You Ready To Revolt Yet America?

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Peacefully, I hope, but absolutely with exactly zero quarter given to anyone who tries to stop you.

Yes, this means throwing maskholes out of your businesses.  It means refusing to sell goods and services to government goons and health department workers – and their families.  It means telling businesses to take down the signs and “hall monitors” or you’re going elsewhere and you will target them and their employees for personal and financial destruction.  It means telling everyone who works for any part of the medical monster — hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, nursing home employees, so-called “public health” folks at Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, NIH and everyone else involved in any aspect of it: Cut the bull****, right now and forevermore or you’re going to be the social pariahs — yourselves, your spouses and your children.  You will be the people who we cross the street to avoid, who we deliberately drive through puddles when you’re on the sidewalk to splash and who get the finger instead of a smile and a handshake everywhere we see you.  If we find you in peril then God shall choose and we will not assist, just as you deliberately refused to provide $2 worth of medication to our mothers until they were choking to death from Covid19 and then you filled her veins with a documented worthless but expensive, on-patent drug and watched her die horribly.  You will be the reason we utter a word in Church that has no place there save when Satan, which you are a manifestation of, walks in the door: “****”, to be immediately followed by “you.”


Because damn near everything you’ve been told about Covid-19 was a lie and these people are the liars who killed not just small businesses and jobs but literally killed your elderly mother while portraying themselves as “heroes”.

Let’s go down the list.

