By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

My podcast the other day, 2 minutes.

Then…. this published yesterday.

A total of 1380 patients with confirmed SARS-CoV2 tests were identified; median age, 66.44 years (interquartile range, 52.6-76.3 years). Of these 1380 patients, 630 recovered with positive SARS-CoV2, [including 180 (28.6%) with DNR and 450 (71.4%) non-DNR], 640 died with death certificates attributing COVID-19 as the cause of death [including 570 (89.1%) with DNR and 70 (10.9%) non-DNR]. During the study period, there were 120 deceased patients with negative SARS-CoV2 testing [including 110 (91.7%) with DNR and 10 (8.3%) non-DNR] Figure 1.

What was their “conclusion”?

The risk of death from COVID-19 was significantly influenced by the patients’ DNR status.

Excuse me?

These are people who had a DNR on admission, not people who themselves, or their families, filed one after knowing they had Covid.

In other words these are people who had previous to contracting the disease filed a DNR with their health care providers.

You only do that if you have reason to believe you are soon going to die and you do not wish the health care system to attempt heroics in a worthless rescue — either because you believe it will hurt and you don’t want that or you recognize that whatever state you would be left in is almost-certain to not be worth living in.

That’s why you file a DNR.

So the real conclusion is that statistically speaking the people who went into the hospital with Covid19 were not premature deaths; in point of fact the percentage of them who went into the hospital for Covid19 with a DNR and did not survive was statistically identical to the percentage of those who went in for some other reason with a DNR and also died.

In short 90%, approximately, of those deaths were not “excess.”

Yeah, this is March through May of this year — but it is also in two New Jersey hospitals, which were among those that were hammered the worst in the early months.

In other words in the middle of the absolute worst of this virus, when we knew the least and killed the most, and in one of the worst states when it came to governors intentionally shoving the virus into vulnerable people 90% of the deaths in said vulnerable population were not excess at all; they were people who knew they were going to die of some other condition and decided to do so with dignity instead of being stuffed full of tubes and wires in a futile, ghoulish display put on by the medical******cabal.

Can we stop with the bull**** about this virus killing people on an excess basis in other than extraordinary cases — less than 10% of the time?  It is clearly not.  The Social Security data says that other than the spike when Cuomo, Whitmer and others forced infected people into care homes in the first few months there has in fact been very little excess death.

Now we have this study, from New Jersey, one of the original hotspots for the virus, that shows roughly 10% of the deaths were by a reasonable analysis “excess”; the other 90% were people who had every expectation they were going to die because they had DNR orders in place BEFORE they contracted the virus.

If you expect to die and do it’s not an excess death and the person most-qualified to define “excess” is the person who took an affirmative and intentional action expecting death to come.  Having buried damn near my entire family and having had this conversation with elder family members more than once I’m very qualified to speak to this.

The CDC and John Hopkins’ assertions, along with others, are false and an obscene insult to those who know they’re going to die and have made a considered, adult decision to do so in peace.

Anyone claiming they have the right to brand a death as “excess” in contravention of the person who made plans for their own death and then passed as they expected is a ******ned ghoul and I’ll be happy to shove their bull**** up their ass.

Case closed.

Karl Denninger