Let’s Face It: Your Government Hates And Despises You

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Seriously, they do.

Last night Governor Lee took to the lectern to, well… lecture.

Covid-19 is raging, he says.  True.

But notice what’s not “raging” — the flu.  In fact, Covid-19 has apparently vanquished the flu, consuming it.  Indeed, since September only 666 cases of the flu have been recorded anywhere in the United States and just slightly more than one instance per state last week.

If you believe that’s anything close to reality you need a lobotomy.

There are only two reasonable hypothesis on that: Covid-19 wasn’t really -19 at all; in 2018, I remind you, hospitals were full to the top with flu patients yet we were not locking down and wagging our fingers, nor was anyone wearing a mask.  Wait — they were treating people in tents in 2018?  Why yes, yes they were – in January of 2018..

This of course implies that either Covid “19” was actually around for the last several years and simply called flu or we’re ignoring the flu.

Which is it?  Good question and of critical importance when it comes to medical and government competence because not only is this a matter of a lot of people who are in the hole it also speaks to the very real possibility that a whole bunch of panic was not only unwarranted it came after years of intentional blindness.  Covid has a unique enough disease path that I would hope that our hospitals and other medical providers weren’t deliberately obfuscating — that is, lying — about seeing that pattern of disease for the first time in early 2020.  Of course it’s also possible that their claim of virginity in that regard is about as credible as the $5 hooker on the corner being a virgin too.

The Governor “signed an order” banning social gatherings over 10 people — except in households and churches.  Oh, and the order “strongly urges” compliance.  In other words, no Christmas party for your company — I think.  Meanwhile may I point out that given the leaked Ct distribution from one of the labs here I can calculate a range for false positives and back that out and having done so it appears we will reach herd immunity sometime between 10 and 40 days from now — well before vaccines are widely available.  Some parts of the country that appear to have gotten there already tend to validate these calculations.

But let’s cut the crap folks — we’ve all done the “mask” thing since summer.  We were told by the alleged experts, including the director of the CDC, that if we did for just four, six or eight weeks it would bring Covid-19 under control.  Why the “four, six or eight weeks”?  Because he knew he was lying at the time; Covid-19 has a five day incubation period on average, so if you do something that actually interrupts transmission of the virus from one person to the next you will see results in…… five days.  That is, if you take the replication number with your action from 1.2 -> 0.8 and have 100 cases today in five days you will have… 80.

Five days later you will have 64.  And so on.

It’s clear that in a couple of weeks your case count will be about half of what it was and it will keep dropping.

So our esteemed public health “experts” know they’re full of crap.  They’ve known it since this started.  Indeed, that was the premise of “15 days to slow the spread”; the case count, had it worked, would have dropped by half in those 15 days.

It did not.

In other words in March these so-called experts knew they were wrong.

Everything since then has been a lie.

Birx not only knows she’ll full of crap she directly violated her own recommendations over Thanksgiving.  Why did she do this if she, being an older woman, is so scared of the ‘Ro?  You don’t think she has something her purse that cost $2 and as a doctor she has access to that would both interrupt the disease in her and protect everyone she was traveling with, do you?

Your governor and mayor hate you.  They chortled in glee when your grandmother choked to death because it fit their narrative.  And while we did not have medical answers to this problem in April we do have them now and are deliberately ignoring them.  There are over 2 dozen studies that prove it.  It’s a cheap drug that is available over the counter in many nations.  It’s in continual use in parts of the world as a routine mass-prophylaxis and treatment and coincidentally in those parts of the world despite Covid-19 being predicted as a flat-out disaster about to happen no disaster has occurred.  We’re talking about parts of the world where there is literally no medical infrastructure of note whatsoever and there are a lot of people, no masks, no ICUs and yet almost no death.

Do recall that all the experts said that parts of Africa and India were going to be laid waste because, absent medical technology the virus would go ripping through them and kill on a mass basis.  Without medical technology these nations were doomed.  Bodies would be stacked up like cordwood.  We were on the verge of a mass-death event all over those parts of the world.  It sounded like a perfectly-plausible thing too given what we saw in New York and Italy.

But it didn’t happen and nobody is paying any attention to that.

Indeed, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Venezuela and more — look on World-O-Meter.  Do you really believe those nations managed to pull off a “lockdown” and/or “masking”?  Give me a break.  They did no such thing but they all use Ivermectin routinely for parasites including on a prophylactic basis.  Some of them ran clinical trials and got astounding results.  Others ran clinical trials, tried to submit the results and our NIH bounced them, but hasn’t said why.

