To Recap: You Were Conned

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Remember what we were told: Vaccines were the way forward, back to normality.

That was a lie — just the latest (and almost-certainly not the last) in a long string of lies.

Let me start by saying this: it is weird. I have about a month under my belt since the second vaccine and still experience a dizzying mix of guilt and delight. Note to fellow vaccinees about this topic: dealing with this juggling act interests absolutely no one who has not been vaccinated (but everyone who has).

Guilt and delight?

Delight at…. what, exactly?

I saw this the other evening at the pub — some older folks who were in delight they were getting vaccinated.  Sitting in a bar, where they’ve sat for months, drinking with friends which of course means within six feet of distance without a magic mask, since it’s damn hard to quaff a beer with a diaper on one’s face.

One related that a friend had been in the hospital for two weeks and was definitely saved by Remdesivir.  Solidarity, arguably the best science available on Remdesivirsays the drug is worthless.

Death occurred in 301 of 2743 patients receiving remdesivir and in 303 of 2708 receiving its control (rate ratio, 0.95; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.81 to 1.11; P=0.50)

When I pointed this out I was told it definitely saved his life; damn science to Hell.  You know, what we’re supposed to believe in and follow?

You see the drug cost $3,000 and has an EUA therefore it has to be good and it definitely saved his life.  The off-patent drugs that cost $10 definitely would not work as well or better — never mind that even if neither budesonide or ivermectin worked (the science says they both do) they’d be as effective as Remdesivir but drain 1/100th as much money from your bank account.

Nope.  The drug did make him $3,000 poorer and he lived anyway and that high price, of course, is what made it work.  I hope he dodged the quite-material risk of cardiac damage that the earlier trials disclosed.  If his friend has a heart attack two years from now odds are decent Remdesivir caused it.

One friend of mine, about my age but materially more-morbid than I am, has had the Coof, it didn’t kill her and she’s smart enough to recognize that there is no benefit to her from getting the shot.  She has no intention of doing it.  Indeed there might be harm (as with any medication) so since she’s already had the disease it’s bone-headed stupid to get inoculated.  She gets it — but that was one out of four.

One of the “shooters” was proudly showing off his “card” and strongly implying he’d demand everyone have them to go and do various things.  I pointed out that the law says in the US at least vaccine passports are illegal as they violate BOTH HIPPA and the ADA.  Can (and might) nations demand them for entry if you wish to travel internationally?  Yes.  That would be stupid, but they might and they can, as governments.  Can a public school do it?  Yes; and to do it they solicited and got a specific exemption in the law but they must protect that private health information.  Can a private business do that?  Nope, just as they cannot demand you prove you need that wheelchair if you roll up to their door in one.  As a former CEO who had to pay a fair bit of attention to ADA and HIPPA requirements when it came to employees and customers lest I get sued I’m well-aware of where those lines are.  If private firms start that crap they will get sued instantly and lose, taking it in both holes and be bankrupted by it because there are plenty of people who can’t take a vaccine for various reasons yet you cannot force them to prove it and you also can’t force someone to document their medical treatment and conditions without damn good cause (e.g. in furtherance of some sort of specific accommodation for a specific employee) and if you do obtain such information you must protect all personally identifiable information.  Unauthorized disclosure, in the case of PII within HIPPA, can be not just a civil but a criminal offense.

You think not?  Oh there are ambulance chasers all over the place who sue firms every day because the button on the wall to open the door (ADA required) is 3″ too high or the wheelchair ramp is an inch and a half out of spec.  That shakedown has been going on for decades and you can bet those folks are salivating at the potential to fry some big fish if anyone actually tries that crap in the US.  I for one will be happy to be a named plaintiff and will enjoy screwing every single such firm I can and all of their owners straight up their ass with no lube.

Never mind the stupidity of the demand, as is displayed right here:

Take, as an example, the experience of getting onto an elevator. At the start of the pandemic, this seemed a high-risk, Apollo 11 sort of dangerous blast-off moment. Now, however, it has become a test of will. Can I remove my mask … while still in the elevator? No one will see me! What would happen if I did? And what about touching the elevator button not with my elbow but with a bare fingertip?

Or what is the best plan for going to a grocery store? Extra masks? A scarf? Should I pay cash (requires receiving coins back) or credit card (Who knows where that machine has been?). Does my newly jazzed up immune system allow me to live a little? Do I dare eat a peach?

For me, the answer is clear. Not yet. The best advice, alas, is what the CDC is pushing: continue to hunker down and keep on doing what you’re doing.

