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More Garbage Sold As ‘Science’

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Get a load of this before you believe the next so-called health expert when it comes to Covid19:

Artificially sweetened drinks may not be a healthier option after all, with a new study finding an increased risk of heart issues.

Results stemmed from the French NutriNet-Santé study with over 104,000 participants and their dietary records, completed every six months, according to a news release. Findings were published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology.

“Compared to non-consumers, both higher consumers of sugary drinks and of artificially sweetened beverages had higher risks of first incident cardiovascular disease, after taking into account a wide range of confounding factors,” study authors wrote.

Oh really?  How do you validate those “dietary records”?  Is there some means to know if the reporting is accurate?

Masks work because we have a computer model that says they do! — Same “scientists.”

Said “mask studies”:

  • Has the “subjects” wearing them for a few minutes, or uses a machine to “simulate” breathing.  A person doing shift work or a kid in school is wearing them for hours.  None of the physical dynamics (evaporation of moisture, accumulation and replication of bacteria, etc) are accounted for because the trial is intentionally too short.  It’s too short because actually instrumenting someone in a workplace or school is impossible.  So those factors, which wildly change and in fact are recognized in OSHA regulations that mandate changing of said masks when used for particulate exposure in an industrial setting are ignored.
  • Does not capture or measure anything except in front of the mask.  Which, for other than N95s, flows a tiny fraction of the total airflow because a gas will preferentially take the path of least resistance which is around the unsealed part of the face.  They then show “greatly reduced” particle emissions which arose because they only looked at the small fraction that went through the mask instead of around it.
  • Intentionally ignores transport.  The entire point of wearing a mask in any environment is to capture and sequester whatever either comes in (protecting you) or goes out (protecting others.)  As soon as you move the capturing device from one place to another and continue to use it you expose everything and everyone who happens to come into contact with it to whatever it happened to capture.  If any of that is released back into the environment then you have made the problem worse rather than better.  Exactly zero “studies” control for any of this and that is intentional because if they did there would not only be no benefit possible the only outcome would be a finding of conclusive, massive harm at the level of intentional and malicious infection of others by operation of law or ordinance.  Let’s put this very simply: Unless every person treats their mask once worn for as little as 30 seconds exactly as they treat a Kleenex that they just sneezed into you’re spreading disease, not protecting people from it.
  • With one exception, which in fact showed increased emissions from paper and cloth masks over an unmasked control, focuses only on “droplets” and ignores particles under ~50um, which is the limit of visualization with the naked eye.  This, despite universal recognition, including by the CDC, EPA, OSHA and everyone else that what is called “PM2.5”, or particles under 2.5um, are the ones of particular concern as they are able to get deep into the lungs without being trapped and consumed or expelled by the body’s mechanical defenses.  This is especially relevant for a virus that infects the lungs on a direct basis rather than the upper respiratory tract.

There’s much more but this is plenty; at some point you just throw up your hands in disgust at what is obviously not science but rather flat-out hucksterism and fraud; the alleged “publication” of papers and “work” arising from a circumstance where you get accolades for a specific result and either no more grant money or even being fired if you produce something that does not back up the desired narrative.

We did the same thing, by the way, with AIDS, PCP and Bactrim when Dr. Anthony Fauci vociferously opposed guidance for the use of Bactrim in AIDS patients at risk of PCP until he could have conclusive random clinical trials and 30,000 AIDS sufferers died as a result.  We later found exactly what was expected — that Bactrim worked — which we knew was likely because we discovered years earlier that it worked in another immune-compromised population — specifically, leukemia patients.

We spent decades with “medical experts” telling us that smoking cigarettes did not cause lung cancer; a laughable proposition.

We spent decades with “medical experts” telling us that we should eat processed carbohydrates and vegetable-based oils in preference to animal products such as steak, chicken, pork, cheese and eggs and that both vegetable and hydrogenated oils were perfectly safe.  In fact they remain on the shelves of every single grocery store today.  The result was an explosion of diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  We shoved said products into our children via “school lunches” and saw their rates of obesity, diabetes and even heart disease skyrocket.  Despite the fact that the Inuit had near-zero rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease while consuming a diet ridiculously high in animal fat since they ate seal as their primary protein and caloric source, and that when they gained access to our mass-machine-processed “foods” their diabetes, obesity and cardiac disease rates skyrocketed we maintained this knowing, intentional fiction and over a million Americans die every year as a direct and proximate result.

And now we have this — alleged evidence that these artificially-produced, man-made substances are dangerous to your heart.  So says the alleged “scientists.”  By the very same logic they use to tell you to wear a mask these substances must be immediately banned, right?  After all the seller of such a substance is worse than someone with Covid in that they’re deliberately raising your risk of death!  The person with Covid might not know they have it, and thus their transmission would be unintentional while this is outright malice!

Right Buehler?

Oh, wait — we’re going to ban those artificial sweeteners right along with your bacon, eggs, steak (don’t worry, you can have an “impossible” chemical substitute at twice the price that is allegedly “safe”), pork roasts and more.  At the same time all that nice processed cereal is “part of a complete breakfast“, which the government allows them to say in advertising aimed at children even when laced with sugar.


Uh, I think not.


That’s the kindest word for it.  I’ve got some more that are likely more-accurate than that.


Innumeracy: The REAL Killer

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

******n the American public and so-called “leaders” to Hell.

Every single one of the so-called “experts” who has a bunch of letters after his or her name can be presumed to have passed Algebra in High School.  Thus their deceptions are not only intentional they’re malicious and murderous.

The CDC publishes death data by age cohort from Covid-19 without influenza.

There are 94,396 such deaths according to them.

Of those thirteen, or one in 7,261, are in children under 15 years of age.

One in 637 are in children below or at college age, that is, 24 and younger.

One in 1.29 are in persons 65 and older.

The relative hazard ratio is thus roughly five thousand times higher if you are 65 or older compared with under 15.

The relative hazard ratio is five hundred times higher if you are 65 or older compared with those under 24.

Every time you shift a single infection from a person under the age of 15 to someone over 65 you cause 5,000 times as many deaths.

Every time you shift a single infection from a person at or under college age to someone over 65 you cause 500 times as many deaths.

For every unit of risk that causes one college student to die you kill 500 seniors.

For every unit of risk that causes one school age kid to die you kill 5,000 seniors.

Immunity can only be acquired three ways:

1. Cross-reaction from some other infection; we know this exists to a material degree but we do not know what virus(es) cause it.  There are myriad old people who got Covid, as documented by test, and never even sneezed while their husband or wife of equivalent age and morbidity status was killed.  This is likely why one of them was killed and the other had no symptoms at all.

2. Immunity acquired from vaccination.   There is no vaccine at present and there will be no fully tested vaccine for years — roughly five years, to be exact.  No amount of testing can accelerate this timeline.  The reason is that the risks from vaccines frequently come from what is called “ADE” (Antibody-dependent enhancement) and there is no way to know what other infectious agents may trigger it, or if the original virus vaccinated against may trigger it.  Only time will tell us if that happens.

3. Infection by the virus.  This one is obvious.  

The issue is who is going to take the cases in #3, not whether they will be taken.  Until immunity is established and there are only three ways to do it the risk of logarithmic expansion of cases exists.  As I pointed out just before Sturgis that state had an insufficient viral infection rate to prevent that, and it happened.  Wisconsin and Michigan, both of which tried to prevent the spread of the virus through various measures including mask mandates, failed to do so and suffered the same fate.  Hawaii thought they could prevent it too when they had well under 1% tested positive rate and were wrong; they took a 10x logarithmic spike.

Attempts to prevent those cases from being taken have failed repeatedly.  They have failed here.  They have failed in Europe.  They have failed everywhere it was tried.  You cannot trust the data out of China as they lie like rugs but Japan proved that even with strong social mask protocols, which incidentally fail to stop them from having an influenza death rate double that of the United States the virus still circulated freely.  In fact it appears that Tokyo has 50% seroprevalence and thus while there are still cases there are few hospitalizations and deaths because the much-feared logarithmic detonation cannot occur.


But who got it?

Those who, on balance, it could not harm.

In fact it appears that Tokyo has had one hundred or more infections for every documented “case.”  Our number was “accepted” to be 10:1 but it looks to me like the real number is likely lower because we shut down schools, we closed colleges, we closed raves and concerts where young people congregate in close proximity, we throw kids out of college for going to or throwing a kegger and we now mandate all sorts of separation and other bull**** for children who are 5,000 times less likely to be hurt and who, if they get infected, contribute to population immunity and thus suppression of spread.

Our government and other governments that took these measures, by scaring the bejeezus out of young people and inhibiting their normal social intercourse and the fact that as a natural matter they tend to have many more close contacts and thus spread viruses much more effectively than older people deliberately and maliciously killed your Grandmother.

That this spread in “bad outcomes” existed was known in March.  It is not “new knowledge.”


We could have deliberately taken sixty million infections in the United States among young people, amounting to about 20% of the total US population at the cost of about 1,200 lives.

The other 200,000 who are dead would not be.

Now we would never be completely successful in such a shift but Japan tells us what we should have expected if we left society alone and told older people to take precautions but not younger people who were unlikely to be harmed, closed nothing and imposed no mandates — because that’s exactly what Japan did.

If you extrapolate Japan’s death rate to the United States, where Japan has ~126 million citizens and we have ~330 million, their 1,700 deaths would be about 4,500 dead Americans.

We have taken more than 45 TIMES that number of dead.

Those extra deaths, while not all a consequence of the mandates is not nearly as clear on a health status position as you might think.  Japan, for example, has a roughly 10% diabetes prevalence, which is only slightly better than the US (10.5%)  The US has 29% of the population with hypertension, while Japan has slightly more (~33%) and of those only about 25% are controlled to 140/90 or better.

In other words no, it’s not co-morbidities that saved the Japanese.

