Yep *******s, And It’s About DAMNED TIME

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Oh look, backlash.

On June 25th, Fiscus asked about reminder postcards that were scheduled to go out to teens who had received a first dose of the COVID vaccine and were due to receive a second.

State epidemiologist Dr. John Dunn answered: “Hold all program communications about immunizations until further notice.”

Do you know why?

Because Fiscus decided to trumpet the so-called mature minor doctrine and thus not require minors to obtain parental consent to get the Tard Shot.  She also had TNDOH running paid Twitter ads aimed directly at minors which is a wildly inappropriate act.

Problem: Said minor, if they had an adverse event, obligated their parents to pay for the adverse event up to and including permanently obligating them to care for said person for the rest of their lives.

This could trivially destroy said adults both personally (through loss of their child) and financially without them having any input into the process.

An adult, of course, is free to make such a decision and eat the consequences, up to and including death or permanent disability.  Given that Johns Hopkins now publishes an online calculator and has since December of 2020 that makes clear the risk of death from Covid-19 is lower than that of the jabs by a factor of 10 or more for people who are not seriously compromised medically as an adult if you decide to get jabbed and lose the bet that’s your problem.  Yes, the odds are low but when the odds are 10x lower you’ll get killed by the infection itself, with zero long-term data on those risks which are in addition to immediate, short-term death on nothing more than mathematics taking the jab is stupid.

Further, it is now clear on data from Israel that if you were previously infected you have nearly seven times less risk of being re-infected than if you get vaccinated.  This in turn means the shots are worthless in previously-infected persons, wildly unethical and administering one constitutes gross malpractice because there is no possible benefit and only risk.  Any medical treatment of any sort which cannot confer benefit but has, as do all treatments, risk is by definition of both ethics and law improper and under long-standing law is cause for termination of one’s medical license.

You have the right, as an adult, to engage in behavior that might seriously injure or kill you.  You can cave-dive.  You can skydive.  You can have unprotected anal sex.  You can bicycle without a helmet.  You can make medical decisions that are irrational on a cold, statistical basis of mathematical risk assessment when you have other alternative courses of action available to you because you are scared or because you are stupid, just like you have the right to do all manner of other things and potentially ruin your life.

That freedom — and the consequences, for good or bad, is what being an adult is.

But no state agency has the right to coerce, cajole or lead minors to do something that is demonstrably stupid on the arithmetic and stick the parents with the cost when the bet goes bad.  State agencies, when it comes to mandates, coercion or cajoling people, especially minors where the person in question is neither personally or financially responsible for outcomes, have a duty to NOT engage in pressure campaigns where the underlying statistical risk of harm calculation for the person in question is negative, as is clearly the case for Covid-19 vaccines in virtually all minors.

That the legislature threatened to destroy the TNDOH for doing that is not only appropriate they should follow through and do it since, in point of fact, the State did inject many minors, did lie to everyone about the risks, did repeatedly claim these jabs are “safe and effective” without evidence and in fact in the face of contrary evidence, which has continued to develop and should be dismembered along with the Governor’s Office with the ashes of said agencies scattered to the four winds.

Incidentally HPV is another one with a personalized risk:reward profile; while it is clearly a serious condition (and can cause cervical cancer) it is only contracted through sex.  Yes, some people do get raped so it’s not all consensual but in the 99th percentile infection occurs due to consensual adult conduct.  Again, while the shot for it is reasonably safe no medication is 100% safe.  There are young people who intend to and do only sleep with one person in their life where both are virgins when they do so, and thus their risk is only from criminal sexual assault.  As such the decision to take this shot should be made by someone who is mentally competent to do so and only when they, and only they, are personally and financially responsible for the adverse effects, if any.  GBS is associated with the HPV shots and can result in life-long disability.

Is that shot worth the risk?  That’s not someone else’s decision to make unless they willingly accept the risk of life-long support for said person.

No  person, especially not the government, has a right to cause by their own hand the obligation of another for said support.

That is the problem with the so-called “mature minor” doctrine in this case whether the jab be for Covid or HPV — or anything else for that matter where the benefits and harms calculation to the person receiving the treatment is not clearly and convincingly positive by an enormous and indeed irrefutable margin.  Until and unless the law makes clear that invocation of that doctrine, which must be confirmed by the minor in question, is an emancipating event which is clearly explained to said minor and accepted in writing the government has no right to invoke it whatsoever and anyone doing so should be run out of town on a rail and then hog-tied to said rail to await the next train.

They are monsters and have no place in peaceful society.


Karl Denninger