Simply Put: NO

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Read this folks and listen to the clip: 

In other words it will never end.

You heard it from the official mouthpiece of the White House.

They will never drop their mandates and demands.  Ever.  That is what you heard.  If you allow this to continue for as little as one more day both you and your kids are ****ed.  President Biden does not care, Fauci does not care, your Governor does not care and your mayor does not care.  They’ve been running bull**** on you continually since last March.

Get that through your thick head right now.

They know damn well that what they’re jabbing you with does not stop the virus.  They also know the masks don’t stop the virus either because they have proof in the numbers on top of 40 years of hard science and dozens of years of physics that made clear the claim was flatly impossible. The CDC’s director said under oath that if we just wore masks for six or eight weeks in September that the virus would be and remain under control.

Redfield and the CDC lied; the big spike came after the eight+ weeks he prescribed during which damn near the entire nation was under a mask mandate.  He knew what he claimed would work couldn’t.  He lied and your Grandmother died.

This is a coronavirus.  It is not the first coronavirus to circulate.  Another, likely one of the four that is now endemic and causes colds and flus, hit the world in the late 1800s as a pandemic.  It persisted for quite some time, coming back in waves on a couple-of-year cycle until finally becoming endemic and annoying through the natural process of mutation.  We now know that coronaviruses tend to run in roughly 2-4 year cycles; this has been well-studied.  There is no scientific reason to believe Covid-19 will be different.  It will eventually become endemic and in fact the strains now circulating already are becoming so.

Yet in another year or two the virus will likely come back for another crack at us on and on and on, maybe for as long as a decade and each new mutation is likely to at least partially evade vaccines as every coronavirus ever in the history of man has done in the past.  Exactly how long it will take before the natural path of mutation results in it becoming an endemic nuisance is impossible to determine in advance; it is not even possible to make an educated guess.

We cannot reformulate and re-vaccinate fast enough to stay ahead of this even completely ignoring safety considerations; we broke every rule of vaccine trials this time and still failed to get ahead of the winter surge.  If this set of vaccines or one of the future ones cross-reacts and enhances infections (ADE) instead of attenuating them, as coronaviruses are also known to do, it will kill tens of millions of people in the US alone and there will be nothing we can do about it.

As I have said since last spring we have no choice as a nation and indeed a world but to simply live with the virus.  This means cutting the bull**** about being “healthy at any size” that all the screamers have run for decades and instead telling people the truth: Obesity and diabetes are likely to kill both directly and via increased susceptibility to bugs like this.  It also means keeping Vitamin D levels out of the “deficient” zone, along with Vitamin C since doing so is known to improve your immune system and viral resistance, has no downside, costs literal pennies and can improve your odds now, not six months or a year into the future which is how long it will take for you to get rid of a decent amount of the lard in your ass by not eating all those damned carbs.

It means using drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin, both of which cost nearly nothing and while neither will completely prevent the infection or bad outcome the data says that both work.  The data also says Ivermectin works better than HCQ with prophylaxis and early treatment being particularly impressive but which you use (or neither) is up to you since it’s your ass in question and the ghouls in all the so-called “public health” agencies refused to fund and run the trials to prove them up one way or another.

We must insist that government and non-profit “health” agencies run those trials NOW on existing low-cost and easily-made drugs to see which ones, if any, are effective and publish the data immediately so people can make informed choices.  In short we must put personal health and personal decisions in front of medical and pharmaceutical ghouls.

We must not put up with the tard rag, lockdowns, business closures, school shutdowns and other dehumanizing bull**** that has done nothing to attenuate the virus; the data on this point is not only clear it is irrefutable in side-by-side states and even across nations.

We must not accept “science by model” which is always and everywhere an abject fraud; as a programmer spanning decades all the way back to when coding was done in machine language I know exactly what I’m talking about.  Whatever you wish to pay someone to produce in a model they can and will.  Science is defined by repeatable and testable results — nothing else.  If you cannot provide repeatable results first we must not allow your claims to be used to set policy.  Ever.  All of the alleged “interventions” and “mitigations” were put in place based on models, not facts or science and not a single one of them has proved up over time.

