December 7th, 2020: A Date We Screamed Under The Desk

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

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“December 7th, 1941 — A date that will live in infamy.”

Uh huh.

December 7th, 2020 — a date when we cowed under our desk in fear, continuing to listen to those who have not only been wrong but perjured themselves before Congress in the name of so-called “public health.”


We were told in July that “if we did this six, eight, ten weeks we would bring this pandemic under control.



Michigan has had a mandatory face mask order for months.

California has had a mandatory mask order as well.

So have other states?


Then you look where there isn’t one — South Dakota specifically, which never had an order and who’s governor has refused to issue one.

Same results.

Well there goes that line of bull****.  Redfield lied, a couple hundred thousand died.

Did they need to die?

Not all of them.

As early as June we had reason to believe that Ivermectin was not only a useful treatment it was also a prophylaxis.  That is, it actually works to keep high risk people from getting the virus.  Have we used it in the US offering it voluntarily to nursing home residents?  No.  Have we studied it for that purpose in health care workers in the US?  No.

Have we in fact offered it voluntarily to people who are health care workers, at high risk or test positive — to anyone in the United States?


Why not?  It’s a well-documented and known drug with very few indications for not using it.  It’s cheap. It’s literally all over the damned world — and used in most of it too with billions of doses dispensed.  You give it to your dog to prevent heartworm; it is not only used in humans it’s also all over animal husbandry and with damn good cause.  It’s safer than aspirin with an extraordinary effective dose to toxicity ratio.  And unlike nearly all drugs which are taken daily or even more-often it’s a once or twice a month pill when used in humans this way that costs a dollar or two.

Read this study.  


Because that’s what the study found — zero infections in the group of health care workers using this cheap and available prophylaxis versus 11.2% who were infected while using PPE only — that is, Dr. Redfield’s MAGIC MASKS WHICH DID NOT WORK.

What is the “p-value” on that?  <0.0001.

Averse events during the study?  You know, bad drug reactions and such?


Are you done with letting that ********** along with Fauci and Birx get away with their LIES yet?  Oh yes it was and has been a lie too, because the study results had started to come in before he made that speech and yet he, Fauci and Birx with their “Holy Covid Task Force” continue to publish “reports” demanding more masks, more lockdowns, and more business closures to the present day.

This isn’t the only study, by the way, should you try to run that load of bull****.

You also have this study out of Egypt.  

100% reduction in mortality (from 4% to zero) when used early in the infection.

90% reduction in mortality (from 20% to 2%) when used late.

80% reduction in infection when used as a prophylaxis.

Indeed there aren’t just two studies that have reported out….. there are a whole bunch of studies.

How many studies at this point?

About 22.

How many have failed in their primary endpoint — that is, either showed harm or had a confidence interval that crossed neutral and thus were ineffective?


My county, like most, has had a decent number of deaths.

Nearly all were preventable

But not with masks — which we’ve been ordered to wear here in indoor spaces since July, and which, we now know as a fact have not stopped either infections or deaths.

MASKS DO NOT WORK.  We knew 40 years ago that masks did not work for source control even when used by trained medical professionals but the Holy Order of “experts” said that suddenly everything had all changed from what we’ve known for decades with this virus.


**** the CDC, **** our Mayor, **** our Governor and **** all the rest of these people.

After December 7th, 1941 our President saw us get the **** kicked out of us with roughly 3,000 Americans dead, and the Japanese kept kicking our ass afterward too.  He got tired of that crap and got a bunch of flyboys to volunteer to bomb Japan.  They knew damn well the odds were it was a one-way trip and went anyway.  Many of the Doolittle Raiders in fact did die.

But we did not hide under the ****ing desk and REEEEEEEE like spoiled children, listening to five-alarm ****ing *******S who told us to hide in our houses.  **** THAT ****.  And ultimately we kicked their ass because instead of hiding under our desks and continuing to do what did not work we INSTEAD tried something else which turned the tide — it changed the dynamics and the psychology of the war.

Nobody should be forced to take anything.

But there is utterly no excuse for not offering that which there is evidence of effectiveness to any and all who want it and the ******ned media who refuse to cover this and raise hell about it on a daily basis until every single person who has a claimed “positive test” is immediately offered that which have every reason to believe works, along with all the high risk people in this nation, ought to be driven out of business, their buildings razed to the ground with they and their entire families unable to find work anywhere ever again.

That goes double for those so-called “experts”, Governors and Mayors who continue to insist that the “correct” course of action if you get sick with this bug is to go home and hide under your ******ned desk eating chicken soup until you CHOKE.


You’re WORSE than the ******ned Japanese were on December 7th, 1941.

You’ve killed FAR more than they did.

May every one of you burn in HELL.

Karl Denninger