It’s that they did not shut down schools, close places where young people congregate such as playgrounds, concerts, bars, nightclubs, raves and similar and by doing so deliberately shift infections to older, sicker people.  They went where the science told them to go — tell the older and sicker to be careful but everyone else went about their lives instead of inculcating fear and allowing tyranny to fester.

We, including jackwads such as Fauci, Birx, our President, Governors Bill Lee, Cuomo, Witless, Wolf and others, along with so-called “experts” at places like Vanderbilt, specifically John Graves who you can contact at if you’d like to express your opinion of him, killed your Grandmother through intentionally omitting in their “recommendations” that this disease has a skew in who it harms that ranges from 500:1 to 5,000:1 or more and thus it is flat-out mass-homicide to do anything that shifts infections toward the older and sicker members of our population.


PROOF Of The Scam

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Want proof?

Here it is.

NEW: Two plexiglass barriers – standing between the candidates’ lecterns on stage here in Nashville – will remain in place “at the recommendation of the commission’s medical advisors,” debate co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr. tells me.

This is flat-out medical fraud folks.


Because President Trump has had, on a documented basis, Covid19.  He has antibodies.  He has a negative PCR test.  He thus cannot either transmit the virus nor is he at risk of the virus.

If there are exactly two people on a debate stage and one of them is immune then there is no reason for any physical barrier or other precautions whatsoever.  None.  Zip.  Zero.

In fact the way we used to treat various contagious diseases was a “sanitarium” model where the people working there had the bug and had recovered.  Why?  Because they could neither transmit or get the bug; they were therefore perfectly safe to work around infected people and help them; they would neither get sick themselves nor could they make anyone else sick.

What you are going to see tonight is hard, scientific proof of an all-out medical SCAM in Nashville.  Which, I remind you, is one of the current targets of the panic porn screamers Fauci and Birx, among many others, who got run out of the State of Florida by Ron DeSantis and, at about the same time they all got caught fraudulently coding death certificates by the Florida Legislature, which commissioned a study and found forty percent of the alleged “Covid” deaths were misclassified to a degree sufficient to make it impossible to disentangle whether Covid was actually involved in the person’s demise or not. Many of these included factually false statements such as “Covid19” listed as the only cause of death, which is medically impossible; the proximate cause of death is always something like ARDS, pneumonia, heart attack, etc.  The contributing causes can include Covid19 but it is medically impossible for Covid19 to be the proximate cause.

Public health and statistics requires accurate reporting.  To tamper with such reporting on a systematic degree to a point that forty percent of the statistics are not rationally truthful is an outrage.  But outrage is exactly what we get these days on a blanket basis.

It gets better.

Zero of the vaccine trials are evaluating whether or not the vaccines reduce hospital admissions, ICU requirements or death from Covid.  It is entirely possible, therefore, that one or more “vaccines” will be approved on an emergency basis when all they prevent is asymptomatic cases, which is an actual zero in terms of public health.  But it will be very profitable to the companies making them even if they do nothing to interrupt human suffering, death or even transmission of the disease to other people.  The reason these trials will not reach those endpoints is that they’re not designed to; you simply can’t get there from here in that short of an amount of time.  Further, the companies running these trials lied to the public:

Yet until vaccine manufacturers began to release their study protocols in mid-September, trial registries and other publicly released information did little to dispel the notion that it was severe covid-19 that the trials were assessing. Moderna, for example, called hospital admissions a “key secondary endpoint” in statements to the media.15 And a press release from the US National Institutes of Health reinforced this impression, stating that Moderna’s trial “aims to study whether the vaccine can prevent severe covid-19” and “seeks to answer if the vaccine can prevent death caused by covid-19.”16

Of course the NIH did.  How do you convince people to take a vaccine if it doesn’t actually stop you from getting seriously ill or dying?  You can’t.  So they lied, and the chief medical officer of the company that lied with the support of the NIH outed the firm’s and NIH’s own lie!

But Tal Zaks, chief medical officer at Moderna, told The BMJ that the company’s trial lacks adequate statistical power to assess those outcomes. “The trial is precluded from judging [hospital admissions], based on what is a reasonable size and duration to serve the public good here,” he said.

Hospital admissions and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30 000 people. The same is true of its ability to save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.

Nor will there be evidence that the vaccine prevents you from giving the bug to others.

“Our trial will not demonstrate prevention of transmission,” Zaks said, “because in order to do that you have to swab people twice a week for very long periods, and that becomes operationally untenable.”

So in short they won’t be demonstrating that because it’s a pain in the ass to do it and besides, it requires time and they don’t want to spend the time.  As a result the vaccines will be approved with no evidence that they stop you from getting seriously ill, dying or giving the bug to other people.

But folks — who gives a wet crap if you get Covid19 and nothing bad happens.  If you get a mild cough or feel “off” for a couple of days who cares?  Nobody.  Only serious illness or death matters.  “Cases” are irrelevant if a case does not, with a high degree of reliably, lead to significant morbidity or mortality. 

Never mind severe adverse events.  You know, the sort that kill or seriously injure you?  Not the bug — the vaccine.  That’s underpowered too, and thus may not show up for years, which incidentally is why vaccine trials normally take years!

“Finding severe rare adverse events will require the study of tens of thousands of patients, but this requirement will not be met by early adoption of a product that has not completed its full trial evaluation,” Harvard drug policy researchers Jerry Avorn and Aaron Kesselheim recently wrote in JAMA.20

So they won’t be able to prove that any of these vaccines are safe either.

You don’t think that’s all do you?  Oh, I hope not.  Read this one.  Start with the abstract:

Both surgical masks and unvented KN95 respirators, even without fit-testing, reduce the outward particle emission rates by 90% and 74% on average during speaking and coughing, respectively, compared to wearing no mask, corroborating their effectiveness at reducing outward emission. These masks similarly decreased the outward particle emission of a coughing superemitter, who for unclear reasons emitted up to two orders of magnitude more expiratory particles via coughing than average. In contrast, shedding of non-expiratory micron-scale particulates from friable cellulosic fibers in homemade cotton-fabric masks confounded explicit determination of their efficacy at reducing expiratory particle emission. 

This is being cited by the #MaskHole crowd as “evidence” for masking.

Uh, no it isn’t — not even in the abstract if you bother to actually read it.  Why?  Because all such masking orders include the option to use cloth masks of various sorts and you should read the last sentence of that paragraph very carefully.

It ought to make your hair stand up.  It did mine, having a decent background in physics.


Because micron-scale — and sub-micron — particles are exactly what viruses are.

Then we get into the body:

Much research has indicated that masks can provide significant protection to the wearer, although proper mask fitting is critical to realizing such benefits

Which exactly nobody in the general public either understands or will comply with.  Therefore the “benefits” will not be realized.

Results from epidemiological and clinical studies assessing the effectiveness of masks in reducing disease transmission suggest that mask wearing can provide some benefits10,11, especially with early interventions, but often the results lack statistical significance

If there is no statistical significance then the results can be due to random chance.  In other words there is no scientific evidence.

And then note this:

They did, however, find that masks reduced shedding of seasonal coronavirus from breathing for both coarse and fine particles, although viral RNA was observed in less than half of the samples even with no mask, complicating the assessment.

How do you measure a “reduction” in something that isn’t there in the first place?  This, by the way, is why you have to read entire studies and not just abstracts.

But…. it gets worse.  Those were talking about surgical masks and N95s.  We know that a properly-fit N95, used within recommendations (meaning no re-use and no more than 2-4 hours of wearing) is effective in materially reducing both shed (outward) and acquired (inward) particulate material down to the sub-micron level.  That includes viruses.

But N95s are impractical to require; they’re relatively expensive and the no re-use, limited lifetime requirement means nobody in the general public will use them and attempting to compel same requires you to pay for them, never mind the limited supply and disposal problems generated by mass use of these things.  Thus the “use a bandana or cloth mask” deal.  Oh, and note that the other comparison was actual surgical masks, not the mass-packaged, all claims disclaimed Chineesium paper garbage sold at WalMart (and marked up by 5,000% in the local Kroger here), which has not been tested and is likely no better than a bandana and might be worse.


Uh huh.

 To date, however, none have investigated the effectiveness of masks across a range of expiratory activities, and limited consideration has been given to different mask types. Furthermore, no studies to date have considered the masks themselves as potential sources of aerosol particles. It is well established that fibrous cellulosic materials, like cotton and paper, can release large quantities of micron-scale particles (i.e., dust) into the air39,40,41,42. Traditionally, these particles have not been considered a potential concern for respiratory viral diseases like influenza or now COVID-19, since these diseases have been thought to be transmitted via expiratory particles emitted directly from the respiratory tract of infected individuals43. Early work in the 1940s indicated, however, that infectious influenza virus could be collected from the air after vigorously shaking a contaminated blanket44.

Go read that as many times as you need to.

Remember what I’ve pointed out for months — while droplets sounds like a nice panacea it is not.  A droplet is merely water.  The water evaporates and it is not the water that is infectious, it is what is floating around in the water.  Once the water is gone at a molecular level via evaporation the virus remains and now can be expelled straight through the mask because it, as a sub-micron size particle, is smaller than the pores in the material — by a lot.  In fact it’s like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence.

Note that all these tests that have been done and “studies” of late have used very short time lines compared with the real world.  Why?  Because you try to get someone to sit nicely in a place where you can contain and thus analyze all the things that come out of their mouth and nose for hours at a time — which, incidentally, is what the mask mandates require, especially for employees and school children.

What comes through the mask in 5 minutes has no real bearing on what comes through after six hours when any droplets expired in the first 15 minutes have long-since evaporated!  This too is intentional fraud; they are intentionally not looking at the actual conditions of use, just like someone could claim that an air filter in your car “works great” — and it might be true for 10,000 miles, but if you leave it in the car for 50,000 miles it’s worthless or even worse, chokes off the engine.

And what do we have in the literature?  Emerging evidence that I’m right.