  • We need ventilators!  Actually, they don’t work for Covid-19 and we knew it in February.  The data from Wuhan said they failed 95% of the time; that is, 95 times out of 100 if you were put on a ventilator with Covid-19 you died.  So why use them at all?  Answer: The hospital workers were scared so they killed your mother to avoid their risk of getting the virus.  That’s manslaughter by the way.  These evil *******s need to be in prison, not dancing in the halls and being called “heroes.”
  • We must test!  Except…. we now know that somewhere between 66-75% (and maybe more) of the alleged positives are false.  The labs won’t report the “Ct” numbers and the states won’t make them to do so, nor will the FDA which, I remind you, gave EUAs to the labs and could revoke them if they refused.  Even Fauci says a Ct of 35 is only a true, infectious positive 3% of the time — and the studies back that up.  Yet nobody has put a stop to that fraud and we have quarantined millions who were not actually infectious.  Oh, and they did all this knowingly too — the guy who invented the PCR technology stated quite-clearly and on the record that it was not usable as a diagnostic.
  • You must wear masks because asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread is driving this pandemic!  Except — never once in history has that ever been true.  And now we know it’s false this time as well.  Oh by the way, the WHO knew this six months ago but kept lying about it and so did all the medical people and so-called “experts” like Vandy and Johns Hopkins in the United States, every one of which should be razed to the ground and the earth salted with diesel fuel so nothing can be done with that land for a hundred years.  So how is the bug getting spread?  Between household members when someone is actually sick and by health care workers exposed to people who are actually sick damn near every day.  I pointed out this fact very early on when Minnesota had a huge percentage of their “cases” in the first wave among health care workers and predicted an explosion in the general population of Covid-19, which a week later happened exactly as predicted.  That’s not retrospective, it’s prospective and proved who was transmitting the virus into the population at-large. The CDC has documented this itself and yet the “masssssskssss!” screaming continues.  The latter (health care workers) are the ones taking the virus into nursing homes and killing the residents.  We knew that in February too — at Kirkland, and did nothing about it.  This is not a new issue; the CDC statistics say that nosocomial (health care worker spread) infections kill 100,000 Americans each and every year and yet we’ve refused to call the people doing that killing what they are: negligent *******s.  The bottom line is that people are going to work when ill and I’ll bet those who know the most how dangerous this is — health care workers — are doing it the most.  These are dancing heroes, you see, demanding you act instead of them mitigating their risk of getting and spreading the virus as people caring for vulnerable others, doing their level best (and you’re lapping it up too) to deflect attention from the fact that they are murderous *******s.  You didn’t kill your mother, in short — they did.
  • Masks work!  Except — they have never worked before.  Not in 1918, not in an operating room in 1981, not in a dozen attempts to falsify that seminal study since and not this time either.  North and South Dakoka have nearly identical curves yet one has mandatory masks and the other not.  In fact there is no difference between counties here in Tennessee with mask mandates and not nor have any of the mask-mandating places actually stopped the virus.  Our county Mayor has repeatedly lied in his E/Os claiming that “masks work” when the data says exactly the opposite at the time he issued the claim.  Note that in addition to not working generally, which is now peer-reviewed science in the context of Covid-19 specifically (Danish study) if asymptomatic spread is not real, and the data says it isn’t, then it’s not possible for masks to stop someone from inadvertently transmitting the virus since you can’t stop the transmission of what isn’t there.  But where it is there — in the hospitals and clinics — health care workers are getting it despite wearing masks and then distributing the virus to others, including into nursing homes.  That’s right — Neil Orr proved in 1981 that masks do not work even in a medical setting where everyone is a trained professional and thus those who are exposed to actual sick people are the vectors.  We know this, factually, and have known it for 40 years.  It is a fact that those who demand to be called “heroes” are the primary disease vector into the community.  This is basic logic since they’re the ones who are exposed on a daily basis to symptomatic people and we know their PPE is ineffective.
  • Schools are dangerous!  Except — they’re not.  Again, if asymptomatic spread is not a thing then people who are not actively sick are not a source.  Yet we’re still codding screaming union teachers who are scared ****ing brats instead of telling them to shut up and teach or be fired and replaced wholesale, ala PATCO.  Oh, and as for masking and separating the kids?  Stupid as well and dangerous; masks are great bacterial culture media and have already led to a strep outbreak in Michigan.  If masks don’t stop (and actually enhance) strep, which is a bacteria, how can they work with something that is 1/50th of the size?  Get rid of the damned masks and partitions in schools now.
  • Bars and restaurants are dangerous!  Except…. they’re not, and Nashville documented this in the summer by only being able to trace about 1% of their infections to such environments — and then deliberately concealed that data, lying about the fact that they were unable to trace any material percentage of their cases to such environments.  Nonetheless we still have places with no dining at all or no indoor dining, bars are closed in many areas and similar.  Again: There is no asymptomatic spread by the data and in addition the only material vectors are households and “hero” health care workers — who killed your mother in a nursing home by giving her the virus.
  • There are no treatments and post-exposure prophylaxis that work!  Except — there are.  At least two prescription medications and two nutritional supplements.  HCQ and Ivermectin, to be specific, never mind that we’ve known since summer that nearly all persons who have died were Vitamin D deficient and Vitamin C is also a fairly decent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent.  The latter can be fixed for about $2 worth of over the counter nutritional supplements and is made worse by hiding in your house — out of the sun and eating chicken soup.  When did we know this?  APRIL for Vitamin D,  decades ago for Vitamin C, pre-Covid entirely for HCQ (Fauci himself said it worked for SARS of which this is a relative) and this summer quite-conclusively for Ivermectin, with the first evidence again emerging in April via a medical group in Broward.  Yet these “heroes”, once again, still to this day with few exceptions send you home if you are ill with nothing but chicken soup until you’re choking to death despite knowing since April that there are extremely safe and effective means of mitigating the virus which at worst are very unlikely to do harm and have a good probability of keeping you out of the hospital and, of course, keep you from being dead. 
  • Again, just in case you missed it, these “heroes” killed your mother by deliberately withholding the option to use extremely safe and, while not conclusively known, repeatedly demonstratedlikely-effective treatments until you were admitted to the hospital literally choking to death.  And in case you’re obtuse I’ll make the truth about how those nursing home residents got the virus simple too: Every single person who got Covid-19 in a nursing home had it come into the building via a medical staff member since March (which means they gave it to your mother, directly or indirectly) and a huge percentage of the serious and fatal outcomes were able to be stopped at first evidence of symptoms or effectively prevented via prophylaxis using cheap, safe and effective nutritional supplements and drugs with a 30+ year record of use which they intentionally did not tell you or said residents about, offer, and in most cases even if you did the work and asked yourself they would refuse to prescribe and use them.  THESE MONSTERS, DR. MENGELE CLONES ALL, ARE STILL REFUSING TO TELL THE TRUTH IN THIS REGARD TODAY.
  • OMG THERE IS A NEW SCARY STRAIN says Fauci and others.  Except — that’s what viruses nearly-always do, especially coronaviruses and other respiratory viruses.  Viruses mutate all the time and this is perfectly normal and expected behavior.  There is zero evidence that this “new” mutation is any more dangerous than any of the others.  Oh, you didn’t know there were others?  Well that’s because they didn’t bother to tell you but there are multiple mutations floating around right now for this and all other respiratory viruses; it is why flu shots often don’t work well or at all.  In fact it is likely that the mutations that are actually identifiable will lead to both greater spread and less lethality since that improves the viruses’ survival and by pure natural selection this winds up being the predominant strain over time.  It has always been thus and always will be.  Covid-19 is and will always be an endemic virus that will circulate in the population.  We will never be rid of it; among other reasons are the fact that it both circulates and can be transmitted to and from cats, ferrets and minks, the former two of which are both kept as pets and have feral populations.  It thus has a reservoir and path back into humans and always will.
  • The medical authorities are lying about the number of Covid cases, calling huge numbers of flu infections Covid. The data on this is irrefutable. It is more-likely that the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleading squad will show up at my home this evening and blow me than that roughly 1.5 cases of flu occurred per state in week 50 and fewer than 800 nationally have occurred since September.  There are only two possibilities: We know the Covid tests are defective so a huge number of people who actually have the flu are being told they have Covid due to a false positive test result or Covid was not really “19” at all; it has been here for the last five or more years and there never was or has been an actual new virus; the so-called “medical authorities” falsely claimed its novelty and wildly increased its lethality through lockdowns forcing people indoors and thus greatly increased Vitamin D deficiency among the population.
  • If you use early treatment and prophylaxis and are not Vitamin D deficient the data is that this virus is much less dangerous than the flu.  That doesn’t mean it will never kill anyone but it does mean that we’re causing people to die by deliberately lying to them and it is the so-called “medical professionals” who are doing the lying, on purpose and profiting mightily from the disease and death that results.  Further, we are acting as monsters by denying elderly people the comfort and time with their loved ones in the last years of their lives.  We have denied over 2.5 million elderly Americans, TEN TIMES the number allegedly killed by Covid-19, the comfort of their families and other loved ones during their last year of life THUS FAR and there is no way to make it up to them because they’re DEAD.  This is the behavior of GHOULS and those who did so in the medical and public-policy establishment should be DESTROYED.
  • The vaccines are “safe and effective.”  That’s a lie; we simply do not know that.  The trials themselves did not and were not designed to demonstrate sterilizing immunity — that is, the ability to prevent you from not just getting symptomatically ill but giving it to others.  Nor did they demonstrate a reduction or elimination of the risk of death.  It’s not that they don’t want to know, it’s that given the time and sample sizes you can’t know with statistical backing.  Animals trials were truncated or skipped entirely so we do not know if immunological problems will emerge (ADE, for example) nor whether other accelerated-trial (e.g. challenge-based) problems will show up because we didn’t do those trials.  We are seeing wildly-excessive rates of allergic reactions because we truncated the testing that would have found it on purpose, and thus didn’t look.  We do not know the duration of immunity from the vaccines either; again, it’s simply a matter of not enough time.  And the EUAs were illegal to issue if there were safe and effective prophylaxis available which the above point proves.  We are performing what is arguably the largest experiment ever done on mankind on a mass-basis!  Oh, and who’s pushing said vaccines while making these claims and giving you those shots?  THE VERY SAME “HEROES” THAT KILLED YOUR MOTHER AND ARE NOW POSTING TIK-TOC VIDEOS DANCING IN THE HALLS OF THE HOSPITALS.

