What If….

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

…. every business model you see in the financial and personal world was just transplanted into health care?

Let me explain.

How many companies have gone from “you buy it, you own it” to you pay for it as a service over the last 10 or 20 years?



Music (where’d the CDs go?) and video (DVDs? Ah, Netflix!)

Accounting and sales management for business (e.g. Salesforce)

How many more would like to go there?

Transportation perhaps?  Nobody owns a car, you “hail” one?  Or more to the point, over the last 10 or so years it has become nearly impossible to do something basic like get a new key for your vehicle to replace a lost one without paying a dealer $300 for something that costs $20.  Why? Because the manufacturer has explicitly made it impossible to obtain the security key required to pair the new key; you bought the car but they won’t give you the security code!  Or you have a module fail that can’t be replaced without the dealer’s tool to code it to your vehicle’s VIN and the car won’t run without that module working.  You are effectively forced to pay continuing rent on something you allegedly “own.”

Housing?  Bloomberg recently ran an article on exactly that, which I reported on (and why it was bad for a huge percentage of the population.)

Now granted, there are times that paying what amounts to a rental fee is a net positive.  If you fly into some city and need a car, it would be stupid to buy one.  You only need it for a week.  Odds are you may never need it there again.  In addition there is no cost to you beyond the immediate loss of use when you terminate the agreement.

Now look at Quicken.

Your data is in their format.  Stop paying, what happens?


Your data is in their format.  Stop paying, what happens?

See the problem?

Same problem exists when you build for a “cloud” platform.  It’s their data format and their application APIs, which are theirs.

Stop paying, what happens?

Ok, now think about this.

Pfizer is already saying they think you need a booster Covid shot.

Moderna has in the pipe a whole plethora of….. annual mRNA shots.

What happens if you stop paying?

Nobody knows in this case.

We don’t know because we didn’t test, we didn’t force them to test and we didn’t publish the data because we don’t have it.  How do we know they don’t have it?  How do we know that once you took the first one of these jabs you didn’t buy into a perpetual “vaccines as a service” product and if you stop you will run a greatly-accelerated risk of death?


OAS and ADE, to name two reasons to be concerned and one of the reasons we do not license vaccines for 5 to 10 years or more as that has to be excluded and doing so is virus-specific.

Oh, they’d never do that you might claim.

Except they already have with health care.

Obamacare anyone?

Insulin, anyone, for Type I diabetics?  A biologic that has been off patent for decades and yet has seen the price skyrocket?  How’s that, when its not patented?  Simple: Nobody goes to jail because we didn’t tell the government that they will either enforce the law (15 USC Chapter 1) that makes such collusive action illegal or we will make everyone involved stop.  They will either stop voluntarily or they will stop because they are no longer breathing, but they WILL stop.

Do you really think this isn’t what most of medicine is about today?

Of course it is.  Why else would you have an FDA that will approve drugs that are not either (1) better or (2) cheaper with that being the requirement to be proved?  It isn’t, you know.  Witness the most-outrageous recent example for Alzheimer’s, which hardly stands alone and all of the advertising for various drugs, none of which is proved to be better or cheaper.  Notice how as soon as such drugs become generics all those ads disappear.  Where did Viagra ads go when the patent expired?  Notice how the advertising disappeared last April?

Oh, and as for scams, the patent was supposed to run out in 2012.  Men got ****ed (no pun intended) for another eight years.

Why do you think you get told to go ahead and eat the carbs — chase it with drugs if you’re Type II diabetic?  The zero cost option is to stop eating the carbs.  If you do it early enough then there’s a good chance your body will heal and the damage will not only stop, it will be reversed.  No, this doesn’t mean you can go back to eating the pizzas with wild abandon, but it does mean you’ll never need a single blood-sugar related drug, nor will your toes and fingers drop off and your kidneys will likely not fail.

The problem is that if you let your doctor talk you into doing it his way for long enough the damage will be irreversible and then you’re beholden to ever-more expensive drugs and, ultimately, likely surgeries and even dialysis.  If you walk that path you may or may not expire from something else first but you certainly will spend a hell of a lot of money on the journey with virtually all of it being unnecessary.

What makes you think that’s not what they just did under cover of a respiratory pandemic that was destined to burn itself out like every other respiratory viral pandemic for which we have good records spanning more than 100 years, and in fact which had done so in the United States and was on the wane before the first shot went into the first arm?

What if your life and that of your children are now a service, courtesy of Moderna and Pfizer at whatever cost they wish to impose on you now and into the indefinite future with the price of quitting being a much-higher risk of death, and what if that is in fact exactly what pharma, the medical industry, Trump and Biden all had in mind originally and still do?

Think I’m wrong?

Have a look at the 2018 MTS and what happened to Medicare payments.  This fiscal ended in September of 2018, the second year of Trump’s Presidency.  Prescription drug spend was down from 95 billion to $82 billion, a decrease of close to 15%.  Hospital spend was nearly flat – up right at 1%.

Do you think Pharma and hospital administrators liked that?  The next year drug spend was up 3.6% and then ending in September of 2020 it was up 5.3%.

Hospitalization?  That posted a 26% increase year ending September 2020 with hospitals being paid $39,000 per person by Medicare to shove a tube down your throat and kill you instead of being paid to give you drugs early with them only getting paid when you didn’t get intubated and die.

In other words health care as a service which in fact paid more to kill Seniors was good for a 26% increase in what the federal government spent despite killing a half-million people with the vast majority of them being Senior Citizens on Medicare.  We didn’t pay for performance we paid for a subscription even though what it bought sucked and in fact killed your Grandmother.

Do you think that’s stopped?  Well then you better look at the current MTS which says that while hospitalization spend is down (gee, all the old people who could be easily killed seem to already be dead and we ran out of suckers we could exploit by sticking a toe tag on them) when it comes to prescription drugs the current year spend via said subscription model scam is up 12.4% over last year thus far on a comparable-period basis!

Don’t you think we should have proved that wasn’t the model being intended for these shots to be forced on EVERYONE before we started letting people get stabbed when the data before us, on October 15st of 2020, was that indeed that was exactly the model the health care system had run for the previous fiscal year into the maw of the pandemic and got paid to deliberately not treat people early which both led to their death and got them paid a record amount, an utterly obscene additional EIGHTY TWO BILLION DOLLARS above the previous year’s expense?

You better hope that’s not what they tricked you into because if it is you’re screwed at least economically and may be ****ed out of your life.  I remind you that the MTS proves that is exactly what they did to Seniors when it came to medical care just during the first six months of the pandemic to the tune of $82 BILLION which was in fact paid out as a reward for generating 500,000 CORPSES.

But you still won’t make them stop — will you?

That refusal is why we all deserve what’s probably going to happen.

When it does just remember this: That wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t unforeseen and all of it was and is illegal but you sat back and not only let it happen, many of you cheered it on.

Karl Denninger