Wait a minute….. isn’t the entire point of a vaccine to immunize you — that is, protect you — against a disease?

If you do not believe that’s what you are getting in exchange for the risk of those jabs in the arm why did you do it?

Don’t you take a measles vaccine to prevent you from getting the measles?  Are you scared to go out in public after being vaccinated against the measles because some illegal invader might have the measles?  No.  Yet among all the illegals in our nation, most completely unvaccinated, that’s actually rather likely and measles spreads a hell of a lot easier than does Covid-19!

So if you do believe you’re getting immunity if you let them jab you with the Covid vaccine then why are you hesitant to remove your mask and stab the elevator button with your bare finger?  Why are you still scared to go to the grocery store or eat a peach?

If you believe the vaccine is safe and effective, that is, it won’t hurt you and will keep you from getting the virus or at minimum being significantly harmed by it then why do you care if anyone else has been vaccinated?  You either believe it’s effective or you don’t.  If you do then you’re safe so why do you give a crap if I do not believe?  After all it’s my ass, not yours — you’re safe — right?  Isn’t this like believing you are going to Heaven if you live a pious life?  While you might preach to me in an attempt to convince me that Hell lies ahead if I do not change my ways in the end it’s my soul on the line, right?  

Not even the most-rabid preacher has the gall to stand up there on Sunday and tell you that your neighbor’s sin damns you to Hell.

Again: If you’re not convinced that the vaccine has rendered you safe then why did you take the jab in the first place?

Do you not recognize the giant con job you just bought into ladies and gentlemen?

I stopped rather quickly at the pub because with those three, at least, it was clear they were hell-bent to take a jab they did not believe in yet they were doing it anyway and trying to coerce other people to do so by threatening them.  For what purpose?  Clearly not prevention of disease because once you’re immune who gives a wet crap if someone else gets the bug?  If I’m wrong and die you get to laugh at my corpse.

If someone next to you isn’t vaccinated that’s on them — and can’t be you — right?

Again, isn’t that the entire premise of taking a vaccine in the first place?

How long before people figure this out?  The so-called “experts” don’t know because they didn’t test it and thus they don’t believe the jabs make you immune.  So why are they trying to con you into getting them and then keeping on with the precautions?

I’ll answer that for you: They sure as hell don’t want you to broil their spouses, children, nieces and nephews — and then them — if you take their recommended jab and then get deathly ill from the Coof, and you might do exactly that if you were told to take the stab and it didn’t work, especially if the data ultimately shows that no, you’re not the 1 in 100; statistically speaking nobody was actually protected and certainly not at the percentages you were told and sold.

So exactly when did we change from proving something is safe and effective with regard to this or that to oh no, you must continue to take precautions, which is a very-clear and in fact definitive statement that the very people that are purveying and advocating these jabs don’t believe they are effective or you would be told it’s perfectly ok to remove the mask and hug your friends two weeks after the second dose yet somehow you continue to be conned into rolling up your sleeve!

Never mind that the data says the vaccines are not why the case counts, hospitalizations and deaths are collapsing; the curve of infection rolled over, even with all the new “scary” variants, before the first stab went into the first arm.

That which occurs before you do a thing cannot be caused by the thing you do.


Then look at the facts regarding treatments — cheap, over-the-counter ones and when we knew about them.  Or when we knew that anyone coming into a nursing home might infect the residents and kill them.  We stopped you from comforting your family member but we did not stop the employees from killing everyone in the place!  We knew how and in the first few months when tourism was basically zero it wouldn’t have been very expensive to have the staff all live in one for a few months either as damn near every hotel was almost-completely empty.

But those so-called “experts” who now tell you to take a jab didn’t do either or those things a year ago and your grandmother is dead as a result.

From my little informal survey it would appear that a very material percentage of the American population is either stupid or brainwashed, rolling up their arms for a jab that the experts state confers nothing in terms of benefit as you’re still told to wear that damn mask and stay away from others even after you’ve received both doses.  Worse, they’re listening to the very same *******s who killed 400,000 – 450,000 Americans already.

You’d think that anyone told this would either (1) refuse the jab and tell those purveying them to go pound sand since the person giving it to you has told you it’s worth nothing or (2) take the jab, remove the mask and BBQ the “officials” issuing such “recommendations” as obviously full of crap since they have now proved they have been issuing “rules” that have exactly nothing to do with health, whether personal or public, for the last year.

Karl Denninger