew health care workers were the largest vectors originally into vulnerable people.  It is not a mistake when you do something knowing it will place others at wildly-enhanced risk.

We all must accept the inherent risk of humanity from various viruses.  That is unavoidable.

But you, as a medical worker who ****ed up and radically increased the risk of transmission to others, plus your chosen position and claim of professional competence inherently puts you in the situation of being around and working with medically vulnerable people and since you represent yourself as a professional in the field you are held to a much higher standard.  That makes this not only just but necessary as your introduction of the vaccine into your body was a purely voluntary act.

You willingly and intentionally put everyone around you at wildly elevated risk by using a non-sterilizing vaccine if you happen to get infected with Covid.  As someone employed in a profession that claims expert status you cannot argue ignorance.

You are thus legally responsible for mitigating the consequence of your mistake to the extent you are able.

This obligation attaches NOW.

Since this enhancement of risk is, as best we can determine, permanent so is your obligation for as long as you remain employed in any position that involves the risk of transmission to others in a medical setting, whether directly or indirectly.

You ****ed yourself and are not entitled to **** others — so now you get to pay for your arrogance or suffer the consequences when the vulnerable people you infect get sick or die.

Karl Denninger