This observation raises the possibility that masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE), which have a higher likelihood of becoming contaminated with virus, might serve as sources of aerosolized fomites. Indeed, recent work by Liu et al. demonstrated that some of the highest counts of airborne SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19) occurred in hospital rooms where health care workers doffed their PPE, suggesting that virus was potentially being aerosolized from virus-contaminated clothing or PPE, or resuspended from virus-contaminated dust on the floor


It gets worse though in this paper. First, they acknowledge that the unsealed parts of the mask are not being sampled.  Most of the other studies simply omit that, which is intentional fraud.  These folks cannot account for it but admit that to be true, and thus that their results will likely overstate filtering efficiency.  Well duh — and maybe a lot.

So what did they find?

Surgical masks and N95s reduced particles.  Big shock — not.  Of course they intentionally ignored all of the unsealed area and airflow out of it.  That’s a huge problem but, they admit it’s a problem and that it makes their results interesting but not scientific evidence of efficacy in the real world.  Nonetheless, it is what it is.

But the problems with the use of paper and homemade cloth masks showed up immediately.

In all cases cloth masks, whether single or double-layer, resulted in more particle emission than an unmasked control.  And it is a fact that a viron (infectious virus particle) can ride on particulate matter of any sort.  Indeed it is specifically PM <2.5 that poses most of the risk because it is inhaled deeply into the lungs; larger particles tend not to get there because the body’s defenses intercept them in the airway.

In the case of paper (non-surgical) masks for all but ordinary breathing (e.g. talking, jaw movement or coughing) showed statistically similar or increased particle emissions than an unmasked control.

And in the case of cloth masks not a little increase either:

Surprisingly, wearing an unwashed single layer t-shirt (U-SL-T) mask while breathing yielded a significant increase in measured particle emission rates compared to no mask, increasing to a median of 0.61 particles/s. The rates for some participants (F1 and F4) exceeded 1 particle/s, representing a 384% increase from the median no-mask value. Wearing a double-layer cotton t-shirt (U-DL-T) mask had no statistically significant effect on the particle emission rate, with comparable median and range to that observed with no mask.


A nearly four hundred percent particle emission increase while simply breathing?

It didn’t get better when you talked or coughed.

There was another very interesting statistic that came out of this — they found a super-emitter by accident.  That is, they had one person who when coughing emitted one hundred times as many particles as the others — but no materially larger number when talking or simply breathing.  This is very interesting indeed because we know this bug, in particular, displays stochastic qualities — that is, the results are non-deterministic; many people who get the bug infect nobody, but a few people infect many.

This of course means that the old “hair salon” example trotted out is a known scientific fraud; there are a large number of people who are infected but do not emit virus in their breath and said person, masked or not, will make nobody sick.  On the other hand if you get that superemitter cutting your hair you’re screwed — masked or not.  The mask is not the determining factor.

There’s even worse news in here — the focus on “droplets” has, by this study, been scientifically disproved.


Read this:

The emission rates presented in Fig. 2 represent the total for all particles in the size range 0.3 to 20 µm. We also measured the corresponding size distributions in terms of overall fraction for all trials (Fig. 3). In general, all size distributions observed here were lognormal, with a peak somewhere near 0.5 µm and decaying rapidly to negligible fractions above 5 µm. Breathing while wearing no mask emitted particles with a geometric mean diameter of 0.65 µm (Fig. 3a), with 35% of the particles in the smallest size range of 0.3 to 0.5 µm. Regardless of the mask type, wearing masks while breathing significantly increased this fraction of particles in the smallest size range (e.g., to as high as 60% for KN95 respirator), shifting the geometric mean diameter toward smaller sizes. 

If you’re having trouble parsing that I’ll do it for you: Nearly all particles were sub-micron, that is, almost none were larger than 5um.  Paper and cloth masks have pore sizes materially larger than that and thus are worthless in trapping nearly all of the particles by count.  I pointed this out months ago; particle distribution was long-ago known to be slanted heavily toward the smaller, sub-micron particles which is likely why the Neil Orr study in operating rooms found no effectiveness.

But then we get to the money shot which explains why masks in operating rooms led to more infections rather than doing nothing.

Wearing a mask shifted the particle distribution toward the smaller end of the range, likely due to lower velocity (larger particles stay in the throat and mouth as they hit something before getting out of the mouth or nose) which means wearing a mask causes you to make more small particles that both are more-likely to go through said mask and travel further once they do.

The money shot from the top of the discussion:

Our results clearly indicate that wearing surgical masks or unvented KN95 respirators reduce the outward particle emission rates by 90% and 74% on average during speaking and coughing, respectively, compared to wearing no mask. However, for the homemade cotton masks, the measured particle emission rate either remained unchanged (DL-T) or increased by as much as 492% (SL-T) compared to no mask for all of the expiratory activities. 

The amusing conclusion is that they claim mask-wearing “can help with mitigating pandemics.”

Right.  Increasing particulate emissions by nearly 500% is going to help with mitigating pandemics?

Perhaps you can take that particular bit of stupidity and, with it in mind, explain Italy — which has mandated masks, never mind having capacity limits and other “mitigations” for months.  How’s it working out?  Natural experiments keep proving masks do nothing, nor do the other “mitigations.”

What’s particularly troubling about the return of COVID in Italy is that the country has done everything experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been advising. Face masks in public places have been compulsory for months, social distancing is strongly enforced, nightclubs have never reopened, and sporting arenas are at less than a third of capacity. Children who are back at school are regularly tested and strictly social-distanced, and yet, the second wave seems completely unstoppable.

The data actually published says the orders do NOT work, so unless you intend to require and provide surgical and N95 masks en-masse and then further control for the confounder of the percentage of expiratory volume that bypassed their testing machines, which the studies acknowledge but fail to quantify and the experience of locales, states and nations all over the world repeatedly prove that these measures are ineffective.

Incidentally this was exactly what had been considered “conventional wisdom” for decades before we turned a pandemic flu into a political football and killed people for profit as occurred in several states throughout the Midwest.  Said prior experience during which no mask orders were issued include 1957, 1968 (which I got as a kid and remember as it was a freaking MISERABLE experience, even though I was all of about six!) and 2009 when Obama was President.  I got that one too — it didn’t kill me.  Neither did what was probably H1N1 this last January; it was going around, and that’s an ugly one closely related to the bug from 1918.

Italy’s health ministry released data this week showing that 80.3 percent of the new infections “occur at home” while only 4.2 percent come from recreational activities and schools.

Masks and “social distancing” obviously do nothing to prevent transmission in people’s homes.  This is common to government; focus on 10% of a problem that costs a crap-ton of money and screws people for the profit of a few while ignoring the 80% of a problem because you either can’t solve or, if it’s cheap, nobody will get rich off it.

Make sure you thank your Mayor or Governor for demanding that you emit up to FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT as much particulate material, all of which may be laden with virus, as a result of his or her mask order.  They’re literally killing people and, at this point, the scientific evidence points straight at their orders as a material part of the cause.

You’re welcome.


And Now The Hammer Falls: CDC KNOWS Masks Worthless

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Hoh hoh hoh look what we have here…

Publication date September 11th, prior to Redfield’s testimony before Congress.

He committed perjury and there is proof.  His own agency’s report documents that masks have no statistical benefit.

Note that unlike the other data in this report this table has no CI  bands displayed.  The reason is obvious when you look at it; the two associations that are statistically-significant are being in close contact with a known case (duh) and having a family member who was the close case.  Interestingly enough what is also borne out in the data is that people who are friends are negatively associated (in other words you’re probably not getting it from someone asymptomatically as your friends stay away from you when they know they’re sick) and the same negative association is present for work colleagues.

But the screaming data is at the bottom.  70.6% of the people who got the bug always wore cloth face coverings (or better) in the 14 days prior, .vs. only 74.2% who did not get the bug, and there was only one tick difference between those who “often” wore a mask.

This is statistical non-confirmation folks and while this is an observational study and thus cannot prove causation observational studies can disprove a thesis.  In this case exactly that occurred:  It disproved the effectiveness of masks.

This is in fact the CDC’s own weekly report folks and it was issued five days before Redfield testified before the Senate.

He LIED, knowingly.  His own agency produced and published this report five days before his testimony.

Lock that SOB up for perjury and drop all mask mandates.  They’re worthless based on the CDC’s own statistical data.


Finito On The Covid Nonsense*

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

I’m tired of repeating myself.

The answers to Covid exist.

We know this because it’s been figured out.

I pointed it out in March and I’m tired of tilting at windmills.

So here it is, one last time.

Wake the **** up, do whatever is necessary to stop it or stew in it and watch your elderly and ill loved ones die along with the economic destruction you are causing through your own bootlicking because I’m done with baying at the moon while every ******ned jackwad in the media and elsewhere is making bank off claims that the world is coming to an end.

Singapore had a horrid problem with PPE in their hospitals like everyone else when Covid hit and their health care workers were getting Covid just like everywhere else.  Rather than screaming at people they took what they learned from SARS and instituted militant hand-washing before and after every contact with a person or thing.

They found when they did this that other than being directly exposed to someone coughing or when performing a high-aerosol procedure like intubation their staff didn’t need N95s and other high-grade PPE yet their transmission rate to and between their staff went to a statistical zero.

Again: Singapore achieved statistical ZERO health care transmission almost-immediately.

Note what they did though.

Touch something, wash your hands with soap and water.

Touch a person, same deal.

Both before and after any such intentional contact, and immediately after any unintentional contact.  If there’s inadvertent contact you stop what you’re doing and wash your ****ing hands.

None of this bull**** “hand sanitizer” nonsense; soap and water.

I reported on this in March as at the time it was screamingly obvious that health care was the vector for this bug and it wasn’t in the air; it was coming out your ass I’ve written several articles on this exact point.  MIT has even tested and proved they can find the virus in municipal sewer flows!  Indeed now we have universities stating they will use such surveillance to detect Covid on campus in the fall. 

Yet nobody has gone anywhere near that fact in the press nor in the so-called “expert” community.

Why not?