We must not tolerate clear and obvious violations of the law when it comes to record-keeping and reporting, which the CDC has repeatedly committed since last March.

We must not tolerate clear violations of the Administrative Procedures Act nearly a year into the pandemic when any claim of exigence has long since expired.  Biden’s recent E/O with regard to federal agencies and masks on federal land is just one example that is presumptively void for this reason.

And we MUST NOT permit the government to tell us that we must or should consent to live under an indefinite emergency.

Not now and not ever again.

We were told, and accepted, that taking 15 days to slow the spread would solve the problem.  It is nearly a year later and the “emergency” has not been lifted; they all lied from the start and knew it.

We were told by the head of the CDC that if we wore masks for six or eight weeks that Covid-19 would certainly be controlled and in fact that a mask was better than a vaccine.  This statement was made under oath before Congress.  We wore the masks, the period passed and then a huge spike of cases and death occurred anyway.  We put up with the constraint under a claim that was false.

Now, after hearing for months that the vaccines will end the pandemic and we should keep up with the masks and distancing as help is on the way with the magical vaccines the tune changes once more: “Getting the vaccine” doesn’t solve the problem EITHER.  If they believed in the efficacy of the vaccines they would confidently tell you to take off the damned tard rags and go back to a normal life including all your previous social events 2 weeks after you got the second shot — and for anyone who is currently scared go ahead and hide in your house until you can get the shot — at which point you’ll be safe.



Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

They don’t care about your children.

They don’t care about you.

They don’t care about your jobs.

They don’t care about the truth.

They don’t care about science.

They know masks are worthless and don’t care.

They know the vaccines are not proof against anything, and don’t care.

They know there are likely effective prophylaxis and drugs that cost pennies, and actively argue against them because there’s no money to be made and if what could be a deadly disease turns into a routine cold if you take $2 worth of medication nobody will believe any of their panic porn.

They don’t care and in fact want you, your mother, father, or grandparents to die as that suits their panic and fear mongering.

The ONLY thing these people care about are the medical ghouls and feeding that monster which has grown to consume one dollar in five, and if they can kill off all the old people who consume Social Security and Medicare at the same time so much the better for their budgets.

That is the bottom line folks.

So what are you going to do about it?

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend.

This weekend is when America should tell the entirety of the State and Federal Government, along with all at the local level, to **** off and mean it. 

Schools shall be open as of Monday AND EVERY TEACHER WHO DOES NOT SHOW UP IS FIRED.
Bars, restaurants and ALL other social venues shall be open as of TODAY, this Friday and forward, FULL CAPACITY, period.
We shall not wear masks ANYWHERE, PERIOD.
We shall not socially distance EVER, PERIOD.
We shall not limit camaraderie and our human right to be social beings in any way, PERIOD.

We shall not listen to these ghouls who have been lying to us for the last YEAR ever again, PERIOD!

If we are personally afraid of our mortality then we shall take care of ourselves; it is nobody else’s business, nobody else’s responsibility and nobody else is obligated to do a damn thing.  PERIOD.

If we wish to protect ourselves from the risk of pathogens we shall select at our own expense and option whatever protective device(s) we decide are appropriate for us alone.  That may be an N95, it may be a P100 or a PAPR — or nothing at all.

If we wish to use prophylaxis, whether it be a vaccine, Vitamin D, a drug or something else we shall do that after weighing the risks and rewards for our own persons, under our own personal circumstances and medical status.  After all it is our ass, not yours and therefore our choice and after consultation with a pharmacist or physician if we choose to obtain something in that regard it shall be dispensed or those who attempt to block same will be dispensed WITH.

If we get sick we will stay home because we are reasonable people and not sociopaths who wish to see others die but we shall not sit quietly, doing nothing other than eating chicken soup if we get The Coof — or anything else for that matter.  Instead we shall choose, based on our own belief as to risk and reward and in consultation with whatever professionals we deem appropriate what if any drug or other intervention we wish to use and we shall let those we live with make the same sort of choice in the hope of preventing them from getting it too.

In short it is time for Americans to either start being Americans or admit that you are willing servants who do not give a crap about your children, never mind yourself.

And that means giving Joe Biden, his Press Secretary, your governor and mayor this:


Karl Denninger