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Innumeracy: The REAL Killer

******n the American public and so-called “leaders” to Hell.

Every single one of the so-called “experts” who has a bunch of letters after his or her name can be presumed to have passed Algebra in High School. Thus their deceptions are not only intentional they’re malicious and murderous.

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NPR Waits Until October, When Nearly 100,000 Are Dead*

Can we stop with the cock-n-bull story about Covid being about human life and suffering?

By the way, nursing homes have about 0.5% of the population of the United States. So on a ratable basis being in a nursing home means you are eighty times more likely to die from Covid than you should be based on your population representation. And by the way, that’s not adjusted for life expectancy; on a per-month basis you’re not eighty times more likely to die from Covid, it is something like 10,000 times more likely Covid will kill you if you’re in a nursing home on a month-by-month basis!

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PROOF Of The Scam

Want proof? Here it is.

NEW: Two plexiglass barriers – standing between the candidates’ lecterns on stage here in Nashville – will remain in place “at the recommendation of the commission’s medical advisors,” debate co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr. tells me.

This is flat-out medical fraud folks. Why? Because President Trump has had, on a documented basis, Covid19. He has antibodies. He has a negative PCR test. He thus cannot either transmit the virus nor is he at risk of the virus.

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And Now The Hammer Falls: CDC KNOWS Masks Worthless

Hoh hoh hoh look what we have here…

Publication date September 11th, prior to Redfield’s testimony before Congress.

Note that unlike the other data in this report this table has no CI bands displayed. The reason is obvious when you look at it; the two associations that are statistically-significant are being in close contact with a known case (duh) and having a family member who was the close case. Interestingly enough what is also borne out in the data is that people who are friends are negatively associated (in other words you’re probably not getting it from someone asymptomatically as your friends stay away from you when they know they’re sick) and the same negative association is present for work colleagues.

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Finito On The Covid Nonsense*

I’m tired of repeating myself. The answers to Covid exist. We know this because it’s been figured out. I pointed it out in March and I’m tired of tilting at windmills. So here it is, one last time.

Wake the **** up, do whatever is necessary to stop it or stew in it and watch your elderly and ill loved ones die along with the economic destruction you are causing through your own bootlicking because I’m done with baying at the moon while every ******ned jackwad in the media and elsewhere is making bank off claims that the world is coming to an end.

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Science: Masks and Aerosols*

Let’s look at physics and mathematics folks. We’ll start with a single cough or sneeze. Everyone “knows” that if you cover a cough or sneeze, and you should do it into your sleeve instead of your hand, this will reduce the risk of someone else getting a virus you may have, right?

Wrong. It doesn’t. So says the science! This is a myth, just like it is a myth that you can wear a mask and reduce transmission. Wait — you say! YUCK; that’s obvious that it helps. Well, no. Here’s why.

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Stop The Mask CULT By Any Means Necessary*

Folks, the science is settled on masks.

As I have repeatedly pointed out they do nothing for viruses. There are a number of reasons for this — and physics tells us that they shouldn’t work. If you want to read the whole screed it’s here, complete with a link to another source from before when these became politicized that includes links to multiple random controlled trials, which are the gold standard in medicine. They found no evidence that masks even when worn by medical personnel who are trained, did anything to inhibit viral transmission.

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Masks: Let Me Be CRYSTAL Clear*

There is zero science that the use of masks by the ordinary, unskilled and inattentive public does anything to protect anyone, and there is plenty of evidence that their abusive misuse, which is what an unskilled or inattentive person will do, increases rather than decreases risk because they, whether a “formal mask” or a bandana, concentrates everything that passes through or around it and if you make contact with your hands, which you do any time you “adjust” it, don or doff it, then touch any other person or thing, you transfer dozens or even hundreds of times as much concentrated contamination, including whatever virus particles are included, to that other person or thing.

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On Masks And Insanity*

Let’s cut the crap on masks, ok? The other day I managed to get buzzed. My head, you idiot — not on a bong.

They insisted (state rules) that I wear a mask. Meh. Ok, so I had a dust mask in the truck (its proper use is for sanding things), so I wore it. It’s worthless to prevent viral transmission, by the way, and so was the one the person buzzing me, who also had one on, was wearing.

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Highly-Infectious Disease And Hospital Workers

Folks, we have to cut the bull**** right now.

We do work with very dangerous viruses all the time. We have to. We use truly extreme measures in doing so too, because the risk of a mistake, if made, is catastrophic to the person involved and, if the virus is person-person transmissible the outcome could be horrifying.

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Hypothesis: Hospitals ARE The Vector @RealDonaldTrump*

This virus is not being spread the way we’re told. Social distancing is close to worthless. NY’s data makes this quite clear. So does Florida’s. Both slammed the door; SE Florida and NYC.

The bend should be evident in one viral generation time. The new case rate should collapse in two viral generation times. If Community Transmission via bars, restaurants and “social interaction” was more than 2/3rds of the total the effective R0 would go under 1.0 and community transmission would collapse. If it was half then R0 would be 1.5 and we’d have transmission approximately equal to a bad seasonal flu.

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