Corruption, Racketeering and Mass-Manslaughter

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

I am now getting multiple reports from the field that doctors are being barred by their “medical groups” for which they work from prescribing Ivermectin off-label.

Let me remind you that the law permits any physician to prescribe anything off label if, in their professional opinion it is safe and might work; that is, the balance of benefits and harms is positive for a patient who gives informed consent.  In fact about one prescription in five in the United States is written “off-label.”

Every one of these “medical groups” needs to be named and then charged with racketeering and mass-manslaughter.

150,000 counts of manslaughter.

This is federal and I want trials and the death penalty for every one of them.  150,000 dead is fifty Pearl Harbors or 9/11s.

We have known since the summer that Ivermectin is effective to interrupt disease progression for Covid-19.  We’ve known since early fall that it is effective to stop transmission of Covid-19.

That is as effective as a vaccine folks.  If you get Covid then whoever diagnoses you should offer it under informed consent to every adult in your household.  That cuts off transmission in one week and the “pandemic” is over because the CDC says the majority of transmission occurs in homes.

No transmission, no pandemic.  Period.  Covid-19 immediately and permanently becomes a nuisance.

We’ve known this since late summer.

Fauci, Birx and the CDC all know this.  One of the studies on prophylaxis showing 100% efficacy has been reported out on the NIH’s web page.  It recorded zero adverse effects.

The “p” value on post-exposure prophylaxis is <0.0001; that is gold-standard level evidence that it works.  90% effectiveness with a CI of 83% to 94% is vaccine-level protection and it costs $2.  Further, this is a drug that is ridiculously safe and has been used for decades; it is in fact so safe that it is dispensed by non-medically trained persons in many parts of the world.

Why would the NIH, FDA and CDC not acknowledge a plethora of clinical trials when all of them reach the same conclusion — it works?  Simple — it is illegal to issue an EUA for a drug if there is a safe and effective alternative; such an application has to go through regular order and procedure.  To get the vaccine EUA the government had to ignore the evidence of effectiveness and that willful and intentional action is directly resposnible for over 150,000 deaths.

In addition were it to be used at first evidence of symptoms the data is that it would have prevented between 60% and 96% of progression and death.  That is, somewhere between 60 and 96% of people who went to the hospital would not have gone to the hospital at all and obviously, if you do not go to the hospital you also do not die.

There are zero failed studies on this drug in the context of Covid-19.  It is not in short supply.  It is trivially manufactured and is used on a routine basis.  It requires extremely small dosages, two pills only, for either prophylaxis of others in a household during the infectious window or treatment.

We could have cut this virus off in the early fall and knew how, and in addition we still know how; we can shut it down within one week by doing this.  The medical “groups” and others who are blocking the use of this drug when any physician can legally prescribe it are intentionally sending people home who are sick until they are choking to death. 

That is not just medical malpractice it is manslaughter.

Oh, and by the way, we knew this drug worked for early treatment in the first months as it was discovered and used in Broward County Florida, and in fact was written up at the time.

Wake up fools; these people killed your grandmother and was not an accident.

They did it on purpose and they must pay for it.


Karl Denninger