The Fiscal Reality of “Kill Granny”

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Folks, how many times do I have to explain this?

Medicare is blowing up.  Right here, right now.

For the first six months of the 2020 Fiscal Year, which ran from October 2019 -> March of 2020, CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) spend was up 6%.  This is on the lower end of the “you’re screwed” boundary I’ve pointed out for a long time, and one that inevitably will destroy the federal budget because it exceeds the real growth of GDP.  It cannot be fixed because the unfunded portion is close to 80% on a cash basis, unlike Social Security which has a smaller but real unfunded portion.

Speaking of which Social Security’s outlays last fiscal year (ending Sept 30 2020) were up 4.73% which was below expectations.  What were they up the previous fiscal year?  5.96% so last fiscal’s was 1.23% less.  You do realize that the fiscal year prior to that it only expanded 3.96% right?  Gee, that wasn’t people claiming earlier and that’s a problem for the government eh?

What do you think the the run-rate is now over the first six months of this fiscal year?

Up 3.74%.

Still think I’m full of crap about kill Granny eh?

You don’t think reducing the expansion of that spending by 37% was intentional when a $7 inhaler and $3 worth of pills dispensed as soon as Granny started to cough and run a fever could have been done but would have left the previous expansion rate intact into the maw of a pandemic where employment went to crap and thus more people decided to claim because they were laid off but eligible?

How about Medicare and Medicaid?

Sit down and do not drink your coffee, lest you need a new keyboard and/or monitor.

Fiscal 2018 (ending September 2018) CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) federal spending was 1.466 trillion, one of the smallest increases in the last decade, up less than 2%.

You want to know where one of the biggest places that cost control was actually happening?  Hospitals, with an 0.83% (!!!!) increase in spend over the entire fiscal year.  That’s….. extraordinary.  How did Trump get there?  With a huge increase in administrative spending to curtail the blowing of taxpayer money by doing things like what the cocksucking hospital did with my sister to intentionally generate a six-digit bill before she passed.  Said administrative spend was up from 2.64 billion to 4.05 billion and, quite-obviously, the anti-scam push returned huge rewards.

That pissed off the hospitals and their lobbyists.  A lot.

Guess what else?  Prescription drug payouts went down.  A lot.  15.61%, to be precise.

That’s not a small amount; yeah, the total spend is only $100 billion or so out of the whole of CMS but who wants to explain the $13 billion that disappeared out of the drug company pockets in one year when you’re a lobbyist?

What happened in the first six months of this fiscal year?  Prescription drug spend went up 14%. which is a monstrous nearly 30% swing in the delta.

Medicaid?  Up 20%.  You read that right — 20%.

How about hospitals?  Up 5.2% and administrative spend went down as Biden and pals stopped caring if the taxpayer got ripped off.

On a delta basis hospital Medicare spend increased at 627% of the previous rate and remember that most of that was under Trump, so the full-year number is likely to be nasty.

But folks — the large increases were not in Medicare hospitalization.  In the middle of a pandemic, I remind you, where the claim is that we’re all dying, old folks who are on Medicare especially are dying, everyone is in the ****ing hospital, it’s horrible and by God we have to give away money like water for every single ****ing toe-tag that the hospital sadly applies to people.

Oh, and wear a masssssssssssskkkkk which MIT now says is worthlessexactly as I explained on the physics last spring and summer and which was conclusively proved when the meatpacking outbreak in Germany was scientifically traced through RNA sequencing in which every employee was in fact wearing a mask.  Oh yes, MIT tries to dance around that and claims they can be “very useful” but they’re lying and they know it since a “mask” (not a respirator) has pore sizes dozens or even hundreds of times that of aerosol particles; they go right through and around them.  Again for those of you who are stupid aerosols are not blocked by masks which means for those attempting to obtain personal protection nothing less than an N95 (a respirator) works at all and source control is worthless since when you breathe out even with an N95 the positive pressure will cause the mask to unseal and form jets, releasing the aerosols.  We’ve known all this for 40 years; source control does not work for aerosols at all and for personal protection, if you desire to use it and which thus must be a personal choice since it protects only you the only working options are an N95 (or P100) with an exhaust valve so the seal is maintained when you exhale instead of being repeatedly violated with each breath which airlines and some governments have actually banned you from using!

That’s right — airlines, government and some businesses have actually banned the only effective protection you can choose for your own personal safety.

You’re all smoking crack folks when it comes to this pandemic and the real bottom line — the largest expansions were in Medicaid and drugs, neither of which had a single scintilla of change in the law (e.g. Medicaid eligibility) or anything related to it and remember, we’ve all been told there are no effective drugs and you can’t have any of the cheap and likely-effective ones if you get infected.

The total spend over that six month period of time?  Up 13.4% over comparable period and on a percentage basis of increase most of it was Medicaid and drugs.

You think any of this crap had anything to do with health?

You’re a special breed of stupid.

Why did the Federal Government essentially ban the discussion and distribution of inexpensive inhalers and drugs for early treatment and prophylaxis of Covid-19?

Because the ghouls in the medical system were once again being squeezed and they demanded more money; if you died as a consequence that’s perfectly ok with them as it will inculcate fear and you will scream to make sure they get paid.  Oh by the way that also helps the government’s funding model over the intermediate and longer term because it cuts Social Security and Medicare payouts down the road by killing off the oldest and sickest 1% of the population that likely spends said federal benefits at five times or more their per-capita rate on average.

Just watch what happens over the next six months — the back half of the fiscal year.

The government conspired with the medical and pharmaceutical industry to boost their spend by roughly 14% on drugs after having that spend cut by 15%, a roughly 30% swing in trend in just one year’s time, and they knew damned well doing that would kill a half-million Americans.

It did.

You think that’s all?  What if they knew the spike protein, which all the current vaccines produce, was singularly pathogenic?  Because the evidence is that…. it is.  Nothing like creating a hundred million or more potentially injured Americans eh?  They wouldn’t need medical care and drugs going forward, would they?

Don’t give Trump a single second of credit; he was in office for 2/3rds of that time and did exactly nothing to stop it.  In fact it was his policies in response to Covid-19 that caused it including the development of these shots.  Yes, Biden and CumDumpster love it too, of course but never forget that it was OrangeMan who was originally and remains responsible.

Still want their tard shot given this documented fiscal record and the lies you’ve been told?

These people do not give a **** if the jab works or not or in fact whether it kills or disables you.  All they care about is getting paid and the more fear and injury they can foist off on you the more money they make.

Have at it idiots. If and when you are severely injured or die as a consequence you deserve it.

Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

Karl Denninger