Bruce Stanley for Florida Governor
The environmental and marine life crisis that we're seeing unfolding in Florida's waterways is a direct consequence of allowing lobbyists and polluting industries to write their own regulations, all in the name of profit.

August 4, 2018 - 8:32 AM

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America's two major political parties no longer represent the majority of its citizens.

Breaking the gridlock will require openly confronting controversial issues in ways intended to acknowledge all parties' concerns and, ultimately, to solve them.

This campaign aims to legislate its agenda despite the ideological divide by prioritizing and aiming for the best compromises where necessary. Because voters deserve more choices than just extreme partisans in two opposing camps. They also deserve the right to vote for Stability.


A post-partisan agenda is in the best interest of the majority of Floridians.

In order to advocate credibly on the issues, the campaign seeks no outside endorsements so that it can bring its message directly to the people rather than rely on surrogates and outside groups for legitimacy.

This campaign will put the issues first and is accepting no corporate or Super-PAC donations. A grassroots, people-powered campaign can make the major party candidates confront issues they would rather ignore.


The campaign presents a Green New Deal agenda and set of programs to achieve economic stability and create alternatives to our current unsustainable path.

We can fund a green transition away from fossil fuels and into a clean energy-independent future by investing in the public sector and providing grants to green businesses. Creating jobs building infrastructure and energy efficiency retrofitting will make for better communities, and eventually, better health outcomes.

The Platform's priorities focus on achievable solutions to the most overdue problems facing the state, utilizing approaches that have already been successfully implemented elsewhere.

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