Look, I know people want to believe in masks.  We want easy, simple answers.  We did in 1918 too, and it didn’t work then.  Influenza and Covid-19 are both viruses and both are of similar size.  They both travel on things emitted from people; water vapor, basically.  Water vapor is trivially divisible and soaks through material then evaporates off the other side, which of course takes the virus with it.  Cochrane reviewed the science and said there was no evidence.  The Danish Study showed they didn’t work.  The US Marines attempted control with masks and hard quarantines at boot camp, which they can enforce, and that didn’t work either.  If there’s one place that protocol can be enforced it’s a military boot camp.  We’ve had mask orders since summer and yet the virus is raging equally in states with and without them.  Our own CDC Director admitted he knows they don’t work because he himself put a time line on his “action” that he knew was five, ten or even fifteen times the required period if it was going to to work to see results.

And of course we have the results — they haven’t worked anywhere they were used.

So why do I say that your Governor and Mayor hate you?  That Trump hates you?  That Biden, Pelosi, McConnell hate you?  That Birx, Fauci the entire TNDOH, CDC and others all hate you?

Because they do.  They don’t care if you die.  In fact their “sadness” and clucking is all bull****; they’re all part of a medical monster that sucks up 20% of our GDP every single year and if you get sick or die they don’t care.  Oh they say otherwise and clutch their pearls on TV for the cameras but they’re just as honest as that $5 virgin hooker on the corner.

They’ve all known for months that we can shut this virus off in one week.

The science is what it is.  A pair of pills has an 80-100% effectiveness rate in preventing disease transmission.  Two studies — one in Egypt and one in Argentina — demonstrate this.  Both were highly statistically significant with “p” values of <0.0001.  The latter is posted on the NIH’s database and thus is known to all of these so-called “experts” and was reviewed by them for quality and accepted.  It was prospective, not retrospective, and thus is an objective measure.  It reported zero adverse events — that is, side effects of materiality.

And it was also both 100% effective in preventing transmission of the virus and trivially replicated using nothing more than pills in the general population.

Yet last night — not one word of this path forward.

Doctors today still refuse to intervene if you allegedly are “diagnosed” with Covid-19.  They will send you home to eat chicken soup until you choke.  They’re doing that right here in my county and killing people through intentional refusal to treat.  This is identical to detecting lung cancer but refusing to operate until there’s a basketball-sized tumor in your chest.  It’s well beyond malpractice and into the realm of intentional homicide.

There are plenty of people who say well there aren’t enough trials to prove it.  What — 2 dozen studies and ten random controlled trials, the gold standard of medicine, are insufficient?  But more to the point in a pandemic is the balance of potential harms and potential benefits.  We are not talking about a drug or treatment modality here that has a material set of risks.  This is a drug that is safer, by far, than preparations sold over the counter for everyday use in America right here and now — Aspirin, Tylenol, various antihistamines, Nyquil and more.

All are drugs.  All require only a few dollars at the local store.

Ivermectin has a safety profile wildly superior to all of them.  It has an effective-to-toxic ratio wildly in excess of any of those.  It is considered an essential medication by the WHO.  Over 3.5 billion doses have been dispensed and consumed over the last couple of decades and it’s also widely used in veterinary practice including livestock, horses and dogs.

Yes, it has risks.  Yes, it can do harm and very rarely does.  By the available science, about 1/16,000 people has a significant adverse event (“side effect”) from the drug.   But may I remind you that when it comes to significant adverse events Covid has a habit of causing them too so if you know you’re exposed (you live with someone who was just diagnosed) or you were just diagnosed why aren’t you offered the choice?

May I remind you that if it was to not work, even though all of the studies and on-the-ground data says it does, it would kill statistically nobody (the record is something like a couple hundred deaths potentially chargeable to it across 3.5 billion doses dispensed, with an unknown percentage of those actually caused by parasites and other conditions in the persons treated) and, on the statistics, transient harm (adverse events that resolve) caused in far fewer than the virus harms.  This is a cheap and widely-available drug with a 30+ year history of data and study; NOT some new concoction that was cooked up six months ago under emergency conditions.

If it does work, and the science says it both does and will, the pandemic would be under control and effectively over in one week.

We’re talking about using this in people who are either sick or known exposed; household members of a confirmed case, not eating it like candy in the general population.  The balance of risks and benefits is thus against the risk of doing nothing for those who are either very likely to be infected or who are known infected.