The bottom line: 

The medical workers are not heroes, they’re *******s who have repeatedly lied to everyone in the country and have taken actions that have contributed to and in some cases directly caused over 300,000 deaths.  These people should all be called “Mengele” wherever and whenever you see them — in schools, in hospitals, in the grocery store and everywhere else.

These same medical workers negligently gave the seniors in nursing homes and other facilities Covid while denying them knowledge of possible effective and known safe mitigating measures until they were literally choking to death.

In short they blamed you for their lack of hygiene, monitoring and ultimately transmission into these facilities.

The government and these medical workers knew in March that ventilators were worthless as they failed 95% of the time in Wuhan yet blew billions on them anyway and used them not to save the patient’s life but to protect themselves at the expense of the patient’s life.  In any sane society that would be called mass-murder as it was an intentional act and thousands of people would be in prison or strapped to a gurney getting the needle for it right here, right now.

The government and so-called experts in medicine who claim to be “heroes” demanded schools, bars, restaurants and other places of public accommodation be closed despite having no evidence that they were materially involved in spreading the disease, knowing full well they would not lose a penny of their own pay while dispossessing millions of others of their jobs, homes and possessions.  They continue to so-insist to this very day despite the fact that exactly none of those “mitigations” have done a damn thing anywhere and those very same “heroes” are the ones spreading the disease into and through the community since they are the ones who are exposed on a daily basis to symptomatic individuals.

The government and so-called experts in medicine who claim to be “heroes” demanded and continue to demand that everyone wear massssssssskkkkkkksssss despite there being zero evidence for a material component of transmission being asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spread in any respiratory viral bug ever in history, and with it now being disproved scientifically in this specific case with this specific virus.  There has not been one apology.

The government and medical workers, including these so-called experts are documenting their own lies to your face with their own data, claiming that flu has disappeared.  When someone proves using the data they themselves publish that they’re monsters you damned well better believe it.

And finally, these government goons and Dr. Mengele clones continue to insist that there are no safe and effective means of prophylaxis and early treatment for this disease, a damnable lie, when we have known since April that Vitamin D deficiency has a near 100% correlation with severe Covid-19 cases and deaths, that HCQ was tagged as active to slow and stop replication if used early 15 years ago by Fauci himself and as early as April that Ivermectin was not only potentially useful via “in vitro” (petri dish) experiments but that it worked in actual patients because a medical group in Broward was using it with excellent success.  They have continued to lie even though the data has become ridiculously strong via study after study, now numbering 28, with 100% of them showing statistically-significant positive effect including, in several studies, use as prophylaxis.  The odds of this being due to random chance is approximately equal to that of you hitting The Powerball this coming Wednesday yet this safe option is still being denied you and your loved ones, on purpose, by these GHOULS who are killing you and your loved ones while chortling about the bill, dancing in the halls of the hospitals and demanding you wear worthless diapers on your face along with insisting that you allow them to stab you with a not-properly-tested and fraudulently “approved” alleged vaccine.

Karl Denninger