Because if you do then the entire house of cards they have built collapses and so do the lockdowns, mask orders and claim that “we’re all in this together”, “only a vaccine will save us” and “we all have to do our part.”  Every bit of that is a bald-faced intentional lie.

In one of these early articles I pointed to a small cluster of cases in hospital workers in Minnesota.  At the time there were very few civilian (not health care) cases; fewer than 400 in the entire state. I said that they’d get hammered if this pattern held; at the time something like a quarter of all cases in Minnesota were among health care workers – 133 out of 503.  Contemplate the insanity of that for a minute; the very people trained to use PPE and avoid infection, allegedly following said rules and wearing masks, were getting infected like crazy.

Not long after that the state case and fatality rate blew up in their face.

Minnesota now has over 47,000 cases and a fatality rate of 3.59%.

That’s roughly where the nation is in terms of fatality rate overall, although if you look at the most recent data the CFR-10 (fatality rate of cases diagnosed 10 days earlier) is down to right around 1%.

Note that every one of those health-care workers had masks on when anywhere near someone who might be contagious.  It did nothing and they got hammered anyway.  These are trained professionals.  If it didn’t work for them it’s factually going to be useless for you, which incidentally is exactly what 14 Random Controlled Trials say about masks and viruses — they don’t work.  That’s not surprising; physics says they shouldn’t work as the median respiratory droplet size is sub-micron, a single such particle can contain enough virons to infect you, particles of that size are inhaled deep into the lungs and particles of that size go right through anything less than an N95 in both directions with very few to nearly none of them being trapped.  You’re trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain-link fence!

Now contrast this with Singapore.

Singapore has a population density approximately equal to NYC on a national basis.  It’s a tiny little country with a ****-ton of people in it on a per-square-mile basis.  Yet by cutting off health care transmission their case fatality rate went to under 0.06% and has stayed there.

That’s right — less than the seasonal flu.

Yes, they locked down hard for two months.  That turned out to be stupid.  They feared another SARS outbreak, and not without reason.  SARS killed 15% of those who got it in Singapore, and they slammed the door on Covid-19 just as hard because they feared a repeat.

Instead they got…. the flu.  Literally the seasonal flu.

There are still people getting Covid19 in Singapore.  A few hundred a day.  Despite their outrageously-stringent measures, which we could never implement in the Untied States without an immediate societal and economic collapse, they failed to stop the virus but did slow it down.  However nobody, statistically-speaking, is dying of it.  Whoever gets it gets whatever they’re doing today to treat it and that’s the end of it.  They get it, they get treated for it, they recover, their hospital system did not blow up and life goes on.

Who gives a crap how many people get Covid-19 if it doesn’t kill anyone?

I remind you that SARS was actually a deadly virus.  When Singapore had that one go through their nation it infected just 238 people but killed 33 of them.  Now that’s a deadly virus; roughly 15% of the people who got that bug died.  Every other nation’s experience with SARS was similar; it had a roughly 15% fatality rate generally and 50% in those over 65.

Now they’ve had Covid19 go through their nation and when it started they thought it might be the same sort of virus (big shock, given their previous experience with a SARS!) and found that….. if you don’t transmit it through and in the health care system nobody dies.

But further, despite their draconian lockdown measures which are utterly impossible in any Western nation Covid has infected two hundred times as many people as SARS did.

Out of over 46,000 confirmed cases they’ve had a grand total of 27 deaths.

Approximately 0.06%.

Big ****ing deal; the ordinary seasonal flu is more-deadly.

Their lockdown was dumb; it utterly failed to stop the spread in that two hundred times as many people got infected (and are still being infected) but given that Singapore got hammered by SARS and feared a repeat I can understand why they did it; they didn’t know.

Now they do.

Go document what Singapore does in their health care system to treat this disease and stop cramming the virus into vulnerable people by health care workers.  People will stop dying immediately.  Viruses are not racist and do not give a crap about your political bent.


This is a small island nation that immediately upon detection achieved zero health care vectoring of this bug.  In contrast in the United States we vectored disease into nursing homes and other vulnerable people, including “home health care” and by doing so we killed over one hundred thousand people who should not have died.  Nursing homes alone account for roughly half of our Covid-19 losses thus far.  I’m willing to bet that a dispassionate analysis will find that 90% or more of the deaths are ultimately traceable to a nosocomial (that is, health care) transmission. The crazy prevalence of nurses and others getting infected in the hospitals is even more outrageous because, as was documented in NYC, most of the actual infections there occurred in households.

How do you think it got in those households?

From the health care workers who failed to contain it inside the hospitals.

This is homicide and likely accounts for, on a statistical basis, all of the deaths.

This very pattern is continuing today folks.  There is no possible natural explanation for a sixty-five fold difference in death rates.  A 6,500% difference in death rate for the same virus between modern, economically-advanced nations is not due to natural causes; that’s impossible.

That ridiculously-elevated death rate keeps happening because we refuse to cut off the vector into those people who the virus can actually kill and we continue to treat the people with the disease inappropriately — killing them instead of helping them.  The scream-fest about ventilators is just part of it; we knew in February that ventilators were an inappropriate treatment and killed people instead of helping them and yet we bought and provided them by the tens of thousands anyway.  The federal government knows the health care system has been and is killing people and has known it since February 4thwhich is why it extended liability protection to all health care providers and suppliers and has not rescinded said protection.  The Federal Government is not alone; most if not all State Governors have done so as well, including so-called “Red State” governors such as Lee of Tennessee.

The vector that kills is not the common person on the street, in the store or in a bar.  It just isn’t; that’s what the data tells us.

It might have been reasonable on February 4th to extend said liability protection for 30 days to allow the health care system to adjust procedure and shut off this vector.  To extend said protections beyond the beginning of March is proof positive that neither State or Federal officials give a damn about your grandmother; in fact, they are intentionally fomenting death to the tune of sixty-five times what a civilized nation can achieve — if it displays one whit of concern for human life.

As further proof of the malfeasance and where the predominant vector for spread lies in an ICU in Iran they tried to capture Covid-19 in the air 2m away from severely ill patients.  They failed to find virus.  If it’s not in the airborne environment in an ICU where severely sick people are with the virus then explain to me why I should believe that an asymptomatic person is going to kill me in the grocery store with their breath?

In short statistically-speaking if you can’t manage to isolate the virus in air around severely-ill people who have it the worst of all then the only rational conclusion is that’s not the primary or even a material route of transmission.  To continue to focus there is not only stupid it’s flat out criminal homicide.  Never mind the other fairly-recent study where they attempted to find virus in non-coughing patients for influenza, coronavirus and rhinovirus — and for a huge percentage of those persons they failed. That study was performed under laboratory conditions where they captured all of one’s expired breath over a period of 30 minutes.  If you were going to spew out virus from your mouth or nose 30 minutes is certainly long enough for 100% of the people with laboratory confirmed infections and fevers to do so.

Is a “mask order” of value if they can’t reliably find virus in the breath of confirmed, symptomatic febrile patients under laboratory conditions?  Obviously not; you can’t filter what isn’t there.  Should compromised people wear one if they’re at particular risk?  That’s up to you; the value is likely near-zero but someone might cough in your vicinity.  If you wish to wear a mask (or better, a canister respirator) against that possibility, have at it.

Blanket mask orders are utterly worthless or worse in that that may actually increase the risk of cross-contamination of feces into your mouth and nose; that’s the science.

At the same time there are other studies that found virus all over the bathrooms of patient rooms in Covid wards.  Gee, it’s not coming out your ass?  Like hell it isn’t.  The so-called “choir practice singer” deal?  They shared food after the practice. The group of friends who got it immediately after going to a crowded bar in Jacksonville FL?  Isn’t it interesting that only that group of friends was infected and not all the other people in the bar?  I suppose you expect me to believe that they all had an “atmospheric cone of isolation” around them — and only them.  What’s more-likely — that this “cone” existed to make sure that all of these people got infected or is it more-likely that they all passed around something that was contaminated — like, for instance, one of their cellphones?

Are there what appear to be confirmed aerosol super-spread events?  Yes, including one very well run-down incident in Germany.  Oh, the bad news? That happened in a meat plant and there was a compulsory mask order as the nation had issued one for workplaces well before the event.  It didn’t help — at all.  But the evidence is that these are actively sick individuals; there is no even reasonably-competent evidence that an asymptomatic infection results in a person who actually spreads the virus.  This is likely due to pre-existing resistance in the asymptomatic person which in turn prevents accumulation of a viral load sufficient to initiate transmission.  Asymptomatic cases are a social good, not a social bad; they remove you from the pool of people who can transmit the bug for some period of time which helps suppress transmission in the community.  In short you want those infections to happen.

Does Covid-19 occasionally kill a random person?  Sure.  All diseases do, even the flu.  But if you give it to severely compromised persons such as is trivially done in both hospitals and nursing homes you’re going to kill 50 times as many, and we in the US, the UK, Italy and everyone else have done exactly that on a repeated basis.

We’re still doing it today.

So why has the death rate fallen so drastically — down by ninety percent since April?

We murdered most of the people who are easy to kill and you can only kill a given person once.  That’s why the rate of death is falling in America — and everywhere else.  What we haven’t done — still, today, six months into this, is cut off the health care vector for this disease.

That failure, six months in, can only be characterized as intentional ladies and gentleman, especially when backed up with liability protection from the government which has been maintained and extended at both State and Federal levels.

Never mind that I’ve said since Diamond Princess that the base susceptibility is not 100%.  Not even close.  It couldn’t be; the rate of infection on that ship (~17%), given an R0 of about 3, strongly suggested that roughly 50% of the population was already immune in whole or part (in other words you can get it but not seriously enough to pass it on or get ill yourself) due to some sort of cross-reactive immunity.  Now it’s reported that a peer-reviewed paper in Nature in fact found cross-immunity in 50% of those studied!  These were people who never had Covid19 yet their body’s T-cells knew what it was.

This in turn means that when you get to about 15%, more or less, of those in the general population who get Covid-19 it’s over from a statistical standpoint.  This matches not only NYC’s experience but that of every other region across the world.  It should, and likely will based on the science, play out exactly the same way everywhere else.