It’s not complicated folks, as I pointed out in my last podcast.  Instead of sending you home to eat chicken soup if you get the virus send you home with one package of two pills each for every person who lives in the house with the dose dependent on the weight of each person.  Take one on day 1, and one on day 3.  Include in the package Vitamin C, 1,000mg/person/day and Vitamin D, 4,000 IU/person/day, both for 14 days with instructions to take a double-dose of each on the first day and then once/day for each person in the house.  Vitamin D has a wildly outsized correlation with severe Covid disease and Vitamin C has a known immune-boosting effect.  Neither of those two vitamins are at risk of overdose or exposure effects in those amounts over that time and a large percentage of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

No, this is not medical advice; I’m not a doctor and there are contraindications for Ivermectin; specifically if you are on Warfarin or anti-rejection drugs because you’ve had a transplant.  And yeah, all drugs have risk including this one.  But if you go to get tested you can be asked about such things by a physician and prescribed if appropriate.  As with all drugs there will be people it does not work for, there are people who should not take it and very rarely an adverse event may occur.  But we know who the elevated-risk people are and a few questions will ascertain whether they apply to you.

Not only will this likely prevent you from winding up in the hospital and thus you will not get seriously ill or die (median range in the studies of risk reduction is between 60-85%) but by the studies if your housemates take it somewhere between 80-100% of the time those who you live with will be protected from infection and will not get the disease as opposed to at least one other person in your household getting the disease.

That’s as good as a vaccine, costs $2 and has less risk than the vaccine because at present about 3% of vaccine recipients are suffering significant side effects.  The risk of significant side effects from taking Ivermectin are, by the literature, something under 1 in 10,000.  That’s wildly less risk than the vaccine presents.

If it works we’ll know in days and the risk is basically zero.  The most-important side effect is that if you are unknowingly infected with parasites they’ll be killed off which is a good thing, not a bad one.

What prevents a Governor from issuing an E/O right now that states all medical providers shall offer this to all Covid-19 patients and everyone in their household unless specifically contraindicated or their licenses are revoked?  I remind you that medical licensing is a state function.  Your Governor or Mayor can shut down businesses, order you to use a medical device (a mask) and even order you to remain under house arrest but can’t tell doctors that they must offer a safe and believed effective means of interdicting a transmissible disease?  Bullcrap.

Let’s face it — the government hates you.

Your mayor hates you.

Your governor hates you.

The NIH and CDC clowncar brigade, which has had this data for months, hates you.

Trump, Pence, Biden and Ho all hate you.

They want you to take a shot that, on the history of coronavirus vaccine development through the decades has repeatedly failed and often produced ADE which turns later infection into death at extremely high rates.  We do not know if that will happen this time because these same clowns intentionally did not run the animal studies and rushed through their “trials” so as to get the jabs in arms ignoring decades of previous attempts in both animals and humans which have never before worked and, in some cases, have killed the animal test subjects.  And oh by the way, the virus is already known to be mutating and nobody knows what impact that will have on someone who was vaccinated, if any.

All of this while intentionally ignoring and refusing to prescribe and dispense a $2 medication that, on the weight of the science, not only works to treat Covid-19 it prevents transmission as well and thus would immediately halt the pandemic and on the data thus far is ridiculously more-safe than the vaccine is.

I do not know what the vaccine record will turn out to be; we have 30+ years of data on Ivermectin and a few months of data on the vaccine candidates.  The CDC’s data says that the “event rate” (that is, where the side effects are significant enough to interrupt your daily life, prevent going to work or requiring medical care) is approximately 3% thus far.  Note that zero of the second shots have been given yet, so this is likely an underrepresentation.  We also have no data on whether the new strains detected in the UK and elsewhere are protected against or may, God forbid, raise an ADE concern.  This is the risk with deliberately shortened trials; you simply do not get enough evidence because it takes time to develop it and in the meanwhile you jab a hell of a lot of people who can’t change their minds if you turn out to have been wrong.  In addition we do not know if the vaccines produce sterilizing immunity — that is, prevent you from getting the virus and giving it to others. Again the reason is time; you simply cannot determine this in a short period.  If the vaccines do not produce sterilizing immunity then they’re worthless from a public health perspective and yet we’re mass-vaccinating people under the claim that it will help others, not just the person who gets the shot, with zero scientific proof that this will be the case.  In short the public advocacy argument for vaccination is that taking the shot will help “return to normal” when there is no scientific evidence whatsoever in either direction — for or against — that claim.  It may well prove to be true — we just do not know and likely won’t for a year or more into the future.

Meanwhile in other nations, where political consideration are not in play and there is no huge medical monster to feed that consumes 20% of every dollar spent in the country, are seeing 1/10th or even 1/100th of our death rate per 100,000 people despite having no medical infrastructure, no huge hospital infrastructure, nearly-no ICUs, no ventilators and no money.  They have none of our so-called “advantages” and yet their people are not dying.

Conclusion: Our government hates you top to the bottom and wants you dead.

When will you start hating them back and stop letting them kill you?

Karl Denninger