I Hate Being Right

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

The pattern here is one you ought to pay very close attention to.

The Ct numbers being seen in vaccinated “breakthrough” cases are materially lower than that seen in unvaccinated.

This makes sense and it is pure mechanistic proof of why using non-sterilizing vaccines in an active outbreak is stupid, even leaving mutational pressure and evasion aside (which we also know happens.)

A person who has a low Ct (higher infectiveness) without becoming symptomatic is a super-spreader because they have no idea they’re infected.  If a non-sterilizing vaccine causes you to delay becoming symptomatic by as little as one Ct point you are twice as infective to others before you know you’re dangerous and thus decide to stay home.

If “on average” you would become symptomatic at Ct30 but if vaccinated you get to Ct25 now you will be 32 times as infectious before you know you’re sick.

The person who took the shot needs a label on them because they are far more dangerous to others if they become infected — vaccinated or not.  In point of fact using a non-sterilizing vaccine during an outbreak, or accepting one, is criminal negligence for which those who are jabbed, if an infection is traced to them, should be prosecuted because they have deliberately made themselves unable to distinguish that they are dangerous until they are far more likely to infect others.

hospital or other medical facility that employs jabbed people thus is committing gross malpractice in that the institution is deliberately causing their employees to be unaware of an infection they contract until they are far more-dangerous in terms of viral spread to others.  This, standing alone, is depraved indifference to human life since these institutions are allegedly professionals and thus should be held to a professional standard of conduct.

Just as with the original outbreak last spring in which I was able to trivially identify medical workers as the largest single vector and, I remind you, successfully predicted a huge explosion of civilian cases in Minnesota on that basis (which subsequently verified) I believe it is going to happen again and once again it will be the health care workers, who have all been “urged” or even “mandated” to take the jabs that will be the vectors into the general population and will end up killing people by the score.

If and when it does occur, and I bet it’s evident within the next month or two, every single hospital administrator and public health official must be criminally charged with depraved homicide.

What’s even worse is that we know the spike protein is the cause of basically all the pathology that this virus causes.  This in turn means that the lower the Ct you ultimately develop before you beat the virus, assuming you survive, the more-likely you are to have taken permanent damage from the infection.

In other words the vaccinated, if they a “breakthrough” case, not only are more-likely to infect others they’re more-likely to wind up with long-term or even permanent physical harm, and since such people go much further down the Ct scale before becoming symptomatic they also have no idea they’re dangerous nor that they should be hitting the infection with early treatment.

This explains why those who have had the stab often do not respond to said “early” treatment; it’s not early anymore because it’s now a couple of or even five or more days further onward in the infection process before you know you’re sick and thus need to use said meds.

In another month or so all of this will be wildly-evident and I suspect by then the so-called “medical professionals” who were coerced into taking the jab, including those being threatened now are going to be in full-on spazz mode as instead of people presenting to the ER with Ct numbers around 28 or 30 they’re going to be coming in with Ct numbers closer to or even below 20 at which point anyone within 50′ of them will be infected simply by their breath — vaccinated or not.

We ****ed up letting these ghouls get away with this for other than highly at-risk people and, if the patterns I’m seeing in the data verify, which look to be quite-likely, we’re going to pay for it.

PS: Natural infection, assuming you do not attempt to “boost” it with a jab, still looks highly protective.  No guarantees, but the immunity you generate from that is much more-broad and harder for the virus to evade.

Karl Denninger