So…. This Was a Lie Too?

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Remember, the flu shot is your best bet, if you’re old, at not dying if you get the flu.

Except…… it isn’t.

The data included 170 million episodes of care and 7.6 million deaths. Turning 65 was associated with a statistically and clinically significant increase in rate of seasonal influenza vaccination. However, no evidence indicated that vaccination reduced hospitalizations or mortality among elderly persons. The estimates were precise enough to rule out results from many previous studies.


The CDC and all the so-called experts have long said “get a flu shot, and especially get one if you’re older.

So this group took a 14 year long data set and specifically demarcated it to point of turning 65, which is where in the NHS they start giving these things out on a “pre-emptive” basis.  In other words at 65, exactly, there is a sharp and very statistically-significant increase in flu vaccine administration and thus, if it actually works those people clustered just under 65 should wind up in the hospital and die more than those who are just over 65.

Obviously as you get further away from the “kneepoint” other confounders get into the game, because people’s morbidity profile tends to get worse as they get older.  It would thus be no surprise that older people have more-serious outcomes from the flu.

But if you center right around that magic age where the spike in immunization rates occurs, and in the UK it does due to NHS and NHS, being a socialist health system has the data on everyone in one place so nobody gets missed, you should see, if the shots work, a statistically material decrease right when they being given out.

You’d then expect the rate to rise, but that dive right at 65 should absolutely be in the data.

It isn’t, which given the size of the data set, over 7 million deaths and 170 million flu-related medical events, is extraordinarily strong evidence that the shots do not work to change outcomes.

Math is a real bitch sometimes, especially when you’ve been lied to serially for decades.

Karl Denninger