NY has had 400,000 “cases.” The CDC says there are 10 for every one you catch with a test, so 4 million.  The state has a population of about 20 million people; one in five has had the bug.  With innate immunity of 50% this means they’re beyond the herd suppression threshold and indeed, guess what?  850 cases state-wide, which out of 400,000 is a growth rate of 0.21%.  Scared?  If you are, you’re nuts; in fact New York reached the suppression rate of prevalence in April.  So did New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts (big shock given how close they are and travel between them.)

Ohio has a way to go; thus their “double spike”.  Florida is on the verge of if not entering suppression right now, assuming their fraudulent test reporting is only on negatives that were discarded and doesn’t extend to tens of thousands of alleged “infections” that never existed.  California has a way to go yet.  Arizona is right on that level right here, right now.   Their rate will not fall because of “mitigations”, it will fall because the virus fails to find more than one new person to infect who will develop disease and thus be able to pass it on for each one that currently is infected.

Where does Arizona stand right now? Their presumptive rate is 19% and guess what — they’re seeing the same pattern.  They just got there, and when they did the same thing happened that happened in New York.  How many times do you need to see the same thing before you take your REEEEEing nonsense and shove it up your own ass?  How many times does it have to happen before you shove your governor’s or mayor’s mask order up his or her ass?

 by tickerguy

That’s what herd suppression is.  It’s what it looks like — every time.

Think it won’t happen in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and everywhere else?

Look at New Jersey (~19.87%.)  Same thing.  New York at 20.81%?  Same thing.  Do you think Cuomo achieved this with his lockdowns and screaming?  All Cuomo did was kill an outrageously high percentage of those who got the virus because he intentionally transmitted it to vulnerable people on a preferential basis.  That ******* ought to be in prison right here, right now and Witless, Wolf and several others ought to be there with him.  We knew damn well after Kirkland that this would happen if the health care vector was not cut off.

Which is more likely: Arizona’s “new orders” are responsible given the wide disparity with what New York and New Jersey did or despite the wildly different approaches and the same result occurring at the near-exact same point in community infection it’s simply a function of herd suppression?

May I note that the most-restrictive states got there first?  Maybe this is due to them being where the virus came first and has no tie to their “aggressive” lockdown efforts.  Or maybe the health care workers forcing it into vulnerable people and being a larger percentage of the whole on mass transit and similar spiked the transmission rate and made it worse!  Which it is cannot be proved but that “lockdowns” of any severity fail to stop transmission is a documented fact.  We had 50 state laboratories with different standards and….. not one bit of evidence that correlated the rate at which suppression is achieved nor its durability with the policy decisions made.  Instead the evidence is that if you do not reach approximately 2% prevalence of “positive test results” you’re not done, and when you do reach that prevalence, you are.  This, of course, assumes that the test results are real; if you report positives that aren’t (e.g. “positives” when the person was never even tested!) then good luck trying to figure out where you are.

There’s nothing you can do about this and every one of the screamers claiming that susceptibility was ever 100% were and are wrong.  This was never conjecture; it was hard, irrefutable scientific evidence in March when Diamond Princess happened.  Now it’s backed up with actual scientific proof in that the expected immunity was found in approximately the same percentage that Diamond Princess showed had to be there in order to explain the experimental results in that closed system; an essentially ideal transmission environment for a virus which nobody would ever let you construct on purpose for ethical reasons.  In addition Diamond Princess was not a one-off; there were multiple cruise ships after that which got into similar trouble with the virus and had similar results.  Note that all SEIR models (IHME, etc) presume random distribution of contacts that could spread disease where it is pure random chance on the presence of a causal chain between a person with it and who is susceptible to it.  This is flat-out garbage in a confined, closed environment.

Any governor or mayor claiming otherwise is not mistaken, nor are “public health experts” who make said claims.  They’re liars, frauds, and all of them deserve to be run out of town on a rail with nothing more than their underwear remaining to their name.  These *******s have been and are literally destroying the United States economy and lives, including those of children by keeping schools closed when the facts are the claimed “doomsday” scenario was never on the table because innate immunity was both present and known to be present when this virus first showed up.  Moreover within a month we knew how to control infections so people didn’t die.  We knew how because one nation did exactly that and got immediate results.

Most of the people who have died in the United States did not die of a virus acquired by random chance; they were killed by inappropriate, and outrageously-so, actions taken by the health care system and public officials who in fact gave legal immunity for these homicides to the perpetrators who crammed the virus into vulnerable segments of the population and then shoved a breathing tube down their throat despite knowing that this “treatment” was factually lethal.

There is no emergency and in fact there never was.  Not here, not anywhere, other than that which we intentionally are causing.  We know how to beat this because Singapore already has and so-proved in March; cut off the route of infection from and in the health care system to the most-vulnerable people and while many people will get the bug nobody, statistically speaking, will die from it.

The entire premise of “airborne spread” has even garnered explicit scientific fraud in so-called “peer reviewed” articles.  This “study” is one of the “favorites” being cited by #MaskHoles in support of mask mandates.  It was peer-reviewed in mid-June and contains this factual whopper that is a documented, known lie:

… the conditions during the outbreaks in Wuhan, Rome, and NYC correspond to high RH yet low absolute humidity because of low temperature (SI Appendix, Fig. S3). Early experimental work (9) showed remarkable survival for the analogous coronavirus MERS-CoV at the RH level characteristic of the COVID-19 outbreaks in Wuhan, Rome, and NYC. 

It is true that in NYC and Wuhan during the original outbreak there was low absolute humidity.  The authors cite this because it is crucial to their argument that the virus is primarily transmitted via the air.  We’ve known that every airborne transmitted virus follows that physical law since a seminal study about 10 years ago which gave us the exact reason there is a “flu season” every single year, without fail, in the winter.

But by June we had hard scientific proof that this virus was ignoring this physical fact because there were large-scale outbreaks in the middle of summer in Miami, Phoenix, Dallas and elsewhere.  What’s worse is that Ecuador, which of course never has a winter as the Equator literally runs through the nation had an outbreak in March as well that hammered them to an unbelievable degree. Yet they, like everyone else, responded with “mask-mask-mask” which is flat-out stupid for a fecal-transmitted bug.  As a result just as in other nations the virus ran through their country and killed all the easy-to-kill victims.  Their death rate approached nine percent!

Then again so did ours in the first months when we were cramming sick people into nursing homes where there was a concentration of easy-to-kill individuals.

The entire argument for airborne transmission rests on a blown thesis that was factually known to be false at the time of peer review of a published alleged “scientific paper” and yet that paper was not rejected.  Worse, as of today it remains on the PNAS web page and has not been retracted either despite being falsified on its own foundational premise prior to publication!  It is in fact one of the claimed “scientific predicates” behind mask mandates.

People like to talk about “masks”, “social distancing” and “shutdowns” but that’s a bull**** conversation in the first instance on two known facts.  First, who gives a crap about whether you get a bug if the bug doesn’t get you?  If you get a cold or a flu, or nothing at all who cares?  That’s a social good, not a social bad; you contribute to those who, at least for a while, can’t get it again.  Further the entire premise for primary airborne transmission and thus any claim of “science” behind mask orders, business closures and so-called “social distancing” rests on a blown thesis that was factually disproved in the first week of April.

This isn’t “error” or “mistake” — it’s flat-out willful and intentional blindness that is killing people by the score.

We, and the rest of the world, have the answer literally under our nose.  Singapore is a first-world nation with a health care system that spends one fifth of what we do on a percent of GDP basis with a population density similar to New York City and it is wiping the floor with the entire Western World.

Further every single “model” and so-called “expert” has claimed like a damned broken record that everyone is susceptible and thus we’re a “long way” away from herd suppression — a goal that will never be achieved as, they now claim, antibodies wane.  We knew that claim was bull**** when Diamond Princess happened, a virtually perfect and sealed environment that produced only a 17% infection rate; a fact that is flatly impossible given a virus with an R0 of 3.0 and a 100% susceptible population.  The only reasonable explanation was that a huge percentage of the population on that boat, roughly 50%, were already immune either in whole or part.  Now we know scientifically that this is the case.

And oh, by the way, if antibodies wane (and it appears they do) then a vaccine will be worthless too, yet there are myriad so-called “experts” who continue to be “hopeful” about one working.  How’d that work out for HIV/AIDS and those very same experts who have told us there would be a safe and effective vaccine against HIV for the last 20 years?

We also know that “super-spread” events for this bug occur and by definition they’re a major contributor to the whole.  While many have been claimed to be from “asymptomatic” people that has repeatedly been proved to be false, with the poster child for it being the South Korean church where the index case woman was obviously very sick.  Interrupting even half of those events would greatly attenuate the spread of the virus and can be done at near-zero cost.  A strong suggestion or even mandate for IR temperature checks for both customers and employees in public accommodations where more than “X” (say 5, or 10) people can gather, or where public-facing employees contact more than “X” people a day would have such an effect.  The equipment to do so is cheap (under $50), it consumes only batteries and is durable equipment that has a service life measured in years, a check takes 1 second, it’s objective, it creates no records and denying entry to someone who is febrile irrespective of cause is likely to not only materially reduce Covid19 spread it also will reduce the spread of influenza and other similar diseases.  Those at the lower part of the economic spectrum have the most incentive to go to work when ill for obvious economic reasons — and also, perversely, have the most contact with customers (e.g. service industry workers.) It would not surprise me if that one intervention alone was sufficient to drop Rt below 1.0 and thus immediately reduce the transmission of both Covid19 and influenza to nuisance levels.

And finally, while I’m sure you can spread this virus through the air the science is that the primary route of transmission is not taking place via that vector.  It was factually established in March that Covid19 was not obeying the laws of physics common to all airborne viral transmission and yet papers were written, circulated and have been relied on as evidence for mask orders and “social distancing” which make the predicate claim for airborne transmission that the virus does indeed follow that physics-dictated pattern when we knew, factually that was false in March and that falsity has been repeatedly proved on an unbroken basis worldwide, including in America.

