The Revolution Should Have Already Begun: Change My Mind

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Last night Congress passed a monster 5,500 page bill for “Coronavirus Relief.”

The bill language was released just a few hours before it was voted upon; it was literally impossible to read it first.

When Obamacare was passed I stayed up, literally all night, and read it first.  That was at least humanly possible to do, although I suspect not one Congresscritter did.  I did, with a crap-ton of Espresso and four screens going so I could look at all the references in the bill.  I actually knew what was in there before it was passed unlike all the *******s who voted on it.  And that bill was a fraction of this bill’s size.

So who wrote the bill?  You certainly can’t write 5,500 pages in a few hours.  Therefore it certainly wasn’t Congressional leadership that wrote it.

Did Xi write it?  How about George Soros and his pals?  Did he write it?  What sort of bull**** grab-bag and screw the people nonsense is in there?  Nobody who voted for it knows because…. wait for it…. they didn’t read it first.

What we do know is that there are billions of spending in foreign nations in there including nonsense for “gender bending” in Pakistan.  In a bill allegedly to help Americans.  Who put that crap in there?

Oh, and it was passed under suspension too, so there was no debate, there were no amendments, it was take it or leave it.  And everyone took it and our so-called “conservative” President signs on the line.

But nobody read it, I don’t know what’s in it and neither do any of those who voted for it.

So why should we abide it?

Any of it?

Why should we abide any law when passed without even knowing what it is?

Any law.

Yes, any law.

Isn’t the point where the people say “**** you” what Revolution really is, when you get down to it?  It doesn’t have to be about shooting, you know.  It can simply be a big fat middle finger.  Of course the government tends to think that’s not acceptable and they shoot first.  Not that it much matters.  Who shot first at Concord?  Nobody’s really sure, not that it really much matters.

No American should honor any law when those who we elect to “represent” us didn’t even read it before they passed it.

Go ahead and try to change my mind.

Karl Denninger