Wake Up Folks: They Actually Hate You

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

And I do mean “hate”, as in “want you dead.”

After all I’ve yet to hear of a murderer who loved or even liked the people he or she killed.

Think about this for a bit; let these facts roll around in your brain.

  • In 2019, the last year for which data is available, there were approximately 19,000 homicides.  Of those about 14,500 were committed with firearms.  Of those a huge percentage were committed by black people against black people, often related to gangs and drugs (disputes over territory, money, etc.)  All of the homicides have a deceased but some homicides are excusable or even meritorious, such as a person who is killed while committing a rape.  You’d think that non-murder homicides were rare, but they are not; about 15% of them are not criminal acts.  That still leaves more than 16,000 people who were intentionally (or through gross negligence chargeable to someone) killed, each of which has a victim and a perpetrator and the latter, if identified, can and will be prosecuted.
  • From February 2020 through today, basically the last year, Covid-19 has allegedly killed about 500,000 Americans.  About half of those who died in the first few months lived in nursing homes and other care facilities.  That’s 50,000 deaths, more or less.  From the time of Kirkland forward we knew how to stop virtually all of those 50,000 deaths and did not do so, on purpose.  That is three times the number of criminal homicides committed each and every year.  Our government refused to order the segregation of those employees (e.g. “go live in this hotel we just rented for the next four months; we’ll deliver food to the door and do your laundry for you — other than when working this is where you shall be”) and the corporate owners of said facilities did not do so either.  They both are just as responsible for those deaths as you would be if you drank a fifth of whiskey and then drove, running over a child as a consequence of being blind drunk.
  • By the middle of the summer of 2020 we knew how to stop 90% or more of the deaths with safe drugs and supplements.  I’ve been writing about these interdictions and the intentional burying of them since it started early last year.  In Australia they actually stopped a study on a 90% effective and inexpensive inhaled steroid commonly used by asthmatics because it was unethical to keep the control group from having it.  It worked that well yet the doctor in Texas using it here was pilloried and called a “quack.”  Henry Ford Hospital System in SE Michigan, a hospital system in the top 3% of the nation, ran a fairly large study on HCQ — which showed it worked — and was pilloried as well.  We also knew Ivermectin worked by mid-summer, being effective with essential zero risk as it has been used in humans with billions of doses dispensed over 30 years and, in addition, we knew a decade ago that critical Vitamin D deficiencies were nearly universal in elderly persons, especially in nursing homes, and did nothing about it.  Youtube removed FLCCC’s Senate testimony on early treatment from their platform.  May I remind you that very early on we knew virtually everyone who gets hammered with a severe or fatal case of Covid-19 has been, in multiple studies, Vitamin D deficient?  To date we have not corrected a single one of these intentional concealments, you have seen no apologies to Henry Ford, the doctor in Texas or anyone else nor have our so-called “public health” authorities recommended these safe and believed effective products be used after consultation with a physician to cover any personalized and specific risks that might come into play (e.g. other prescription medications that might interfere or interact with these.)

So to sum the second and third points only about 15,000 deaths from Covid-19 should have occurred after August forward to today, a statistically insignificant figure since we are talking about two days of ordinary death in the United States (which runs about 8,200 people daily.)

That is of the roughly 500,000 who died somewhere between 400,000 and 450,000 of them died due to deliberate refusal to treat and act by our politicians, medical staff and facilities.  Indeed in multiple cases family members have had to sue hospitals to keep them from discontinuing Ivermectin treatment.  Read that again folks: They had to sue to keep the hospital from literally killing their loved one by refusing to administer a prescribed medication that was working.

Why has this happened?  There is only one reasonable explanation.

They all hate you, they see you as nothing more than a revenue source to be exploited, the sicker you are and the more people get sick the more money they make and if they can make money and scare the hell out of you by killing you or your grandmother through intentional refusal to treat a viral infection they don’t care since they face exactly zero risk of any sort of sanction for doing so.

These people between them have killed 30 times the number of Americans who die from “ordinary” criminal homicides every year over the last nine months and continue to rack up the bodies every single day.

In public they clucked at you to wear masks, stay home and obey them — including now claiming the “only way out” is to take unnecessary and potentially dangerous jabs in your arm.  As the numbers no longer support an Armageddon outcome they’re now trying to scare you with dire warnings of “new strains” — never mind that the normal pattern of a virus is to mutate and there are literally thousands of distinct genetic sequences that have been identified thus far.  Not one of them has changed the curve, which is falling like a stone on every available metric — cases (including false positives), hospitalizations and deaths.

Meanwhile as soon as you turned your gaze elsewhere over the previous nine months and continuing today they jetted off to various places, had their hair done in salons with no masks, threw weddings with large guest lists and as soon as they believed the cameras were off so were the masks and all of their alleged “protocols.”  Time after time this has been demonstrated by cameras and microphones that weren’t actually off in states, locales and Washington DC and as a result they got caught, yet you did nothing about it and continue to listen to them, obeying their dictates which they themselves refuse to honor, an act which is proof beyond question that they do not believe a single one of their alleged “measures” is of actual benefit to anyone, including themselves and those around them.


These ghouls rubbed their hands in glee for the last year as your family members choked on their own spit after they deliberately denied them likely effective and known-safe medications — and by doing so expressly furthered the inculcation of fear in society as a whole along with you personally.  Now 500,000 deaths later as a direct result of both what they did and refused to do while using their intentionally-worsened “crisis” to funnel billions of dollars and political favors to themselves and friends, more deaths than all Americans killed in combat in WWII, they’re still telling us we must continue to act as they direct.

They will not stop until and unless you force them to do so.

Who hates more and who kills more?  The drug dealer on the corner who gets into a fight with another dopehead and they shoot at each other or the ghouls in the political, financial, social media, educational and medical systems who knowingly and intentionally buried and refused to use known safe, suspected and then months ago proved effective treatments that would have turned Covid-19 into nothing more-serious than the common cold for virtually everyone?

All this was known six months ago and I’ve been reporting on it the entire time!

There’s something to think about on your Monday.

Karl Denninger