We’ve known all of this since March and I’ve been reporting on all of it since March; five+ months running on a literal daily basis.

It’s no longer an accident or an undiscovered thing and hasn’t been for months.

It’s intentional both by the health care system and our government at all levels — federal, state and local.

I’m done.


Science: Masks and Aerosols*

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Let’s look at physics and mathematics folks.

We’ll start with a single cough or sneeze.

Everyone “knows” that if you cover a cough or sneeze, and you should do it into your sleeve instead of your hand, this will reduce the risk of someone else getting a virus you may have, right?


It doesn’t.  So says the science!  This is a myth, just like it is a myth that you can wear a mask and reduce transmission.

Wait — you say!  YUCK; that’s obvious that it helps.

Well, no.

Here’s why.

You sneeze and a huge loogie comes out your nose.  Yuck!  Nasty!  Mucus, full of germs.

It goes, if uncovered…… downward, on the floor.

And harms nobody.

It’s disgusting, but that’s it.  You should still do it anyway because it’s disgusting not to, but you won’t stop a virus by doing so.

What?  If I stop the loogie then how come that doesn’t do anything?

Because in addition to the loogie out come a bunch of large drops, each also laden with virus.  Maybe a few hundred drops.  Yuck!  Thus covering or physically blocking those will reduce transmission to other people, right?

Wrong again, statistically speaking.


Because in that same forceful exhale are an enormous number of sub-micron water droplets that are formed as the saturated vapor in your lungs (100% RH in expired air) cools slightly as it travels up from the lungs to the trachea and out the mouth or nose and comes into contact with the ambient air (well, unless it’s over 98.6F in the air where you are anyway!)

Remember your basic physics:  As any saturated vapor cools it condenses.  Any saturated vapor that cools by even a tiny amount will condense — that is, coalesce the individual vapor molecules into larger aggregates.

Ordinary “tidal volume” (that is, the amount of air you move in a resting condition with each inhalation) is about 500ml.  For a cough or sneeze it is much larger; the maximum volume of air that can be inspired in adult human lungs typically is in the range of 4-6L, or eight to 12 times the “at rest” breathing amount.

When we breathe normally we produce very few or no large droplets.  When we sing, play a wind instrument, yell, scream, cough or sneeze we produce a fairly large number of them.

But none of this matters at all, statistically, because with each breath we produce millions of small condensate drops, and all of them which do not aggregate beyond the pore size of the medium in a mask will go right through said mask in either direction, most of those condensed molecules are produced between the lungs and either before or just after exit from the body due to condensation of the 100% RH water vapor and each of them individually, if you are infected with a virus, can carry enough virons to infect another person.

We’ve all “seen our breath” outside when it’s cold.

That’s aggregation and condensation to a great enough degree that the aggregates are visible; there are thousands to millions more said aggregates that are too small to see and when it’s not cold outside none of them aggregate and condense sufficiently to be visible but they are all still there.

Note that during ordinary breathing the mean particle size is sub-micron.  Statistically none of these are filtered in either direction by anything less than an N95.

This is why physics says that masks don’t work against viruses and exactly zero RCTs show that they do.

Never mind the repeated attempts to mandate masks in 1918 which did nothing to prevent the spread.  Of course the revisionism of today says “well it’s because people didn’t adhere to it.”  Sure, there were people who put up the middle finger; after all, they threw people in jail for refusing — but the facts are that nearly everyone complied.

Every single person that has ever “seen their breath” in the winter months knows, if they think about it for 30 seconds, why masks can’t work and don’t.

They can’t work because blocking 1,000 pretty-large droplets sounds like it’s great except hundreds of thousands or even millions of condensed water vapor molecule clusters were also expelled, they have enough virons on them to infect another person and very nearly zero of those are caught by the mask in either direction.  The ones you see when you breathe out in the winter are >50um in size (the limit of visibility to the unaided eye); more than 50 times the size of the mean particle you actually exhale.  Worse, every one of those tiny particles, unless condensed out or breathed in by someone else can remain in the air for hours since they are small enough to remain within the purview of brownian motion of air molecules; that is, they “float” so to speak because the energy of said molecular vibration and ordinary air currents, even indoors, is large compared to the pull of gravity toward the ground and thus they remain suspended in the air.

The reason we have a flu season, as I’ve noted, is that the higher the absolute humidity, which tracks with temperature, the greater the odds that further agglomeration of these clusters of molecules will occur and once they get large enough gravity takes over as they are too heavy and they fall to the ground harmlessly.

So your mask stopped the nasty-looking and smelling loogie which can infect exactly one person, unless you wipe it around on people, and 1,000 of the 5,000 modest-size droplets you expelled. This is why the mask gets nasty all over the inside (which, by the way, if left on for any length of time or reused will breed bacteria on the inside surface which you can inhale, and it will be very bad for you if you do so.)

But it’s worthless in terms of protecting anyone else because at the same time you expelled the 5,001 droplets and stopped 1,001, which sounds like a decent hazard reduction, you also expelled anywhere from thousands to several million micrometer-size drops, an effective none of which were stopped, all of which are infectious, and thus you actually caught materially less than 1% of the potential infections that can screw someone else!

1% is not statistically significant.  Filtering out 0.1-1% of the infectious events out at the source DOES NOTHING.

The reason workers in a virus lab wear moon suits, go through multiple e sets of sealed doors with decontamination procedures before that suit is removed and breathe pressurized outside air while inside the lab is that these are facts and said virus — any virus — will go right through any “mask.”

Then there is an often-cited NIH review that claims that masks “might” work.  Well, that depends on the mask.  If you read the actual study you’ll find that there is a RCT (again, the gold standard for medical science) that found that cloth masks increased transmission — in other words, they were worse than the control group that was wearing nothing!  That study found N95s to be effective (no surprise) and that surgical masks might be, but non-medical masks aren’t part of the debate — and yet that, and cloth, are what we’re talking about here in the general public.  That same review also noted that coronaviruses appear to be preferentially emitted in aerosols as opposed to droplets, which instantly destroys the argument for source control since anything that does not have a high quality seal and fit will pass nearly all of your aerosol (as opposed to larger droplets) right out into the space around you.

Oh, and don’t run any bull**** about “oh it’s only so-called droplets” nonsense in terms of being specific to Covid19 either.  That’s another common claim but there’s zero scientific evidence for that.  I’m not the only one who’s noticed this — there’s a group of 239 scientists who signed a letter to the WHO.  Not that they should have needed to; unless you’re a mouth-breathing idiot the early outbreak in an apartment building at Wuhan and another in Hong Kong where there were no plumbing traps and thus gas (aerosol) from people’s scat was getting into other people’s apartments and the outbreak occurred across floors in units where the individuals had no reasonable possibility of personal or droplet contact along with the choir group that took all manner of reasonable precaution yet got infected anyway all make clear that in fact the so-called “large drop only” theory is nonsense.  It not only has no basis given the spread we have observed it has no basis in physics either.

Never mind what appears to be one very-well researched and run down super-spread event in Germany — in a meat-packing plant after compulsory mask-wearing was put into place for employees.  The masks were worthless; a huge number of people were infected and they were able to trace the index case too because of a fortuitous mutation that allowed them to sequence the RNA and prove it.  That put the final nail in the coffin of those who claimed this is not an “aerosol” (whether originating from feces or out your respiratory tract) disease.

Further, as I’ve repeatedly noted, that Covid-19 isn’t following the laws of physics on the agglomeration that occurs with absolute humidity is very strong evidence (but not proof), again on the science, that it is in large part not being transmitted through the air but rather by contact with contaminated surfaces and since we know intact virus is found in feces fecal contamination is very likely involved (exactly as it is with polio, which also didn’t follow the laws of physics on aerosol or droplet transmission because it wasn’t, in the main, transmitted that way.)  A mask does nothing to prevent “fomite” (item-based) transmission whatsoever nor does it work as source control for feces, obviously.  In fact wearing a mask may make transmission materially more-likely if the mask is not taken from a clean, sterile container only after you have washed your hands, is then put on, and once removed you immediately wash your hands and do not re-use the mask until and unless it has been sterilized.  This, of course, is impossible if you are out in the public and desire to eat or drink something.  As soon as you do contamination of yourself and others, if there is contamination on your mask, is assured.  In short a mask is a filter and thus concentrates whatever is in the environment on its two surfaces; on the interior from what you exhale and on the exterior from the environment around you.  Once a mask is worn, even for a few minutes, it is biologically dangerous both to you and others and becomes more dangerous the longer you have it on.  Without proper protocol you are more likely to infect yourself or others if pathogens are present than protect anyone at all and that protocol is utterly impossible to follow in general public life.

This has been noted in the literature; this article is often cited as “supporting” community mask mandates.  If you actually read it it does no such thing because of exactly what I’ve noted above:

Taking a mask off is a high-risk process (34) because pathogens may be present on the outer surface of the mask and may result in self-contamination during removal (31).

If your position on “masks” is really one that includes closing all places where food and/or beverages of any sort are consumed on-premise, along with the banning of consumption of food or beverages in public where by definition you will not be able to follow good protocol with a mask to limit cross-contamination of others and self-infection then just say so and be done with it.  Those arguing for mask orders in the public in fact are arguing for a complete and permanent lockdown except to go get groceries or take a trip to the hospital; they must be forced to come clean as to their actual intent.  So long as any firm can remain in operation that permits or serves food or beverages of any sort for on-premise consumption masks are likely to increase infection rates because from an epidemiological point of view once used they are exactly identical to used toilet paper in terms of infection risk and if you put a used one on a table or bar you just contaminated that surface.  Once you put a used one back on your face without first sterilizing it you have just contaminated yourself.

We have known all of this since February, as I have documented.

Physics is not a list of suggestions folks.

It is a list of natural laws that nobody can violate.

