When Will We FORCE A Stop To The BS?

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Ok, enough folks.

“I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections. One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” she wrote.

“A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.”

This sort of lie should cost Ms. LIAR her license and everyone who ran this bull**** should be ruined.

Her “hospital” — any agency or entity that allows her to infest their premises should be flat-out destroyed along with every single person who works in any such place and gives her credibility by doing so.


This story is from Alabama.

Now I want you to look very carefully at this table.

Here’s the source link, complete with four separate copies of the same bull**** story in different “news” outlets.

According to that table not one person has died since the end of April in Alabama from Covid-19 according to that graph which goes through 7/20 — yesterday.

What is “99% (unvaccinated) of ZERO (all people who died of Covid in Alabama SINCE APRIL)”?


But yes, Ms. Smiling Crazy Bitch is imploring people to get jabbed for what, she says, will stop becoming part of a wave of death that is happening right now.

If someone died today, well, that’s one.  Where are all the others?  Oh, and the story?  It’s not, allegedly, from today.  It references a viral Facebook post from the weekend.

AGAIN:  Where is the pile of bodies in the above graph that Ms. Crazy claims are stacking up?

If you look elsewhere you will find that perhaps Statista gave up.  Why?  Too small to matter.  Here’s another link that says there are a few deaths here and there.  Let’s put perspective on this, assuming it’s accurate:

The 7-day average according to that second site state-wide has been at or under 10 since April.  Ok, Alabama has approximately 5 million people in it, or 1.52% of the total of the nation.  Roughly 8,200 people die daily in the US of all causes, so in Alabama that would be 124 dead bodies.

Do you really think three, four, five on a 7-day average state-wide — with lots of zeros — is material in the whole?  How many of those are people who are seriously ill with other things?  Most of them, as has always been the case with Covid.  And has also always been the case if you’re positive at death or within 30 days of it you count and Biden just extended the hospital toe tag bounties for both admissions and ventilator use.

People need to go straight to prison for this bull****.  10 years for Ms. Ex-Preggers tossing her new kid (along with any others she has) in an orphanage should wake her ass up for lying and threatening people that they will surely die in order coerce them to do something they do not otherwise want to do.

If the jabs work so well why are both Malta and Israel, two of the highest-vaccinated percentage populations in the world, both taking huge case spikes?  In addition explain India which has 6% of their population vaccinated (one of the lowest among the world) and their case rate has collapsed by 90%.  

How is that possible if the jab is the only way forward and the only way we can defeat this horrible virus?  Is it not more likely that the jabs are nearly worthless in terms of infections and the virus is, in fact, following Farr’s Law — as places release lockdowns and strictures the infections which were delayed occur anyway?  How many times has Australia breathed an “all clear!” sign of relief and then oops — guess not!

Then there’s this lie:

Health authorities have warned that even though the COVID-19 vaccines are incredibly effective — the Pfizer and Moderna ones about 95% against symptomatic infection in studies — they’re not perfect. 

Reminder: 6 of ~50 is not 5%, it’s more than double that.  This is the count of TX Democrats who got symptomatically infected and, presumably, were contagious. Further, how many White House and Pelosi aids met with them?  If the count is one each that’s a 100% failure rate for those two fully-vaccinated people, both of whom are symptomatic.

I remind you that on Diamond Princess the total attack rate, including asymptomatic but tested positive, was 20%.  If in vaccinated people the symptomatic attack rate is 10% then the shots are at best 50% effective, not 95%, at preventing symptomatic disease.  We shall see how well they work over time when it comes to ADE and OAS, never mind the immediate adverse effects which include such wonderful events like strokes, heart attacks and myocarditis.

Are you done yet or are you still listening to the cryfests purveyors trying to scare you to death?

Oh, and **** you Mitch McConnell.  More lockdowns as a threat, as you tried to run today?

With all due disrespect — up your ass, Senator.  Go ahead and try it; the first thing we will lock down if you do is your food, water, and sewer service.  Let’s see you go **** in the street ******* — oh, and we’ll buy up all the toilet paper too.  You can wipe with your filthy hand.

Karl Denninger