Masks are worthless when it comes to viral transmission by aerosol and in addition they are obviously also worthless against transmission that occurs due to contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.  That’s the physics of it and nobody has ever demonstrated an ability to modify the laws of physics.  Only an N95 (or better) can attenuate to any meaningful degree viruses in exhaled or inhaled breath simply because virus particles and the water vapor particles that carry them are small enough to pass right through anything less.  It is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain-link fence.  I’m sure you get a few, but not enough to matter.

Grow up, deal with the fact that masks are worthless, learn to live with the fact that this virus will not be responsive to voodoo or magical incantations by governors, mayors or anyone else.  Manual removal of potential contamination from your hands by washing with soap and water will help, but there is no guarantee because as we know this virus can spread through multiple vectors.  The sooner those who are not significantly harmed by this virus get it and thus inhibit transmission the sooner it will be equivalent in its impact to seasonal flu or less.

There is no other reality folks, and for reasons I’ve explained before a vaccine is unlikely to work either.  Don’t get your hopes up for that as you are very likely to be disappointed.

If this nation cannot face the realities of physics then we are back to the persecution of Galileo and the burning of “witches” at Salem.  There is utterly no point in my, or any other thinking person’s continued engagement on any matter of economics, politics, public health or other policy if that is to be the regression of intelligence and logic among the people of this nation as what was America is doomed to collapse back into the Dark Ages.


Stop The Mask CULT By Any Means Necessary*

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Folks, the science is settled on masks.

As I have repeatedly pointed out they do nothing for viruses.  There are a number of reasons for this — and physics tells us that they shouldn’t work.  If you want to read the whole screed it’s here, complete with a link to another source from before when these became politicized that includes links to multiple random controlled trials, which are the gold standard in medicine.  They found no evidence that masks even when worn by medical personnel who are trained, did anything to inhibit viral transmission.

There are plenty of observational studies that claim effectiveness.  Observational studies are worthless; by definition they cannot prove causal links.  Further, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out the person who wants to make an extraordinarily claim (or impose an extraordinarily order, such as a lockdown or a mask requirement) has the burden of proof, not suggestion.

There are people who say “well, but one viral particle isn’t enough to get infected, so if you block some of them that’s benefit.”  That’s only half-true.  All viruses have what is called a “MID”, or “minimum infective dose.”  The problem is that one <2.5um aerosol particle, which is not filtered effectively by even an N95, and not filtered at all by anything less, has enough virons in and on it to infect you.  In other words, just one of those particles that gets through has more than a MID on it and thus the claim is false.

In fact masks may actually make the situation worse in that they radically concentrate larger droplets, such as are expelled in a cough or sneeze and leave them on the mask surface where they can then be transferred to your hands and infect someone.  If not on the mask they drop rapidly onto the ground because they’re too large and gravity gets them.  It is what are known as the “fine particulates” that can remain part of the fluid motion of the air for an extended period of time — in fact, almost-permanently.

Larger particles can be forcefully expelled by yelling, singing, playing wind instruments (although most of them collect in said instrument; thus the spit drain in a trombone, trumpet, etc) and, of course, coughing and sneezing.  But those large particles drop to the ground quickly; they are much heavier than air.  You want those to drop to the ground because they can’t infect anyone who isn’t running their hands on the ground immediately thereafter!  Concentrating them where you can touch them is bad, not good.  (Incidentally while we all now say “cough or sneeze into your sleeve” there’s no science supporting that either — in fact what studies we have say doing it doesn’t decrease transmission.)

But a particle that is small enough passes through in both directions with a mask.  That is, what you exhale passes through and so does what you inhale.  That’s the physics, and it’s also the result of RCTs of which there have been many over the decades.  Remember, we’ve tried to figure out how to stop flu transmission for decades as the flu kills upwards of 60,000 a year in the United States alone — and have never succeeded

That’s not because we didn’t study it.

We did study it.


Here are four controlled trials in the general population.  I also have multiple ones over the last 20 years in health care settings with the same results.  This isn’t my data, it isn’t conjecture, these are published medical studies.

And these are surgical masks and N95s — not bandanas or your girlfriend’s panties.

What do these studies repeatedly show?


It produces statistically significant reductions in virus transmission, repeatedly, in controlled trials.


Never mind that the CDC itself published a retrospective look at various RCTs and found that masks on people in the general population are useless.  When did they say this?  In May of this year.

Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. 

This is from the alleged experts that everyone in the media, along with all the Screaming Karens, claim we must listen to.


I’ve pointed this out repeatedly but, even worse, I identified manual transmission of this virus as the predominant vector in March.

Here’s proof — read it.  This was not the first article on that, but it’s the most-concise.  Masks do zippo if transmission is occurring via your hands and in fact are likely to make the situation worse because any “adjustment” of said mask with your hands puts your hands right where they need to be in order to infect you — on your mouth, nose or eyes.

Note that many people claim SE Asia’s penchant for masks attenuates such viruses.  Wrong.  The data says otherwise:

The highest mortality rates were estimated in sub-Saharan Africa (2·8–16·5 per 100 000 individuals), southeast Asia (3·5–9·2 per 100 000 individuals), 

In sub-Saharan Africa you can probably safely presume that the mask prevalence is an effective zero compared with SE Asia, yet SE Asia does not outperform sub-Saharan Africa in mortality from viral infuenza and it underperforms Europe and America, where mask usage is an effective zero.

In other words the observational data correlates exactly with both the expected physical outcome based on physics and the results of Random Controlled Trials (RCT), the gold standard for medical investigation.


Never mind that now we have (finally!) admission of what I talked about a hell of a long time ago and had to be the case simply analyzing the mathematics and viral sequencing out of Italy and elsewhere — this virus was here in the US long before claimed, penetration of it into the population is wildly more common than claimed, there is cross-immunity, which we knew in February and March since Diamond Princess, and all of this combined means we’re now arguing over closing the barn door after the horses have all left!

But we have a further problem with this virus in that as with ******n near everything today politics is once again focused on how to screw you with 5% of an issue while leaving the other 95% alone which is where all the damage is happening.

We saw this with HIV/AIDS, where we told everyone that any sort of unprotected sex was extremely dangerous where 95% of the transmission was occurring in those who engaged in unprotected anal sex or IV drug use with the sharing of needles.  We shoved over 450,000 American in the hole by engaging in politicized bull****, most of whom should not have died.  We also told Americans that one third of all American people were going to get HIV/AIDS and die, which was an outrageously false statement but did scare the living Hell out of everyone alive, most-particularly heterosexual couples which, I remind you, are sort of important for the continuation of the human race.  I was a young adult at the time and remember VERY VIVIDLY the death counts on the nightly news, in the local papers and the scaremongering that claimed we were all at very high risk and that any sexual contact was likely to lead directly to you becoming a corpse.

This does NOT mean you can’t get HIV via heterosexual, vaginal sex.  You can and just as now where they trot out the few 20 year old healthy victims of Covid-19 they did the same thing for the no-special-risk heterosexual man or woman who got AIDS and died.  It does, however, mean that most cases are not contracted that way because while it’s possible to transmit it in this fashion it’s quite difficult, especially in the absence of other STDs that leave open lesions on and around the genitals.

We knew this by 1985 and intentionally lied to the American public for over a decade.  450,000 Americans alone are dead, many of them because we did not tell people the truth about the risk profile of various behaviors all of which were under their personal control.

Now we’re doing it again and we’re killing people again through the same ******ned cult behavior that is in fact no different than the voodoo practitioner who gets all your money to lay “spells” — whether for your good or an enemy’s demise.

The virulence of all aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses, without exception, follow very closely the absolute humidity in the region in question.  This is absolute fact and is why if you look at the CDC data for ILI — diagnosed as a specific flu or not — you will see exactly this pattern.  We did not know that this was tied directly to absolute humidity for a long time, but about 10 years ago the link was discovered and curve fit — and it’s a near-exact fit when controlled for all other factors such as time spent outdoors, HVAC prevalence and similar.  Unlike most of the other theories put forward over the years this also fits exactly with expected behavior based on physics while the other “explanations” that people have attempted to conjure up were in fact mere speculations.  In fact all respiratory aerosol-transmitted viruses have been observed to have a 400% or more range in virulence based on this factor — that is, an effective “R” or “Rt” from under 1.0 to over 4.

It is why every single year we have a “flu season.”  It is why you are much more likely to catch a cold in the winter than the summer.  Some people do get a cold or flu in the summer, but not many.  This is science, not conjecture or politics.

Covid-19 is not following this pattern; we knew this in March.  We knew this because places that were already very hot, where absolute humidity was already way higher than the winter and early spring months, were seeing massive outbreaks.  We confirmed this when the virus got into Dade county in Florida by persons returning to the US from Italy and spread like wildfire — it was not being attenuated even though total humidity was much higher than that of New York City at the same point in time.  We continue to see confirmation in that now we have outbreaks in places like Dallas and San Antonio TX well into the summer, along with Miami, Los Angeles, South Carolina and Phoenix.

Note that the prevalence of A/C does not change any of this.  Not only is the virus spreading like Hell in places like rural India (where there are no A/C units) but A/C units condense a huge amount of material out of the air and get rid of both the aerosols and anything in them in the condensate which is drained to the ground outside.  If the presence of A/C units didn’t attenuate transmission about equally well as being outdoors then we’d see massive outbreaks of flu in office buildings and cattle-car packed call centers in the summer but we don’t.

All of these facts are hard, scientific evidence that the primary mechanism of spread of Covid-19 is not aerosol.



Incidentally you will find the same is true of norovirus.  This is why Norovirus spreads rapidly on cruise ships even in the Caribbean where absolute humidity is sky-high.  Norovirus is contact spread, including through feces — which we refuse to acknowledge as a means of spread of Covid-19 even though the overwhelming scientific evidence is that it spreads in exactly the same way norovirus does and we KNOW, scientifically, it is in feces.

When a cruise ship gets an outbreak of norovirus do they mandate masks?  I’ve been on a cruise where it happened and the answer is NO.  They spray the hell out of every single surface with a bleach solution on a nearly-continuous basis.  The entire damn ship smells like bleach.  Guess why they don’t mandate masks?  Because the virus is not attenuated in spread through total humidity which is proof that the primary means of spread is not aerosol and even if it did masks don’t work against viruses and they know it.

Covid-19 is not attenuated in spread through total humidity either.



Which means even if masks could work against respiratory viruses, which they can’t, they won’t work in this instance because that’s not how the virus is spread.  Never mind that indoor A/C units condense out a huge amount of aerosol and in addition have filters in front of said condensers which have no risk of manual transmission as they’re away from people in a box where you can’t touch them (a “mask” for the A/C unit, if you will) and thus indoor transmission in the summer months should be an effective zero.

I’ve been pointing this out since FEBRUARY, raising Hell about it since March, and there has not been one scintilla of evidence that provides any hint otherwise.




Masks: Let Me Be CRYSTAL Clear*

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

There is zero science that the use of masks by the ordinary, unskilled and inattentive public does anything to protect anyone, and there is plenty of evidence that their abusive misuse, which is what an unskilled or inattentive person will do, increases rather than decreases risk because they, whether a “formal mask” or a bandana, concentrates everything that passes through or around it and if you make contact with your hands, which you do any time you “adjust” it, don or doff it, then touch any other person or thing, you transfer dozens or even hundreds of times as much concentrated contamination, including whatever virus particles are included, to that other person or thing.

Yes, you can avoid this through assiduous compliance with protocols for use of masks.  But you won’t, I won’t, and in fact nobody outside of a formally-trained medical environment does, especially when wearing such a mask for hours at a time or when reusing the same mask.

Everyone with any sort of scientific background knows this.  They know it’s fact.  The Surgeon General stated so at the beginning of this pandemic before every single cocksucking virtue signalling bucket of human excrement turned every bit of science on its ear for political gain, exactly as was done with ventilators, contaminated testing materials and willful disregard of the known capacity to differentiate between serious and non-serious cases of this virus within the first WEEKS at a cost of under $20 — a capability STILL not part of the standard of care published by the NIH and CDC and which, to my knowledge, is not being used anywhere in the United States.  Never mind the nursing home “order” outrage, especially but not limited to the states of New York and Michigan. Every one of these rat bastards, including President Trump, is in part responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Americans and as God is my witness, this nation’s people should make damn sure they pay for every one of those deaths.

In addition there is not one scientific study showing masks are effective at actually preventing flu-like viral transmission.  Not one.  There is decades of hard science on respiratory viral transmission.  It is settled.

To this exact point, in addition every single one of these so-called “experts” knew damn well that masks were and are worthless on ordinary people and so do all the governors and mayors.  How do we know this?  Because every single one of them sat back and let thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individuals take to the streets for a month straight to “protest” the death of a man, including rioting, looting, committing arson and even taking over six city blocks in Seattle, yet none of them sent in a single police officer, “code enforcement” person or anyone else to issue tickets and lock-up violators who did not wear said masks and keep their 6′ distances.

In fact many of them including Fauci himself made PUBLIC statements that such “protests” were ok and “important enough” that their “mandate” did not apply and some of them, specifically DC’s Mayor, explicitly joined them by giving permission to paint the streets with their protest banners!

That crap started a month ago.  It continued in the “CHOP”, where the very same dickhead Inslee who refused to cite even one of the people there who did not maintain that protocol thinks he can issue said orders for everyone else.

Likewise an Oregon County issued a mask order that exempted blacks, proof positive on its face that compliance with said order is nothing more than an act of fealty to a pustule-ridden body of emperors who have been parading around naked while asserting that they are in fact clothed in the finest of silk.

Now the claim is made that “even more” orders are required.  Let me be clear: Either the cause of said increases in cases are from the protests and other actions of millions who ignored said orders without consequence and thus are a punishment leveled upon others for the unlawful acts of those who so-protested, or the protests did not cause the spikes and thus proved that masks do exactly nothing as there was no community spread from the writ-large lack of their use.

In either case the bottom line remains the same; NO American should accept punishment for the acts of others, nor should they accept orders that have no basis in science and fact.  One of these two facts must be true for all mask orders as a matter of simple logic.

Therefore let me make my response, and assert that this should be every American’s response to any such order, having been proved by the actions of the very people issuing them that they have exactly nothing to do with public health: NO.

And may I further assert that if you claim to be American, if you claim that a single word of the Constitution has any meaning whatsoever then you must not only also state in a loud, clear voice NO you must also be willing to enforce said reply by any means that may become necessary.

Incidentally, this does not and must not extend only to masks.  Think about it.


On Masks And Insanity*

By Karl Denninger, The Market Ticker

Let’s cut the crap on masks, ok?

The other day I managed to get buzzed.  My head, you idiot — not on a bong.

They insisted (state rules) that I wear a mask.  Meh.  Ok, so I had a dust mask in the truck (its proper use is for sanding things), so I wore it.  It’s worthless to prevent viral transmission, by the way, and so was the one the person buzzing me, who also had one on, was wearing.


Let’s quickly review.

A mask on your face will interrupt particles you exhale forcefully.  So if you cough, for example, it will trap the larger droplets.  It will not trap the vapor-phase water nor anything that’s in there.  Virus particles are much smaller than the spaces in the mask material, never mind the inevitable gaps around the edges.

So the mask will stop some, but nowhere near all, of the particles you exhale.  I remind you that we could stop all drunk driving by mandating that every person blow into an attached breathalyzer before their car would start.  We would never tolerate such a thing unless you’ve been convicted of drunk driving first, and then only for a limited period of time.  Mandatory “mask rules” are the same thing; they impose this mandate on you with zero evidence you’re infected and thus can transmit anything.

Now how about on the other end — the person who isn’t infected?  Should they wear one in an attempt to prevent their own infection?  There the news depends on how the infection is spreading.

IF the infection is spread by manual transmission of non-aerosol particles — for example, fecal-oral — then a mask is extremely effective in preventing the wearer from becoming infected.  Why?  Nearly all such transmission of a “manual” sort occurs when you touch something that is contaminated and then touch the interior of your nose or the fleshy parts of your mouth — specifically, your lips.  But remember, according to the CDC (despite the actual documented evidence) Covid is claimed not to spread this way.

Why does the CDC refuse to bring this form of transmission forward and focus on it?  Because then we have to talk about toilets in hospitals, nursing homes and other commercial environments that are invariably high-pressure driven units that spray material all over the place when flushed, adult incontinence products used in both and how they’re handled and disposed of and the fact that hand sanitizers are ineffective compared with washing one’s hands — all of which means the protocols that the CDC has said are “good enough” or “reduce risk significantly” really aren’t and don’t.  They know this, by the way, and we also know from history that one of the most-effective ways to transmit a virus is fecal/oral — polio, as one example, has one of the worst transmission rates (R0 of roughly 5!) and is transmitted almost-exclusively via this route.

Oh by the way when you look at the data roughly half the deaths thus far are in fact people who were in nursing homes. Of course being able to add 2 and 2 yet not use “common core” to claim the result is 5 goes against the “teaching” of the useful idiots all over the place, never mind that if you actually looked at this issue dispassionately you’d be compelled to immediately bring thousands of counts of manslaughter against Cuomo, Newsom and others.

So instead of doing the right thing we instead killed tens of thousands in said nursing homes and claim “masks” are required for certain workers to be able to open their businesses.

But wait, you say — you haven’t pointed out why they’re worthless if the actual transmission route is through vapor in the air!

Ah, if you don’t get it you have no brain.  Or, to be more-specific, you have no eyes.

SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes a COVID-19 infection, is nearly 100 times more effective at infecting the human conjunctiva — a thin, clear tissue covering the eyeball and inner surface of the eyelids — and upper respiratory airways than SARS, Dr. Michael Chan Chi-wai, who led the research team at Hong Kong University’s School of Public Health, told the South China Morning Post. The team’s findings were published in the most recent issue of The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

The eyes are surrounded on all sides except right where they stick forward so they’re useful to you with a moist, live skin surface.  Unlike unbroken epidermal skin on your hands viruses can trivially penetrate that surface into the body — and do.  Water vapor in the air, some laden with virus particles, will exchange with any open area and come in contact with same, exchanging back and forth with the air itself.  Gas laws state that unless you have a 100% seal such exchange will occur extremely rapidly due to Brownian motion and as a result wearing “goggles” or glasses does nothing to interrupt that.  This is distinct from droplets which are not in vapor phase and rapidly drop to the floor or ground outside, and in the context of outside if there is any wind whatsoever the dissipation happens quickly enough to make person-to-person transmission nearly impossible unless you are literally face-to-face.

It has been long recognized that your eyes are a primary entry point for any airborne virus or other material.  Ask anyone with an allergy to pollen about that.  You need only cut an onion to recognize that irritants in vapor phase can and do get to your eyes.  In addition even with a mask if you touch your eyes anything on your hands will get in via that route as well.

This, by the way, is likely why NY has documented that the majority of people who wound up in the hospital after their lockdown were in fact locked down and staying in their homes — they were not “essential workers.”  Simply put the measures put in place do not work because they can’t work with an airborne respiratory virus.

This in turn means there is no effective way to prevent transmission among people at-large.  It simply cannot be done and as such we must respect facts and move on with our lives.  It doesn’t matter if we like it or not; it is what it is.

We destroyed the economy for no actual benefit, and our refusal to admit this means we’re still destroying the economy.

The remaining and actual effective mitigation is to go after the vectors in health care settings — specifically hospitals and nursing homes with a targeted intervention based on the sanitarium model I’ve been advocating since this began.

I could go on with regard to gloves as well, but this is long enough for now.

Simply put — a mask is useful if you believe you may be ill, especially if you cough.  However, it will do little or nothing to prevent transmission to you of an infectious agent that is spread through the air — and that’s just a matter of physics and physiology, not “virtue signalling.”